Monday, August 8, 2011

It's a small world after all...aka Grandma Robert is awesome.

We had a wonderful weekend with our family, and I hope you did too! Ours kicked off with our weekly Friday night dinner with Eric's parents. (Think Gilmore Girls, but without the stuffy mansion and pretentious conversation.) No, we don't eat off of fine china and drink expensive wine, but we do enjoy tasty cuisine from all of the local joints around here. This weekend it was Lisa's and we ate with not only Eric's parents but with his grandparents as well. And boy did we discover something AWESOME.

Last week I spent a good amount of time explaining why we have decided when the times comes that we are going to keep Evelyn at home for an "extra" year instead of starting her in Kindergarten after just turning five. Little did Eric or I know that his grandmother Beulah, a Kindergarten teacher for over 25 years, wrote her Master's Thesis on this very topic! In fact, it was called:

Hello?? Awesome! Obviously she has a lot of insight into this topic, so I couldn't wait to devour the thesis as quickly as possible (which I did.) And my conclusions after reading it? We're DEFINITELY making the right choice! Beulah pointed out many things in her research that I hadn't even thought about,  including many points on why, even if a child is very bright, it doesn't necessarily mean they're ready for formal schooling. I could write an entire blog just on this thesis, and maybe one day I will. :)

Anyway, if you're close to my age and you went to a public school in Illinois or Missouri you can thank Grandma Beulah for the grade you were in. Her research was so compelling that it convinced the state to change it's age requirements for school children. The September 1 cutoff we now have is thanks to the thesis you see right up there. (Illinois schools used to have a cutoff of December 1.) Eric and I were blown away when we learned this. We discover new things about our grandparents all of the time. :) Thank you for always putting students first and rallying for better education, Grandma!

On Saturday morning Grace and I were able to go to a baby shower for a good friend. Kiara Moorman is about 5 weeks away from being a mommy for the first time! Just a little over a year ago Kiara's mother-in-law Ruth passed away, and I have to say this was the most emotional baby shower I have ever been to. Ruth was a dear friend to everyone at the shower, and we know she would've loved nothing more to have been a part of that day. There were happy tears and sad tears...but mostly happy tears. :) It was wonderful to get a group of women together to celebrate new life and the blessing that it brings. 

Congratulations Chris and Kiara! We can't wait to hold baby Moorman. :)

Sunday morning was tough going, let me tell ya. Ever since Grace turned 9 months old she has started waking up, sometimes more than once, in the middle of the night. It has been driving me NUTS, because Gracie had slept through the night since day one. Why would she change it up now?? Well, at 3am on Sunday morning Grace woke up and didn't go down again until after 5am. I sat there forever wondering what had happened to my "good" little girl. So of course, I googled it. :) And boy am I glad I did! Because I learned that it's not Grace's fault she's waking up at all.

It seems that "Nine Month Sleep Regression" is a really real thing, and that tons of babies go through it. It's because their brains are going through HUGE developmental changes and their mind is always firing away. The poor things can't help it, and it's probably just as frustrating for them as it is for their mommies and daddies. (Think about when you have a big or exciting event the next day and you can't fall asleep because you're thinking about it.) Luckily there is an end in site! Most babies get over this stage in about 3-6 weeks, so for us it could be any day now. I'm praying it's soon!

After church we had lunch at Grandma and Grandpa Robert's (where we picked up that thesis) and it was de-vine! Baked pork chops topped with dressing, fried squash, corn on the cob, black bean salsa, broccoli salad, bread and jam....

Eric shamelessly cheated on his diet. And Evie...

...ate THREE ears of corn. Haha.

We had a wonderful afternoon talking and playing cards with Eric's grandparents. And we ended our day with a walk around town, engulfed in the warm light of a gorgeous sunset....

These iPhone pictures don't do it justice. It was purple and pink and orange and...well...if you saw it you know what I'm talking about. :)

Yes, it was a wonderful weekend of learning and family and friends. And now I must get back to my of which is running around in nothing but a diaper and snow boots, haha. Happy Monday!


Cassie said...

way to go gma robert!! that's quite the accomplishment!!

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

whoa - that's awesome!

Joyce said...

Love it, and grandma Robert was my kindergarten teacher, so she has been a influence in our family for a long time, gotta love her :) Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

Katie said...

Wow Gma Robert! My dad always told me with a birthday on November 28th he was one of the youngest in his class with the cutoff back then...never knew why it changed until now!

Meagan said...

That is so cool that she had such a big influence with that!!


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