Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My August Girls

We're doing this post a day early, because tomorrow is a very special day around here. ;)

Oh, August. You came and went much, much too quickly. And along with your crazy weather which ranged from scorching hot to downright gorgeous, you blew in another season of change for the Robert girls. Grace is now an official cabinet getter-inner just like her big sister was. No plastic bowls are safe! And Evelyn's laugh has changed...changed from a silly little toddler laugh to a big kid laugh. At first I thought she was joking...just experimenting with sounds. But then she kept it up. Every time something remotely funny happens now, out comes this foreign laugh that is equally adorable but different than anything I've ever heard.

I once read a quote that said something to the effect that "2 is the beginning of the end" for innocent childhood. And I thought it was bogus. What?? Maybe insert "6" or "7" in there. But now I'm beginning to see exactly what James Berry was saying. Evelyn is so much more aware of how what she says and does effects people around her. She does things like changing her laugh to get attention. She has officially become...well...aware. And now that she's living to purposely please or displease others, even in the smallest of ways, a bit of the carefree "I'm just going to sit here and play to my little heart's content without worrying about a thing around me" is slipping away. Everything now has a purpose.  Two is the beginning of the end, eh? Yeah, I get that.

Still, there's lots and lots of fun childhood ahead. :)

Gracie. What can I say about this blossoming little joy? The month of August turned Grace's head into a magnet for all hard surfaces...our poor baby spent the month as a giant bruise! But that is certainly a testament to how much braver she is getting with the whole standing, reaching, stepping thing. One of these days she's just going to take off while no one is paying attention, cause that's just her style.

Grace graduated to a forward-facing big girl sitter in the car this month, and she has consequently enjoyed car rides infinitely more. I still cannot get over the fact that when I look in the backseat I can see the faces of both of my children. I swear there is no greater contradiction in this world than being the parent of a growing baby - to love and hate milestones all at the same time. To appreciate new freedoms but mourn the loss of a small piece of their babyhood being left behind. *Sigh*

Evelyn shocked us all this month when one day while playing in the bathtub she nonchalantly counted to  eight. Just rattled it off like she had done it a million times, even though I had NEVER heard her get past "four" without jumbling the numbers out of order. I'm pretty sure my eyes were saucers as I sat there listening to her counting, and I had to giggle at the number she chose to count to. Most kids learn to count to ten...a logical place to stop when learning those first numbers. But eight is a very special number around here, hehe, because eight is the amount of scoops it takes to make a pitcher of lemonade. :D

Every time I make lemonade we count the scoops out loud together, and well...we always stop at eight. So while your children may have mastered 1-10 like normal kiddos, my kid counts by eights. That's just how we roll, I guess. :)

If there is one thing my girls have in common as the month ends, it's the fact that the both of them are getting noticeably larger. Grace is actually *eek!* starting to thin out a bit. She's still a chunky monkey, but her little rolls are slowly getting smaller as she works out her legs with crawling and standing. And Evie's hair and feet are growing like weeds, which means it's time for new shoes and wearing hair in single ponytails in the back. *Sigh* Don't worry, we are still pro-piggy tails. :) When the girls go down for a nap, there are days that I SWEAR they have gotten bigger in their sleep. Yep, August was a month for growing. What else did we do this month?

We kicked off the month with a fun day at the park....

We did lots of arts and crafts....

Evelyn began a weight loss program... :)

We transformed into fairies...

And we even had a play date with friends.

August was a wonderful month, and in just a couple of days we begin my FAVORITE month of the year. Oh, September and the Fall things it brings. I can't wait!


Heather said...

I can't look at that picture of Grace without smiling...a lot. You need to blow that up and put it front and center in your house. Or enter it in a photo contest or something.

Ashley Mitchell said...

So.stinkin.cute! :) I know what you mean about the milestones, sad and exciting all at the same time.

Amelia said...

I love the fairy pictures! I showed Mady and she said, "I wanna play with those girls!" I also love the pic of Grace and her silly face! Too cute!

Sarah said...

You are one lucky mama!!

It was so nice of you to share them with us today :)


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