Monday, August 29, 2011

A great weekend for birthdays :)

Please forgive any rambling or random words that don't make any sense today. I'm so tired, haha. But what else is new? Grace and I are having a battle of the wills with bedtime and the adequacy of cribs for sleeping in. I think I was winning at the beginning of the weekend, but she scored a few points on me last night. Eric tried  to describe to me some things that took place between Grace and I this morning (apparently I exasperatedly plopped Grace down on our bed, and I crashed on the pillow while she turned to Eric with a big cheesy grin knowing she had won), and I have no memory of it whatsoever. Pretty sure my new address is in Zombieland.

But we had a great weekend overall, and I hope you did, too. :) On Friday evening a very special guest joined us for dinner. Eric's parents were babysitting our nephew Austin, and he and Evelyn had a blast together! Evie talks about her "cousin Awesome" all of the time, and she gets tickled pink whenever we tell her she's about to see him. They were adorable at the dinner table, swapping food and saying "thank you" and hamming it up for anyone who was watching. Afterwards they went to grandma and grandpa's for a while to hang out while Eric and I got to run errands with only one child. I forgot what it's like to only have one kid to load up and take to the store, haha. We ended up getting several things for Gracie's birthday party at the Dollar Tree. <-- Love that place! I'm getting really excited about the way things are shaping up for Grace's big day.

Evie and Austin swinging with Grandpa Robert. I'm telling you, these kids are hilarious together. They could have their own variety show. :)

The highlight of our Saturday was definitely getting to celebrate my little sister turning sweet 16. My sister Shannon and I are only 4 days shy of being exactly 10 years apart. (All of my siblings are way spaced out.) I'll never forget the day she was born. My parents never found out ahead of time if they were having a boy or a girl with any of us, so the wait to find out if I was getting another brother or a little sister while my mom was in the delivery room was agonizing. I remember sitting in the waiting room, checking the vending machine a million times, watching it get dark outside...waiting and waiting...and finally around 8:45ish Shannon was born! I was over the moon about getting a brand new sister.

I remember going home that night and running over to my best friend Heather's house to tell her the news. We were so excited to have a little girl to boss around baby and play with. When Shannon got a little older I would take her over to Heather's house and we would let her crawl around her bedroom. We thought we were so grown up "taking care" of a baby, haha. Of course, I was ten, so it didn't take long before the newness wore off and I resented being a "built in babysitter" as I liked to call it. Baha.

Anyway, we had a great time hanging out with family on Saturday evening. Evelyn got to run around with several of her cousins (she's still talking about seeing all of her favorite people this weekend) and we got to eat lots (and lots) of yummy barbecue and birthday cake. 

I love how after my dad says, "We love you, Shannon!" little cousin Ezrie says, "Yes, we do!" Hehe...too cute!

Yesterday morning was church of course, and Eric and I got to hang out in the nursery will all of the little ones. After playing with the kiddos and going out to lunch we came home and I won an ebay auction for clothing from all time favorite Gymboree line: Prep School. Evie had a couple of peices from this line last year, and now I'm happy to have some more a couple of sizes up!

I LOVE the apples! If you ever see this line at a yard sale or something...I'll pay you back! Haha.

We eventually found ourselves at Target, and boy am I glad we went!! One of the things I had mentioned in the plans for Grace's birthday party was that I wanted to be able to have lots of twinkle lights and lanterns around for a pretty glow in our "enchanted forest." The only problem with that is that it can get kind of expensive buying a bunch of that stuff. I had no idea how I would actually pull it off. And then there was Target. Oh, Target. How I love thee.

I was casually pushing my cart along when I felt a strange gravitational force pulling me towards the back of the store. I think there was a voice whispering in my ear..."This way, my child..." Haha. Honestly I never go to this part of the store usually, but there were lots of little red clearance tags luring me onward like Hansel and Gretel's dropped bread crumbs. I finally turned the corner of the very last aisle, and there they were. Dozens of boxes of twinkle lights and lanterns and strings of party lights were beaming down at me from their shelves. And most of them were sporting those wonderful, beautiful, glorious CLEARANCE tags. *Queue the Hallelujah Chorus* I picked up as many of those lights as our budget would allow.

There was a gorgeous double rainbow in the sky on our drive home - a reminder of God's promises. :)

If you're in the market for anything outdoorsy run to Target now - it's all on clearance. Patio furniture was 50% off! They had all kinds of lighting, grills, fire pits, flower pots, and more marked down in the back. Check it out!

Yes, it was a great weekend for birthdays - both buying for and celebrating. If you celebrated a birthday this weekend...well...Happy Birthday to you! August is a great month for a birthday. ;) Hint, hint baby Henry. 

Have a great week friends!


Heather said...

Love the hint hint to baby Henry at the end. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Cassie said...

looks like you hint hint is gona work. lol.

yay for awesome deals!!

Jackie said...

Eli saw the double rainbow and said it was pretty awesome and it looks like it was!!!


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