Friday, August 5, 2011

Confession Friday 8-5!

Happy, happy Friday! I have a hodgepodge of random confessions for you today. :) 

My turned-around toe ring on our honeymoon. Haha.

I confess that I've been wearing the same toe ring since high school, and I've NEVER taken it off voluntarily. (It's been ripped off of my toe a couple of times, haha.) I wore it in my wedding and through both of my pregnancies. It has seriously become like a part of my foot, and if I ever look down and see that it's gone,  I'll feel totally lost and naked. (I almost lost it twice this week!)

I confess that I cannot STAND the feeling of wet hands turning dry, and the first thing I have to do when I wash my hands or get out of the shower is to slather on a ton of lotion. I think I have a weird disorder, I really do. Wet-to-dry handaphobia I believe it's called. :)

I confess that the "F" key on this computer has sticky syrup on it and it's driving me bonkers!

I confess that I've been shoveling food in my mouth like nobodies business lately. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me, but I always have to be snacking on something.

I confess that in Elementary school I would fill my thermos with Sprite when I brought my own lunch, and when my friends would ask me what it was I lied and told them it was water. Whew, I've been meaning to get that off of my chest. The truth shall set you free!

I confess that Eric can still give me compliments that make me blush. :)

I confess that I currently have 10,937 emails in my inbox...the vast majority of them are unread. (Heather, when you mentioned this was a pet peeve of yours I immediately thought, "Oh boy, I'm glad she can't see MY inbox!)

I confess that after mentioning I needed a haircut like two months ago I still have not gotten my hair done, and it hasn't been colored since JANUARY. I'm a mess!

Some confessions on behalf of my dear husband:

Eric confesses that he peed next to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon yesterday. Apparently Mr. Nixon is a "urinal talker." Baha. They discussed the weather in Missouri's capitol. :D For the record, Eric mentioned that he was really nice, and it was refreshing to speak with a leader who is genuinely friendly. 

Eric also confesses that he couldn't figure out who he was talking to at first and why there was a state trooper standing in the bathroom while they were doing their business. :) 

Oh yeah, that reminds me...haha. Eric, I'm just going to confess this without your permission and you can go ahead and let me know if it's not okay in the comments. :D

Eric confesses that one evening when he was hosting a political dinner, he was sitting next to Senator Dave Luechtefeld when he realized his fly was down. This is a problem when you're about to stand up in front of a bunch of people! To add to the embarrassment, they were already sitting at a table in front of the entire room listening to someone else speak. Eric had two options: Either try to fix it without him noticing, or warn Mr. Luechtefeld of exactly what he was about to do and pray the senator didn't think he was a weirdo. Eric chose the latter option. :) Luckily the senator leaned over and whispered a story to Eric of when the same thing happened to him, only he didn't catch it in time. Haha.

Eric has been tracking his weight loss progress, and every time he asks me to snap a picture of him Evelyn thinks she has to pose, too. I'm pretty sure she thinks mommy and daddy are playing some sort of game. We bust up every single time! Here's Evie's "before" picture. :)

I confess that this has been an incredibly hard post to put together, because my kids are begging for my attention this morning. I better run before I have a mutiny on my hands! Hope you all have a great weekend!


Cassie said...

i confess that i had to send your toe ring confession to my sisters. i had a toe ring for about two years and they thought i was ridic. but i felt soooo naked without it and just loved it. one day it broke, i cried (kidding) but i really did love it!
thank you for being team toe ring! lol.

Heather said...

Ha! My personal email doesn't have one email in the inbox. Not one. Drives me batty.

I confess that I took before pictures of my body and I am WAY too disgusted to put them on my blog.

Jackie said...

I don't think that I have ever owned a toe ring...LOL and I hate lotion I can't stand the way it feels....too funny!!!

Meagan said...

I confess that seeing your toe ring makes me miss mine!!

I confess that I have bought close to 20 bras since I've been pregnant (not kidding) & I finally found the right size today & they are the most comfortable bras ever!!

I also confess that I ended up getting my new bras at lane bryant of all places.....yes, they are THAT big!!!!


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