Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's our Blogiversary!

One year ago today I sat with a laptop in our bedroom and began typing out the very first words of this blog. It was after a lot of prompting from Eric and several different friends who randomly mentioned "Hey, you should blog" that I finally gave in and created this little corner of cyberspace. I was super reluctant, because I worried about what in the world I could write day after day, if I would have time to do it, and if anyone would even care to read it. Little did I know when I pressed that first "publish" button how much this blog would be such a blessing to me.

Yesterday I met up with a fabulous mama and her two sons for a stroll around the neighborhood. It was absolutely wonderful. And if it wasn't for blogger, I am 99.9% sure that would have never happened. Blogging has introduced me to some of the coolest people I have had the pleasure to meet in a very long time. It has brought me more encouragement than I have ever had in my life. And most importantly, I now have an entire year in the life of our family documented forever. That is such an awesome gift to give to my children someday. :)

Overall it has been a fantastic year. When I look back at the various blog entries and all of the things we've done I can't help but smile and reminisce. (I can't believe I used to blog 7 DAYS A WEEK. What, was I crazy??) There are definitely posts that stand out in my mind as being favorites of mine; mostly because they hold fond memories for me, but some were just super fun to write. It's funny that some of my favorites didn't necessarily get the most comments or page views, but I stopped caring about that stuff a long time ago. These are the posts that make ME smile.

September 6, 2010

I was pregnant with Gracie and determined to get our house ready for Fall. For some reason this early post always stands out in my mind as being an instant favorite. It was such a nice day, and this one was super fun to put together. 

September 22, 2010

Ah, my very first recipe sharing post...well, actually, I thought I was awesome because I figured out how to cut a pie crust with paper. :) Luckily since then I have been gifted a pie crust cutter, but I'll never forget this Fall ode to apples!

September 28, 2010

This day is one of the fondest memories I have with just me and my first baby girl. I was due to have Grace very soon, and I freaked out thinking that my days with my firstborn alone were numbered. So we packed up and spent a morning at the park together. I STILL tear up just thinking about this day and the emotions I was feeling as we prepared to welcome Gracie to our family.

October 19, 2010

Eric and I kept the world updated as we welcomed our second baby into the world. It was a super nerve wracking, exciting, wonderful experience, and I was so happy to share it with all of you!

November 22, 2010

Every year my mom and I get together to bake Christmas cookies, and I love doing it. It's always a fun day, but I mostly love just getting to spend this time with my mama. Plus, we get a billion cookies at the end. :) WARNING: Do not read this post if you're hungry or go by the name of Scrooge. 

November 27, 2010
(A play in three very short Acts)

I love putting up the Christmas tree every year, and I giggled putting this one together. Definitely not your ordinary "Getting There" post. :)

January 2, 2011

It was hard choosing just one post-Christmas entry to share, but this one takes the cake. Eric and I have played Mary and Joseph at the Simpson Family Christmas for the past 2 years, and last year we had a blast! You have to check this one out...I'm cracking up just thinking about it.

April 12, 2011

Sometimes remembering a really great weekend is all it takes. And this was a really great weekend. The weather was warming up, the girls and I had a blast digging in a box of toys, and the promise of summer was still ahead of us. 

There are many more that I could list here, but that's eight of them, and eight seems to be a favorite number around here lately. :) 

I honestly cannot express enough how much it means to me to have so many new and closer friends, to share our lives together, and to make memories along the way...all through the wonderful world of blogging. I don't know what I would've done this past year without it! I hope that you'll keep hanging out with us as we continue on for another year. Who knows what could happen?? Birthdays, holidays, vacations...babies? Hehe. Hope you'll stick around for it all!


Meagan said...

Yay for the blogiversary!!! I'm pretty sure your blog is the very first one that I became a follower of!

I agree, blogging has brought a lot of new friendships that probably never would have happened without the blogs...which is one of my favorite things about it!!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed how you share your family with us thru your blogging. Keep up the enjoyable memories.

Your Father-in-Law

Heather said...

Oh my gosh...LOOK...Meagan is still alive!!! JK.

Love this post Adrien and I'm super glad with both started a blog so we could meet!

Cassie said...


I remmeber your first blog post and I have enjoyed all of them ever since. Keep up the great work.

Joyce said...

Love to have this window into the life of your family, and someday I am sure I will look back and enjoy watching my grand babies grow up on these pages all over again. Love you all

Adrien said...

Thanks, everyone. :D

The Pettijohn's said...

Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your blog.


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