Friday, September 9, 2011

Confession Friday 9-9!

Happy Friday, once again!

I confess that I found three little stretch marks on my right leg that I didn't know existed, and now they're driving me insane. Who would've thunk you could get stretch marks on your legs from pregnancy?? (From a PAST pregnancy, let's not start any rumors here, haha.)

I confess that Eric and I have baked some kind of cookie or cake almost every night of our "staycation."

I confess that I have gained four pounds this week. Better lay off those sweets. ;)

I confess that this was my honest attempt to draw Goofy for Evelyn.

He looks like he belongs on the right side of a "crack kills" poster.

I confess that I never knew Eric was capable of sleeping in until this week. I was up almost every morning before him, and that NEVER happens! (He certainly deserves it, haha.)

I confess that the words I tell Evelyn have somehow managed to embed themselves in her brain, and now her two year old tushie is trying to use them back on me. My favorites from this week:

Evie referring to me as "My dear...."
Evie telling her daddy "Don't be naughty!"
Evelyn pointing up to me and saying "Obey me! Obey me!"

I confess that discipline is so hard when you're laughing your head off.

I confess that ever since I was a child I could find strange shapes in random places. This week I found an alien body builder on our ceiling.

What you don't see it? How about now?

Alien body builder, yes?

I confess that after battling with Gracie over sleep for weeks I tried the "cry it out" method and it has worked like a charm for us. We had one rough night, but now she puts herself to sleep with no problems and without expecting me to come to her rescue every hour. I'm still not saying I recommend this method, but when you're desperate you're desperate!

I confess that I don't understand why in every store I shop in there are ALWAYS a million XL tops on the racks and no smalls left. Retailers: Clearly you need to order more smaller clothing. Unfortunately I've had this problem my whole life, so I don't think they're getting the memo.

I confess that I got really excited when I saw a pumpkin scented lotion at Bath and Body works this week...but it smells nothing like pumpkins. What a tease.

I confess that our family had a BLAST at Chuck E. Cheese in South County yesterday, and we highly recommend that location. It was super clean, the staff was awesome, the pizza was way better than I remember, and it was a really affordable way to have lots of fun for an afternoon. 

I confess that both Eric and I were secretly thinking we were going to get to Chuck E. Cheese and be really disappointed...a point that we only mentioned to each other after we were there and were pleasantly surprised. :)

There were only three kids in the whole place, but Chuck E. Cheese still came out to say hello!

Did you know tickets can be used as currency at Chuck E. Cheese? I confess that I didn't! If you don't want your kid to leave with junk then you can buy one of the bigger prizes and each ticket takes one cent off. We ended up with 180 tickets so Evie got a basketball that was $3.99 and we got $1.80 off! If you plan a trip to Chuck E. Cheese make sure you check the Sunday paper for a coupon first. We got a large pizza, 3 drinks, and 30 tokens for $19.99. Great deal!

Alright, that's all I've got for this week! I hope you all have a great weekend!


Kim Luke said...

1. your goofy drawling cracked me up.

2. i thought you were nuts with your alien body builder. but when you traced it, i can totally see it. bahaha, hilarious. i do the same thing with clouds, im always trying to make things out of them! lol

You got lucky at that chuck e cheese. 2 of my nephews had their bday parties there this year on a Saturday afternoon and there were probably 200 kids in that building running free. it was NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

I confess i am extremely jealous you've had 2 kids and wear a small. i need to come to terms that will never be me. lol

Meagan said...

We were thisclose to going to chuck e cheese in social after the arch I wish we would have!!

Heather said...

I confess that I have stretch marks all over the tops of my legs...and I don't have a kid!

I confess that I'm going to have nightmares about that mouse.

Katie said...

I confess that the part about Evie using your own words against you made me laugh out loud...I can only imagine how hard it is to discipline her without laughing.

Anonymous said...

I used the cry it out method with Abbey and it went really well too, there's a version you can use with Evie when you are ready to have her sleep in her own bed, just stand over her and gently continue to lay her down until she tires herself out then you might have to sit in her room for a couple of nights to keep her in the bed, then you just put her back to bed everytime she comes out of her room, eventually she'll stay in and go to bed happy. you just have to be more stubborn than the two yr old!!

Adrien said...

Kim - I think you're right. Being there at 11:00am on a Thursday during the school year definitely helps with the crowd control. I've been informed to NEVER go on the weekends! :)

Cassie said...

ha, LOVE that goofy. hilarious. and i feel like there are always ONLY smalls, XS and XXLs at the stores. ugh, i just want ONE medium, please.

i confess that stella used to always say, excuse u whenver ANYONE farted, burped, etc. and now thanks for daddy, she says fart. she still follows up with excuse us. but has to say, fart, first. lol.

Andrea said...

Your goofy picture made me laugh out loud! And, I agree with Cassie! I always need a medium and can only find smalls and XLs!!


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