Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Revealing Grace's 1st Birthday Theme!

Every single time I look at the calendar there is one thought that creeps up in my brain. I try to push it away. Ignore it. Pretend it doesn't exist. *Sigh.* But I can't put it off any longer. My second baby is going to be a year old in the blink of an eye. In just barely over two months we'll be celebrating Grace's birthday, and as you all know, that means I have to kick birthday party planning into high gear around here.

When I started to think about Grace's birthday party theme (at Christmastime last year, haha) I wanted to keep in mind the time of the year and try to make it so that the theme would look and feel appropriate for the changing leaves and cooler temperatures. Of course the obvious choice would have been a 'Lil Pumpkin birthday party: Super cute, very appropriate for a first birthday party theme, and the decor would be simple enough to pull off. But that was the obvious choice. :) Choosing a theme is a HUGE commitment for me, mostly because I'm going to be devoting two months worth of late nights putting together decorations, brainstorming ideas, and then eventually pulling it all together. I don't want to get sick of the theme before we get to party day. This is a high pressure decision, I'm telling you. :)

But there is one theme that is to-die-for cute, appropriate for the season, and after months and months of toying with the possibilities I still haven't gotten sick of it. So we're rolling with it. And I'm really excited! In just about two months we'll be transforming our home into:

*-*-*Gracie's Enchanted Forest*-*-*

I'm psyched! 

There have been lots of inspiration ideas pulled for this party from other cute shindigs that creative mamas have thrown for their little pixies. The great thing about keeping it a bit generic is that I don't have to stick with just fairies or just woodland critters for the decor. This party will be a concoction of lots of different themes pulled into one. It will be a fairy/forest/woodland critters/camping/twinkling lights/autumn sort of affair. Sounds fun, right? I hope so! So here are some inspiration photos for Grace's first birthday. (All of these photos were taken from parties featured on Kara's Party Ideas. <-- A great blog to follow for inspiration!)

We'll start with a focal point table...where the food will be! 

Ours won't look nearly as good as this! But this gives you an idea of the feel I am going for. Lots of mossy stuff and greenery to give it that "forest floor" look. I can't get myself to pin down an exact color scheme, but I know there'll be a lot of green! And there will definitely be toadstools:

I'm a sucker for a good tissue paper pom pom, and there will be lots at Grace's party. They'll be mixed in with hanging lanterns and twinkle lights. I want our forest ceiling to glow and if I can pull it off, I'd like enough twinkling lights so that we can keep the lighting low in the house to make it feel more magical. :)

There will be lots of twiggy things and branches with cute stuff hanging off of them:

Love this wreath for the front door, and it will be so easy to make!

I have been collecting these things on our walks for a while now:

And I still don't know if I'll end up with enough. :) I'm going to be spray glittering lots of these, along with painted shimmering branches. I want it to feel rustic and woodsy, but I also want it to be enchanted and girly.

I love the idea of using real wood and stumps to prop party items up on:

Now I just have to track down some logs. If anyone knows a good place where I can have some free logs I'd really appreciate it, haha.

This summer we turned our back patio in "Bubble Bay" for Evie's party, and for Grace's birthday there'll be a little of this going on:

And I'll definitely be making a variation of these:

I'll also need lots of Ball/Mason jars for this purpose:

Gotta set the mood with candelight. We might be investing in some LED's for our party, though. :)

I've already starting making a billion of these:

Lots and lots of paper flowers. I have plans to make larger ones for props, and smaller ones for hanging garlands.

There might even be a little of this going on:

My mind is swimming with ideas!

I'll be cutting out owls and foxes and hedgehogs and birds and raccoons and deer and every other kind of woodland critter imaginable from my cricut machine. <-- Love it! And there are big plans in the works for transforming one wall into a giant tree. To do that means cutting out and attaching hundreds of individual leaves. Its a big task, but I'm willing to do it. :)

So as you can see, I need to get on the stick! We don't take birthdays lightly around here, haha. Okay, so honestly this is something I really enjoy doing, and apparently I love taking on tasks that are way over my head. Awesome. Even though my ideas are usually pretty lofty and crazy everything always comes together in the end -- I'm just as surprised as the party guests to see how it all turns out. :) Usually it's pretty close to my original plans, but as everyone knows, nothing ever goes completely according to plan. There are bound to be new ideas picked up and royal crafting flops that have to be ditched.

I can't wait to see what the next two months bring! So make sure to stay tuned for craft ideas and party peeks along the way. :)


Sarah said...

Adorable!! Ahh, October babies are the luckiest :)

Heather said...

Awww love this!!! What a cute idea!

Adrien said...

Thanks girls! I agree, Sarah...October is a super fun month for a birthday. My favorite time of the year! :)

Jackie said...

Such a cute idea...you are so good at this!!!

Anonymous said...

well thank you.. as an October baby myself it has been a fun month to be born in, and opals really are the prettiest birth stone. this year Abbey's birthday is going to be really low key, everything she loves, her grandparents, my sister-in-law, my in-laws skyping in from New York, pizza, cake, and of course, sesame street!! we're putting our energy and money into finding a present she will really enjoy, she's not a typical girl, doesn't like dolls or kitchen sets so we want to get her something she will really enjoy have and actually love playing with. the hunt is on!!

Amelia Moll said...

Super cute!!I'm confident that we will make this one for sure! Mady will be in little girl heaven!I've tried to comment on your blog a couple times and couldn't figure it out...Im such a ditz when it comes to figuring out simple stuff : )


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