Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Crafting with Kids!

I don't know what it is about Fall, but cooler temps make me want to get my craft on. :) And I've been waiting for quite a while for the day that I can share in some crafting fun with one of my kids. You know, the kind that requires more than just taking paints and going all willy nilly. That day was yesterday!

I got an idea to "build" a scarecrow with Evelyn out of construction paper - an activity I was convinced she would love, and I thought it would be a great way to talk about shapes and body parts at the same time. I set out to cut out different parts of our scarecrow...head, shirt, shoes...all the way to his little triangle nose. The plan was to spread all of the pieces out on the kitchen table and then ask Evie questions like, "Which shape do you think would make a good head for our scarecrow?" "Do you see a shape that looks like shoes?" You know, stuff like that.

Excuse my child's lack of clothing once again. We just had an oreo cookie snack, and she covered herself in it! (Anyone else think oreos are the messiest cookie on the planet?)

But wouldn't you know that my little smarty pants is way too observant for her own good, and she was so much more ahead of the game than I had anticipated. She watched carefully as I cut along the lines I had drawn on pieces of construction paper, and before I could even finish cutting she would shout out "Those are hands, mama!" "Look at those pants!" Well whaddya know? She figured it out all on her own!

When it came time to assemble our little paper dude, she was grabbing shapes before I could even ask her for them. She knew precisely what should come next every step of the way. Then I handed her a crayon and asked her to draw on a pair of eyes. I had no idea if she would actually know what to do, having never asked her to draw a pair of eyes before. I assumed that she would know about where they should go, but I was shocked when she took that blue color and drew little scribbled circles right where the eyes should be.

See - grubby cookie hands. 

I nearly cried. I'm not kidding. It was a proud moment for this mama. :) I knew she wouldn't draw a proper mouth, and I giggled as she scribbled on an unidentifiable shape under the scarecrow's triangle nose. I was just excited that she put it in the right place!

Evelyn had a BLAST doing this. And her favorite part was getting to hang her creation up on the refrigerator. I made such a fuss about it that I'm pretty sure hanging things on the refrigerator is going to be her new "thing."

I asked Evie to turn around and let me take a picture of her with her new scarecrow friend. She was in the middle of talking to him and wasn't pleased that I interrupted her conversation:


I asked Evelyn if I could show my friends her scarecrow, and she whole heartedly said, "Yes!" :)

After we made our craft I decided to share a fun short story with the girls that I loved when I was in school, and I bet your kids would get a kick out of it, too! Maybe you remember it. It's about a little witch who needed to find a home for winter. Yes? No? Well, whether you know it or not, I'm about to tell you. :) You'll need an orange piece of paper and a pair of scissors to tell this story, and you'll be cutting shapes out of the paper as the story goes along.

The Little Orange House
I found this version at www.atozteacherstuff.com

Once upon a time a very small which was walking in the woods. The cold wind was blowing the dry leaves all around her. The little witch was frantically searching for a house for the winter, but she couldn't find one! Suddenly a piece of orange paper, blown by the wind, landed at her feet. She picked it up.

The little witch looked closely at the paper and then she said, "I shall make myself a little house from this piece of orange paper." She folded the paper in half. Then she took her scissors, which she always carried in her pocket, and cut off two corners to make a roof.

"This will do just fine," she said as she looked at her new house. "But I will need a door." With her scissors she cut a door. Since witches always wear pointed hats, she cut a special door just for her. 

The little witch walked through the door and into the little orange house. It was very dark inside. She quickly hurried back out. "I will need to make windows to let in the light," said the little witch. She cut a front and back window.

Oh, it was a very fine looking house. Her very own little house with a roof, a door, and windows was all finished. But just as the little witch started to go inside for the winter, she saw a tiny ghost floating down the wind swept path. As the tiny ghost came to a stop near the house, the little witch saw that she was crying. "Why are you crying?" asked the little witch. The tiny ghost stopped crying and answered, "It is cold and windy. It is getting dark. And I have no place to spend the winter." 

"You may spend the winter with me in my new house," said the kind little witch. 

"Oh, thank you!" the happy tiny ghost said as she peeked in through the window. "This is a very nice house."

"First," said the witch, "I will need to make you a little door of your very own." She took her scissors again and began to cut. She cut a very tiny door in the middle of the house.

The two happy new friends went inside. The tiny ghost went in the very little door, and the little witch went through her own special door. All winter long they lived happily together inside the little orange house. If you want to see inside their little orange house, just open your piece of paper and Surprise! 

The kids love to see that the house is really a jack o lantern! Have extra paper ready, because older kids will want to see it again. :)

I wish I could have captured the look on Evie's face when I opened the paper and she saw that pumpkin face staring back at her. And guess what she did as soon as I let her have it?

Right on the refrigerator! Yep, definitely her new thing. 

We had lots of fun yesterday with construction paper and a little bit of imagination. Both of these activities are definitely Evelyn approved! They're super easy and fun, so try them out with the kiddos in your life sometime. Have a great Fall day! :D


The Pettijohn's said...

I love that picture when you interrupted her conversation. Cute activity and we will definitely be trying it out.

Anonymous said...

TOO cute!

I dont know why I cannot comment anymore under my blogger name- hmpf!
I can on everyone elses blog but yours!

-Angie Moeller :)

Meagan said...

Evie's scarecrow friend is adorable!!

Adrien said...

That's so weird, Angie. As far as I know I haven't changed any settings, so it must just be another random blogger blip. I know other people have been having issues, too.

Thanks, guys! I'll tell Evie that everyone likes her scarecrow. Haha.

Meagan said...

Angie, I couldn't comment on anyone's blogs using Internet Explorer unless they had the comment box set up but I can using Firefox...I think it might be an Internet Explorer issue.


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