Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This one's for you, Aunt April!

So Evelyn has started calling us "Mom" and "Dad."


It's not every time, but it's the beginning of things to come, and I'm not ready! I had planned to be "Mama" until at least high school. :) Evelyn and Grace are both going through periods of transition right now where their personalities are blossoming and growing. It's so much fun to watch them grow up, but it's turning my nostalgic personality in circles. I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad, laugh or cry, bathe them in encouragement or warn them that I'm going to put bricks on their heads.

The things that come out of Evie's mouth these days leave me in fits of giggles. The more I see into the cog-works of her little brain, the more I realize it's a really funny place to be. My favorite: When I explain something new to her, she follows it up with "Oh, yes, of course." Of course, MOM, of course I knew all about that already. :) And Grace has begun playing a new favorite game...run away from mommy at the least opportune times and laugh hysterically while doing so. I don't mind so much, because for the first nine months of Grace's life her laughter has been a rare and elusive gem. I'm LOVING that my super serious baby is letting her hair down a little. Haha. Oh those darn kids...gotta love 'em.

Yesterday we had some fun with straw painting! My sister-in-law April sent me a link to this craft which she wanted us to try out, and when I saw what it was I knew that we would jump on it! It was an activity I enjoyed doing in elementary school, and I love sharing my childhood favorites with my own kids.

Straw painting is really simple. You plop some paint on paper, give your kid a straw, and let them blow the paint around. It creates lines and splatters and all kinds of fun designs, and what kid doesn't love paints and straws? Put them together and you're golden.

We added just a teeny weeny bit of water to our paint to make sure it was thin enough to blow around on the paper. If you were to decide to do this project I will give you fair warning that it only takes ONE drop of water to thin the paint out. Just one. You will think you need more. But you don't. :)

At first Evelyn thought she was going to use the spoon to paint with, haha. But as soon as she saw the straw she needed very little instruction from me. I tried to show her what to do, but I couldn't hand that twisty straw over fast enough.

This activity is a little messier than ice cube painting, so we opted for clothes off. :)

Little sister Gracie decided that she wanted in on the action, too. And by "in on the action" what I really mean is that she wanted to rip Evelyn's artwork to shreds. She succeeded a bit. :) Lucky for her she has a pretty easy-going big sister who barely noticed a huge chunk of her paper missing from one side. Little stinker...look at that face.

I can't wait until Grace is old enough to join us for these kind of projects! Wait - yes I can. Don't grow up, Gracie. I am just one big walking contradiction.

Eventually Evie learned that she could poke her straw through the small hole in the middle of her picnic table, and that's when I made the exectuive decision that we were finished, haha.

Evelyn says, "Thank you Aunt April!" for suggesting this activity. She had a lot of fun doing it. :) If anyone else has a project you'd like us to be guinea pigs for, please let me know! I'm always looking for new things to do with the girls.

In other news, Evelyn's weight loss progress is going great. Haha.

We've now gotten to the point that when Evie sees Eric or I grab the camera and turn the kitchen lights on, she runs in to start "posing" just like her daddy. (Eric has been keeping track of his weight loss in pictures.) It never gets old! As soon as she throws her arms up we're busting a gut. We snap a picture, and then she changes positions. :)

Work it, girl!

And I can't wrap this one up without giving a huge shout out to the weather yesterday. Holy moly, thank you, Lord! We had a great family walk last night in the cool evening air. I almost needed a jacket! It didn't help my yearning for all things Fall, but I'm still faithfully soaking up the summertime. And goodness knows I'm not wishing the time away at this point. 

Have a great day, pals, and please let me know if you have any suggestions for fun things we can do indoors as we finish out this hot and sunny season!


The Pettijohn's said...

I had forgotten all about that activity. Ill have to try that with Wyatt. Looks like Evelyn had alot of fun.

Sarah@everydayeasy said...

bahaha, her weight loss pics crack me up!

Cassie said...

evie you are too funny!! i lol-ed.

Meagan said...

I wanted to cry the first time Keegan called me "mom"!! It makes them sound so old! Lol

Heather said...

I don't think my niece or nephew ever said anything but "mom". They were both pretty formal from the start. It's taken me 2 and a half years to get my niece to put "aunt" in front of my name.

Anonymous said...

Awwww really adorable pictures.

And Yeah for evelyn, kids are groing up so fast.

Sarah said...

First time Luke called me "Mom" ughh, rough day!! But we are back to "Mooommmmmy Mommmy MommmmYYYYY" Mom would work just fine!

The weather was gorgeous last night!! I didn't even break a sweat & I was hoofin it!!


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