Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Less than a month from now....

My BABY will be ONE. I mean....what?? It literally feels like just a few months ago that I was blogging in the hospital, preparing to welcome little Gracie girl into our family. I remember sitting in no pain, happy as a clam, watching all of the nurses come in and out and gushing at the "Welcome to Our Family" sign that we had made for her. Now she's going to be ONE. Ack!

I woke up in panic mode this morning thinking that I had almost exactly one month to finish up all of the preparations for Grace's birthday party, and to be honest...I've barely just begun! I blame it on my body. Usually I stay up super late working on birthday decor while the girls sleep - it's the only time that I can get out the Cricut machine without two little ones whining at my ankles and screaming for me to hold them. But for the last several weeks I've been accidentally falling asleep while putting Evelyn to bed, only to wake up the next morning kicking myself for slipping off to slumberland. I don't know what's up, because I am an night owl by trade and have been my whole life...and now suddenly when I NEED to stay up I can't. I think I'm getting old. :)

So I'm making a pact with myself to get some birthday stuff done today. During the day. While the sun is up, high in the sky. I don't know if it's going to work...but I'm going to try. Because the night time thing just doesn't seem to be working out for me. And since I should be showing you birthday updates right now, I've decided to show you some birthday "stuff" that I'm buying. It's the slackers birthday update. :)

I'm going to be reconfiguring our living space for Gracie's Enchanted Forest Birthday and using a completely different table for gifts than I usually do. And over the table is going to be this:

A celebration arch!

I know, I know...it doesn't look like much. But imagine it wrapped in green foresty leaves and intertwined with twinkle lights. In my head it's super cute! I'm actually really excited about this, because it can be reused in other ways for other parties, so we'll definitely be getting our money's worth. (It's only $15, so I sure hope so!) You can find these all over the internet, but I've found the best price is right here.

I always get nerdily excited over what little favors I'm going to have for the girls and boys that come to our parties. For Evie's Under the Sea party we had some head gear - tropical flowers for the girls and pirate masks for the boys, and I decided to follow the same head gear trend for Grace's shindig. It's a fun alternative to birthday hats!

The girls will wear fairy halos:

With ribbons hanging down! I'm still deciding on a color, but I think I'll end up going with the classic pink halo. 

And the boys will be...are you ready for this?

...little gnomes! Someone pinch me - I love these things!

So we'll have a bunch of little fairies and gnomes running around in our enchanted forest. Hehe, I can't wait!

I had planned to make my own glowing lanterns with mason jars and led tealights, but I have since changed my mind slightly on how I'm going to make them. Instead of having just plain old white lights glowing from glass jars, I've picked up lots of these from the dollar store:

They come in two packs for $1 at Dollar Tree. :)

I bought the traditional yellow, but also pink and green to go with our party colors. I just think these will be much cuter and an even cheaper alternative to the tealights. No batteries required. Score! I'm just picturing glowing green and pink lanterns and I'm in l.o.v.e. One day while at my parent's house I randomly asked if my mom had any extra jars lying around. Why yes...yes, she did. She sent me home with a whole box full of mason jars that very day. I love my mom. :)

Adorning table tops with be some of this stuff:

It's tissue paper grass. :)

This grass will serve as filler and help give the illusion of the forest floor. I plan to use it on the table tops around food and cake and all that good junk. I was torn on what to use to give this illusion, and when I saw this grass on Shindgiz.com I knew it had to be mine! (I still have yet to order it...they're out of stock until tomorrow!)

I've picked up some other stuff here and there, too...but I can't give it ALL away can I? :) Today I'm going to try to get some signs cut out. One to point guests to the outdoor fire and s'mores station (hope it's not raining or too cold!) and one to go above the party favors for our little fairies and gnomes. We'll see if I can get that accomplished today. I'm already beginning to have my doubts...Evie is being extra clingy this morning.

If you missed our other birthday updates you can check them out here:

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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