Monday, August 22, 2011

It's the simple things....

I had an absolutely fabulous weekend. It seriously felt like I was in a fairy tale the way the stars aligned and everything worked out just perfectly. When does that ever happen? I'm going with mostly never. I kept thinking over and over to myself that I was being incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful birthday weekend with my family. I didn't go on a whirlwind overnight trip or get a new car or anything extravagant whatsoever. But I got exactly what my heart desired, and I'm still sighing with complete contentment this morning.

At Eckerts. :) Gosh I love that place!

Friday evening was business as usual. We had a lovely dinner out with Eric's parents and then an early night at home. Eric and I have never had a free Friday night consistently in our entire marriage. Eric has worked in radio for almost as long as we've been in a relationship, and his early Saturday mornings mean no Friday nights for us. When we're debt free and Eric is able to work less we won't know what to do with ourselves! More money in our pockets AND more free time? It'll be a complete paradigm shift. :)

The girls and I had a great Saturday morning and by the time Eric was walking through the door I was ready for a fun rest of the afternoon and evening out ALONE. <-- Is that allowed? I knew our night was going to be fantastic when it began with a good hair day. I always try to do cute things with my hair, but it almost never turns out the way I want. I'm pretty sure that on Saturday night Jesus took the curling iron. :) (I tried to recreate the same look the next day for church, and it was a total flop, haha.) I squeezed into an itty bitty pair of blue jeans and actually took the time to put on perfume and make sure my nails were done. Oh yes, it was bound to be a great night, indeed.

I'm a pretty cheap date, and all I wanted was a trip to the land of carbs, aka: The Olive Garden, because their salad makes me a very happy person. Before we had babies this was our go-to place to eat, and for the first year of our marriage we lived right down the street from one. Nothing settled my queasy stomach those first few months when I was pregnant with Evelyn more than a big plate of fettucini. Man, when I think back to our lifestyle pre-babies and how much we ate out it makes my head spin. I miss those days, but our budget doesn't. :)

Eric always tries his very best to make my birthday special, and I love the little things he does that makes me know that he's paying attention. Like when I talked about one of my favorite bands from my college days on our walk the other night, and it just happened to be playing on the iPod when we got into the car. :) We pulled into the parking lot and scored a spot right in front. Our night was going smooth as butter so far, not a single hiccup in the entire operation. So when we began walking towards the door and saw dozens of people sitting around outside with little light-beeping discs in their hands I started to get a little nervous. We had intentionally left early to make sure we'd beat the dinner rush, and it wasn't looking so good for us.

In my mind I was thinking we'd wait up to a half an hour or so for a table (when you have a nursing baby waiting for you at home every second counts!) so when we were told it was going to be an hour before we'd plop our bottoms in a seat we half-heartedly put in our names just to save our spot while we thought of something else we could do. And then the hostess mentioned that the bar area was first come first served and if a seat opened up we wouldn't have to wait at all. Judging by the crowd waiting to be seated I assumed there was a big fat chance that was going to happen, but we checked it out just in case and found the perfect little table for two waiting just for us, lit up from the heavens in all of it's glory. Okay, so maybe it wasn't lit by heavenly light, but after thinking I might have to miss out on some delicious breadsticks, this table became our saving grace!

We slipped right past a bunch of other disgruntled looking couples and sat down just seconds after walking through the front door. :) I cannot even tell you how nice it was to have adult conversation over dinner. To hold my husband's hand instead of a sippy cup. To have our focus only on each other. was nice. Really nice.

And after a wonderful meal we visited a couple of our old haunts which included getting lost in a bookstore with a hot drink in hand. For a brief second my world flashed back to three years ago when life was a lot simpler and we only had our own selves and our own schedules to worry about. And then I found myself in the children's book section flipping through stories I thought the girls would love, and I realized that no matter how much fun I could have out alone with Eric that our children are as much a part of us as we are ourselves. And it was time to go home. :)

Fried biscuits and apple butter. Need I say more?

I went to sleep that night knowing that the next day the fun would continue with a trip to one of my favorite places. We had lunch at Eckerts where the fried biscuits and chicken and dumplings were plentiful. I made a pact with myself to do no cooking all weekend, and I successfully kept it. I already can't wait to go back for more of those biscuits in October during pumpkin picking season!

One guess how we ended our fabulous weekend. :) We took a long walk in the warm night air and both of the girls fell asleep for the night. For the first time...ever...we were able to easily put both of the girls down for bed and I had the whole rest of the evening to myself without having to stay up past midnight to get some alone time. It was perfect...absolutely perfect. I could rewind this weekend over and over again and never get bored.

Our wiped out babies. :) I wish this would happen every time!
Evelyn insisted on wearing her dress shoes...I promise I don't dress my kid that way. 

Now today I plan to just relax and take it easy with the girls. Tomorrow we're planning for a play date at the park and if you want more information on that please contact me privately. All are welcome!

Life doesn't have to be full of frills to be completely wonderful. My weekend was filled with small things that made me smile and ended up being the best weekend I've had in a long time. I feel so blessed to have a husband who makes such an effort to make sure I'm having a good time, and doubly blessed to have two baby girls to come home to. I don't deserve it, but I'll take it!


Cassie said...

ok, why am i always the creepo who comments first. lol. sorry. i promise i don't stalk your blog. PROMISE.

and LOVE your weekend. yay yay yay!! jealous of olive garden and oh em gee those biscuits. baby needs those pronto!! lol.

and i'm soooo glad my daughter isn't the only one who insists on wearing dress shoes to go on walks. ha, but it's not worth the fight to tell her no, and well, it just teaches her to be unique so i can't complain. lol.

Meagan said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!!

I am completely, 100% jealous that you went to Olive Garden.....and got chciken 'n dumplins all in the same weekend!! I need to make a trip to both places sooner rather than later!!

And why didn't we get a pic of the bday girl & the good hair day?!?!

Adrien said...

Haha, well you can stalk away for all I care, because I love the comments. :D

Meagan - Of course I NEVER get pictures of myself. I should have had Eric's parents take a picture of the both of us, but I just never think of it. One day our girls are going to be looking through all of our pictures and ask if we existed back then. :)

Jackie said...

Yes...what an awesome weekend! It seems like its always the small things that make everything so much better!

Heather said...

What a nice weekend to celebrate your birthday!! I hope your whole week is nice and relaxing like this!!

The Pettijohn's said...

Happy late birthday and it sounds like you had an awesome weekend.


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