Monday, September 19, 2011

Did's and Didn'ts

I was looking through old Christmas posts on Thrifty Decor Chick's blog this weekend, and I stumbled across one blog entry that intrigued my simple mind. She listed out her holiday weekend last year in things she didn't do instead of things that she did do. And that inspired me to share our weekend in did's and didn'ts, too. :) It looked like fun...and it sort of was! Sometimes it's just easier to bullet point life instead of making something flowery and poetic out of the mundane. Haha. In other words, it's a dark and drippy sort of day, and I am lazy. So here you go. Our weekend in did's and didn'ts.

We did go to the Elementary School's Fun Fair on Friday night, and they DID have chili for the first time in forever. Woot! Does this mean we can officially call it the Chili Supper Fun Fair again?

Eric didn't think that the chili tasted the same as it did when he was a little Royal...but I secretly thought it was exactly the same. :)

I did think my eldest child was replaced by an alien this weekend. She was naughty to the nth degree. Someone told me that the terrible two's were just a myth - that it's really the terrible three's. Someone liiiied.... ;)

I didn't get to enjoy our outdoor fireplace at all, because we STILL have not picked up firewood. I need a s'more stat.

I did have an awesome date night with the hubs on Saturday to celebrate our anniversary. I absolutely adore having a conversation with just him sitting across the table from me and no kids in high chairs flanked on either side. Three years later and the "honeymoon phase" is not over for this gal!

We didn't get to exchange Evie's halloween costume for the right size, because once again they were sold out of her costume. Grrr...I'm determined to have a little ice cream cone running around on October 31.

I did purchase a brand new coat which I haven't done in years, and I'm in love with it because Eric really likes it...and I really like him.

I didn't help Eric check out at Old Navy, because he insisted on using 40% coupons on everything...including $5 undershirts. We made four separate transactions with a line of people waiting behind us. He is shameless. But he DID save us money. :)

I love a good square-toed tall boot. Yum.

I did track down the perfect pair of boots to go with my new coat...I did not want to pay $70.00 for them. I'm a cheapskate! (Someone talk me into it, I love these darn boots!)

We did go to church on Sunday morning, and it was awesome. We've been having great discussions in Sunday School and really great sermons, too. No, I mean really really. Last week we dove into what it means to be a husband and father, and this week it was the women's turn...and our straightforward pastor doesn't skirt around the issues... How are men/women viewed in the media? What are their real roles in the home? What qualities make up the perfect man/women? At what age should you get married? Is it okay for women to work outside of the home? (Um, yes.) What about sex? We talked about it all. So good.

We didn't enjoy a quiet lunch after church, because my previously mentioned two year old was in top form. Spitting, throwing food, getting into everything...she apparently never wants to be taken into public ever again.

We did restock our pantry, and that's one great feeling I love to have.

I didn't freak out when Niagara Falls came pouring from Evie's overflowing diaper and all over the floor at the Wal-Mart check out later that afternoon. I think I earned a mommy scout badge for keeping my cool on that one.

I did change my kid's diaper in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Does that cancel out the mommy scout badge?

Gracie didn't start walking, but she did start standing all by herself in the middle of the room. She also learned to wave goodbye all on her own accord. And for the record, she's beginning to be the easy child when we go places. Big sis and little sis are changing places!

This isn't my recipe, but close. :)

I did make one kick-butt pot of hamburger soup with cornbread on Sunday night - the perfect rainy day meal to end a dark and dreary day.

I did buy apples for a delicious Fall apple pie (but I didn't buy the crust. Drat!)

I didn't get everything accomplished that I wanted to this weekend, but I did take lots of time to kiss and hug my babies. Even when two year olds test my patience...even when babies cry for no reason...when they work together to destroy a room or tag team me at nap time...(or even when they shred a roll of toilet paper into confetti on the living room floor like Evelyn is doing right this very second)...I love them so much my heart could burst. I have no idea how this works, but I'm glad it does.

Yep, it was a weekend of did's and didn'ts. Nothing special or spectacular. But it did leave me wanting to track down every parenting book on the planet, haha. If anyone has any advice on how to stop a child from spitting out mouthfuls of food or throwing it across the table and onto the floor, I would be happy to be spammed with advice. Oh, boy. Seems that my years of babysitting, teaching, and schooling somehow did not prepare me for taking on a single two year old. :)


Heather said... pie. That sounds YUMMY.

Hey, do you ever go to the Aldi in Sparta? I was just wondering if it's a nice one, or if the drive to STL is worth the trip for the one over there.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Spit your food back at her..LOL KIDDING! Try ignoring her, she may be trying to get attention.

Adrien said...

Heather, I'm so making you an apple pie when I get that crust!! We don't usually go to Sparta, because they close earlier and Eric usually stops on his way home from work or we go together when he gets home. However, it is a good location and they'll have all the basics! They don't have as many of the specialty items as the bigger stores do, but for the most part I've found an Aldi is an Aldi.

Haha, Ashley - that has been our for the most part up until this point. But now she isn't discriminating when it comes to where or WHO she throws food at. We got a report on Saturday night that she was chucking food into the next booth when she went out with her grandparents...that's a problem. Gah! I'm so over it....

Emily said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend! I'm glad they brought the chili back... an RBES fun fair just is not the same without the chili!!

When my cousin was little, he would throw tantrums (it was called a meltdown) and his parents would just take him out to the car and leave him there until they finished eating. Obviously, you can't do that now, so... time outs? spankings? I don't know I'm not there yet, but those are what my friends do. Hope you can figure it out. At least you are wanting to discipline and trying... I know a 4 year old who is VERY unruly (he spit out apple juice all over the floor in my house when he was visiting), and his parents didn't do ANYTHING!!! Good luck!!

The Pettijohn's said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Vince and I have a bunch of wood that we are not using if you would like some of it. No charge. Just email me at if you are interested.

Mirella said...

It sounds like a great weekend.

Hmmmm apple pie I love it, I have had it for this weekend too, but I didn't make it myself.

Those boots WOW I love them!!!

I wish you a wonderful weekend

Sarah said...

Maybe we were seperated at birth. I could quite possibly comment on every single thing you wrote. But I won't... lol

Meagan said...

Since no one else has done it yet, I will be the bad influence & convince you to buy those boots!! Seriously, you NEED them!! You will definitely get your money's worth out of them because you will wear them ALL the time!! And from my experience with boot shopping...$70 is a good price!! BUY THEM ASAP!!!

I really like the did's & didn'ts thing...I might steal the idea sometime! :)

Adrien said...

Hehe...I know, Meagan, I do need them. No, but really, I do. :) I bought a pair from Target a couple of years ago that LOOKED like that for half the price, but of course now they're falling apart. I actually need TWO pairs - black and brown. Eek, what am I going to do??

Steal away, it actually made remembering my weekend a whole lot easier. :)


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