Monday, August 1, 2011

Embracing Summer

It's August! I love August. I love that the days are still warm, but they're slowly getting shorter. August sunsets cast long shadows and beg for lazy evenings outside. There's a hint of anticipation in the air with a new school year around the corner, and most families' summertime schedules are slowly coming to a close.

In my rush to want to grab handfuls of candy corn and peanut mix and to slip cozy sweaters over my head, I forgot how much I really do love summer and the things that it brings...and after spending ten minutes this weekend trying to wrestle a baby into blue jeans I remembered just how convenient loose knits and flip flops can be. :) With the huge heatwave that was the month of July I thought Summer and I were breaking up. Now I realize we were just on a temporary hiatus, and everyone knows that making up can be the most fun part of any relationship. Haha. So while there is and will always be a place in my heart for bonfires and crunchy leaves, I'm vowing now to make the month of August the best warm weather month of the year yet. Summer and I are back together, holding hands, and all that junk.

We had a little outdoor fun indoors this weekend. 

We made ice cube water colors. Just take an ice tray and fill it with water, then drop food coloring into the cubes. Freeze, and you have instant water color paints sure to keep little ones cool and having fun.

Since the skies decided to open up and dump on our world this weekend, we had to do our water color painting in the house, but this would be a perfect activity to do outdoors in the warm weather.

It wasn't too messy. I told Evie to show me her hands....


Evelyn also discovered the joys of Ramen Noodles on our rainy day. I was shocked when she bypassed a plate full of strawberries for a bowl of noodles! Evelyn is a strawberry fanatic, but she slurped up her entire bowl of soup before she even looked at those darn berries. Looks like I found a new easy lunchtime favorite.

Grace enjoyed a gourmet baby puff snack instead. :)

We finally hooked up the Co-Pilate, which I have affectionally named the "baby buggy" and went for a nice long bike ride on Sunday night. It was a perfect evening...the sunset was soft and warm, it wasn't ridiculously hot, and there was the slightest hint of a breeze which was felt even more as we zoomed around town on bikes.

Bike riding is a lot of fun, and it's a great activity to break up the monotony of the same old evening routine. But I have to say, walking still takes the cake for us. One of our favorite things about taking family walks is that we get two hours of uninterrupted conversation and time to fill each other in on what's going on in our world. It's a little hard to talk to each other when we're riding single file with wind in our ears. 

We have yet to break in the new addition to the family:

But I have a feeling that Ol Blue might get to take it's wheels out for a spin tonight. :)

Yes...August and I are likethis right about now. We still have days at the pool and lots of sidewalk chalk coloring to do. We need to put more miles on the swings at the park, and our shade tree is just begging for us to visit him again. I'm hoping that the temperature will slowly drop as the month progresses, allowing us to leave the creature comforts of air conditioning for our love of the outdoors.  

Oh, the wonderful potential of the month of August. The Robert girls have been waiting for you, pal. Don't let us down!


Joyce said...

Love it :)

Cassie said...

too cute. your girls are just darling.

total side note, my mom ordered me the blue one and it's been in the box at her house for a good while now. the whole time i have been thinking man i wonder how BRIGHT that blue is going to be, but juding from your piture it doesn't look bad at all. YAY!!
but r.i.p. red stroller, i always thought you were the best looking one!! lol.

Sarah said...

I have the blue one too! haha.

I love the buggy. Go Eric!! I would be too scared to try it. Eeek

Adrien said...

One of these days we'll have a play date and we'll all have to line up with our blue strollers for a picture, haha.

Heather said...

I just don't understand how those girls don't have permanently bruised cheeks. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands from pinching them 24/7.

And LOVING that you are introducing Ramen Noodles. Every girl should have a profound love of Ramen Noodles before she moves out on her own.


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