Thursday, August 25, 2011

A day in the life of....

Good morning! We're going to do a little something different today. :) Instead of blogging about life after it has happened, we're going to keep you updated all day long on a typical day in the Robert household. (In other words, I didn't prepare a post for today, and this is better than nothing, haha.) So feel free to check back in periodically, or even wait until the end of the day to see what we've been up to. Even I have no idea what our day will bring...but we might even shoot a video for you or somethin.'

Our Thursday started at 7:45 this morning with Eric's send off to work. It's a gorgeous day already!

Eric takes his lunch to work almost every day....

Evelyn got a new buddy on our shopping trip last night, and he slept right beside her, haha. 

I told her to show everyone her new pal. "Cheese!"

As usual I made a fruitless attempt to get Eric to stay home from work. If it were up to me, he'd never go to work, and we'd be in big trouble. :) We had a good, snuggly kind of family morning...those are the hardest kinds of mornings to say goodbye.

Don't mind our junk and the strollers that we park inside the house. We're very protective of our strollers, apparently.

Eric left and I poured Evie her morning juice. Juice to Evelyn is like some people's morning coffee. The kid can't function without it. :)

And since snapping all of these pictures I've started a load of laundry, taken the trash to curb, and fed the kiddos some breakfast. We're an exciting bunch, aren't we?

I hope I'll have something more to post today then just the hum drum of everyday life, but I never know what kind of mood everyone will be in and where the day will take us. With a high of 88 degrees, I have a feeling we're going to be scooting outside as soon as possible! But before we do, I have to make myself put these groceries away from last night. That's my goal...just get junk where it needs to go.

Grace wouldn't look at the camera, but she says hello. :) I hope to update every hour or two today...we'll see how this goes!



Mission accomplished!
(Where's a little thumbs up icon when you need one?)

By the way, we're currently warming "Pumpkin Roll" in the Scentsy warmer and it smells like a heavenly Fall day in here. I hear that fragrance is making a comeback next month!

So we decided to get out and enjoy the fresh air this morning! We just got back from a nice little walk around our neighborhood...

Evie is showing you that her hair is finally long enough for one ponytail in the back!

I shot a video of my Red Bud dream house. :) So as soon as that loads...which can sometimes take a while...I'll be throwing that up here. 

For now, we're enjoying a new snack that I saw at Aldi last night. I was intrigued when I saw this box. It caught my attention for a little too long as I was walking by. I left them right where they were and went strolling past the produce when my curiosity got the best of me and I turned that cart around and threw a box in. :) They're pretty yummy, and I'm a sucker for anything in the shape of a leaf, haha.

I'll be posting the video soon (I hope)!

Ignore the middle part where I thought it would be a good idea to turn the camera on myself and stick my phone in the cup holder. Baha. It isn't the biggest, newest, or grandest, but something about this place says home to me.

Off to make lunch!


Grace loves the computer!

Alright, so I'm not going to lie. What was I thinking? Taking care of two kid and blogging all day long? Haha. This is what happens when my back is turned.

Grace destroys everything in site, and those books were NOT on the coffee table when I started typing. One of Evie's new things is to find the bible and flip through all of the pages. All I hear is "thump, thump, riiip..." Not good. Needless to say, I might be able to squeeze out one more post after this, but I'm already about to lose my marbles. :)

Evelyn asks for a blanket to go on top of her bed all the time, just so she can pretend to be sleeping. Yet she still doesn't sleep in her bed at night. Something is wrong with this picture.

It's time to push for "operation Evie in her own bed" again.

So I decided to be ambitious and try something new for lunch. I've never boiled my own ravioli...and I was pretty proud of myself for not screwing it up. :)

The girls approved! Evelyn was trying to make me laugh at the table...

 Meanwhile, Grace tried to swipe food off of my plate...

...but I didn't think she could reach it, so I turned my attention back to Ev...

...and when I turned back around, there was Gracie, a smirky look of satisfaction on her face and ravioli in hand. 

It wasn't long after this that we cleaned up, and Gracie took a pretty bad tumble, hitting her head hard on our kitchen floor. :( Now she has a nice bruise right next to the goose egg she gave herself yesterday. My poor baby. I don't usually give out medicine left and right, but I gave her a small dose of tylenol for this one, because it looked like it hurt a lot. This learning to walk phase comes with too many bumps and bruises for my liking. 

So my day has taken a turn for the crazy, and now it's nap time. Evie's naps have been getting shorter and shorter lately (boo!), and I still have laundry to fold and a house to finish picking up. This is usually the point of the day where things get pretty quiet for us. Perhaps this afternoon there will be another update on what we did after nap time. If you have any suggestions, let me know! I haven't decided on an activity yet. :) 


No pictures just yet...Grace just woke up from nap time and Evie is still snoozing away! I'm thinking a nice long bubble bath is going to be in order though, because my babies look like little ragamuffins. :) Grace seriously looks like Sylvester Stallone at the end of a Rocky movie right now. What are people going to think when I take her out in public? I need to buy her a helmet! :)

This is about the time I start wondering what in the world I'm going to do for dinner. I have no clues. Cassie, that recipe you had on your blog the other day would've been right up my alley, except then I remembered Eric won't eat beans. Gosh darn it! If I have to eat taco salad one more time this MONTH I'm going to have a fit, haha. Hmm...maybe we'll fire up the grill when Eric gets home. Now that's a possibility!


Evie finally woke up and the girls took a little dip!

I promise she really is a happy baby, but sometimes the pictures Grace takes look like they belong on one of those save the children commercials. 

Rescue me from this horrible existence. 

You can't see her bruises horribly in this picture, but they're there. :(

Oh, how I love those kids. :) I think we're going to call it an afternoon here. I'm going to start defrosting meat for dinner and the girls are off playing in their bedroom. We didn't do anything exciting...nothing special...but that's our life most days! And now you know. :) Thanks for checking in with us today. See ya back here tomorrow!


Heather said...

Ooooh...this is going to be a fun day!!! I wish I could do that but it would be 8 hours of me taking pictures of my computer. No fun at all.

Cassie said...

yay fun!! i'm excited!!

sblind2 said...

This is a fun idea....maybe I'll try it one day!

Jackie said...

This is so cute.....I love it!

Love the's a father of the bride kinda house!

P.S....your house look awesome for having 2 kids...I don't think mine is ever that clean!

Cassie said...

side note - if you tell me those cheese ravoilis are from aldis my husband is DEAD meat. we make that ravioli bake from everyday easy's blog at least once a month and usually i have to make a special trip to wal mart JUST for them becauase he says Aldi's doesn't sell them. i think i'm going to have to call bluff on someone around 2:30!!

Adrien said...

Hey everyone, thanks for checking in! :) Yes, feel free to do this yourself...if you dare. I may not try again for a while, haha.

Cassie - They ARE from Aldi...just picked them up last night! We go to the one in South County and sometimes they all carry different stuff, so you might both be right on this one, haha.

Jackie...I was able to tidy up last night before bed or the house would've been much messier this morning!

sblind2 said...

UM, I totally need to try shopping at Aldis!! Where is it in So Co?

Adrien said...

It's two blocks west of the intersection of Lindbergh and 55...that's what Eric says, haha. I have no sense of direction, so in my terms I would tell you to turn right where you would normally turn left to go to Target and it's a little bit down the road. :D

Heather said...

Adrien I had no idea where you were talking about with Lindbergh and 55...but as soon as you put in the whole Target bit, I knew exactly where it was. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

The home belongs to Jeff and Janice Biethman, Jeff is actually our cousin, his Grandma Mable Biethman and Our Grandma Rose Simpson were sisters.

Your Father-In-Law

Adrien said...

What?? That's crazy!! And awesome. :)


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