Monday, September 12, 2011

The Great Costume Hunt of 2011

Well. Well, well, well. Interesting weekend!

Okay...not really. Grace ended up getting an earache on Friday, so I spent a lot of time at home. But before we realized that our child's fussiness was because her poor little ear was sore, we went on a grand adventure - a family mission - to track down our Halloween costumes for this year. Eeee!!

I woke up on Friday morning and routinely checked to see if their costumes had gone on sale yet. We get our super warm and cute costumes from Old Navy every year, and every year we get them at a deep discount. The only problem is, I never remember exactly how we do it. So I end up trolling the site for weeks looking for price reductions and keeping my eyes peeled for good coupons. Well, the stars aligned and the perfect day happened to be last Friday. Old Navy's Baby Sale started on Friday which brought the costumes down from $25 to $18.71. Awesome! But I knew that we usually get them even cheaper than that. That's when I saw this:

That's the ticket! We printed THREE and got our hineys to Old Navy!
(Click to get your own!)

We were determined to track down three specific costumes: One for Evie, one for Grace, and one for John. When we got to our first stop they didn't have a single blue monster ANYWHERE which I had been drooling over for John for weeks. Sad day. :( Then they didn't have any cutie patootie ice cream cones in our size that I just knew Evie would be adorable in. They did, however, have one strawberry suit left for our little Gracie girl and we snatched it up lickety split, used our coupon, and scored that berry for $12!!! Woohoo!

The strawberry is ours!

Not to be deterred, we continued our journey to the next Old Navy store. I ran (for real) to the back of the store and there was a glorious rack FULL of blue monsters. I shuffled through the hangers and found one in John's size. Woot! I might or might not have done a fist pump in the air for that one. However, they didn't have a SINGLE ice cream cone costume in the entire place. Our poor Evelyn was still a costume-less child. But we checked out with our new fuzzy blue dude (another $12 - that makes my heart sing) and got the kids back into the car. 

The blue monster is ours!

We had an appointment at the Apple store to get our Apple TV remote looked at (they gave us a new one for they always do. We're so spoiled by Apple!) so instead of heading to another Old Navy we made some phone calls to see which stores in the area had the elusive suit we were looking for.  After calling a couple of places we determined that we know more about Old Navy's merchandise than Old Navy workers do, haha. They had never even heard of the ice cream costume. "Oh, I think you mean the cupcake costume. Let me go check for you!" Um, no. We meant the ice cream costume....

So instead, we inquired about when Old Navy gets new shipments in (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and if they would be getting more costumes. Yes, they would. Awesome. But just in give us a little insurance...we went back to the first Old Navy, bought the ice cream costume in the wrong size but at the right price, and brought it home with us. This way if the price goes back up we can still exchange our suit for a new one in the right size later and still have paid only $12!

The ice cream cone is (sorta) ours!

Whew! All of that so our kids can be cute when they go trick-or-treating! Haha. If YOU are still looking for a costume for the littles in your life and would like to score an Old Navy costume for the same low price, you still can! Just print off the coupon and get scooting before the Baby Sale ends on September 22! In our area we recommend the Old Navy in South County for the best selection. I'm beginning to learn that Old Navy's have tiers just like Gymboree, and some stores get more stock and diverse merchandise than others. The South County location seems to be the only top-tiered store in our area. We called Fairveiw Heights and another place and they were the ones who had never even heard of the ice cream costume, haha. We would also recommend going on a Tuesday or Thursday for the best selection. ;)

There are some other adorable suits at Old Navy as well!

This cutie-pie cupcake looks good enough to eat! And they had TONS of these at every location. [ Just not what we were looking for. :) ]

This robot is awesome! Any little boy would love it!

Check out even more cuteness at

We won't be sad if your kiddos end up in the same suits as ours. For real. Go crazy, folks. :) I wish there was more to share about how much fun our weekend was, but there's not much to report. We had a great weekend, just a lazy one...and Grace was in and out of fussiness with her earache. (Starting to wonder if it wasn't linked to teething.) She's doing just fine now, and we even took a walk last night!

I hope this helps someone track down their costume this year! Check back in with us tomorrow. It's a special day for Mr. Robert and I. (And Evie, too, hehe!!) :D


Cassie said...

cute cute cute costumes!! and yay for good deals!!

Danielle0418 said...

Thanks for the heads up! Brinley and I went shopping this morning and picked up the adorbale Strawberry costume. We got it a good price, but not quite your $12...I found out the cost of living in Denver is $2 higher when it comes to costumes :(

Andrea said...

Thanks for the tip and coupon. I ran out during lunch to pick up a potential costume for Ethan. Mine was $14 but still a great deal. :)

Adrien said...

Glad you girls got a great deal, too! I forgot to mention that we used Eric's old store card from when he was in college so we got the 40% off. Shh...don't tell Dave Ramsey we never cut that one up!! Baha. We forget that it exists because we never use it, but it just so happened that last week Evie found it in her toy box. :D

Jackie said...

You got some awesome deals....we haven't decided what Loreli is gonna be this year!...We might just have to Old Navy up!


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