Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lovely September

Oh, September - my most favorite of months. And it's being welcomed in just perfectly around here! Last night on our walk the weather was gorgeous, and all around us we could see the beginnings of change on some of the trees. I don't know if it's because it's been so dry here or what, but I'm pretty sure the leaves don't normally change this early. And I'm sure of that because Eric and I were married in September and our wedding theme was Fall leaves...and all of the trees were still completely green on September 13 that year, haha.  (And have been every year after.) But I'll take it! There is no more beautiful Midwest backdrop than that of a sea of colorful branches and falling jewel-toned leaves to crunch through, rake up, and jump in! Eric and I have yet to live anywhere together with a mature tree big enough to drop some of those gems...sigh. Someday, someday. When we buy our first house I want a real, genuine tree in the front yard...not a twig masquerading as a tree like we have now. Haha.

From Pinterest. Doesn't this make you happy?

Let it be known throughout the land that on this day Gracie said her very first sentence (twice!) Eric walked into our bedroom this morning where I was feeding Grace, and he said "Hi, Gracie!" and Grace said back, "Hi dada!" I would've thought it was a fluke, but she totally said it again. AND I forgot to mention the other day another fun milestone our little Grace-ter has reached...she officially says "Mama" when she's happy and normal, not just when she's hurt and/or screaming her head off about something. :) Hooray!

September 1 is the day every year that I plan to pat my kiddos on the head, send them off to school, and get my booty scooting to transform our house for Fall. It's going to be a fun day...someday. For now I have two babies at home who love to get into everything, and I have no clue if a single leafy garland will get hung this afternoon. I love everything that comes with Fall decorating, from the gorgeous colors, to the spicy scents, to the warmth of bringing out rich fabrics in throw pillows and blankets. The house will go from light and airy to warm and welcoming in a day...eee, I'm geeking out over here, but I just can't wait!

In honor of decorating that may or may not happen today, and in honor of Grace and her sudden blossoming vocabulary, I thought I'd give you the first little glimpse into a few decorations I've been working on for her birthday party...which is now less than two months away. Grace's birthday theme is "Enchanted Forest," and it's probably the most challenging party I've done to date when trying to visualize an overall decorating plan. But I think I've finally got it in my head, and it's super cute. I've begun the long process of buying a little here and a little there and stashing it day I'll share all of the stuff I've picked up. For today I'm going to share some of the paper crafts I've been staying up late doing. :)

Pom poms, paper flowers, critter cutouts, and more! This is just the beginning of things to come. Most of this was an experimentation to see what I liked and what I wanted to do. Now that I have a clearer vision of the whole thing I can zero in and really get crafting!

One of the things I knew I wanted for Gracie's party were lots of flowers, but real and silk flowers can add up after a while. I already had quite a bit of paper at home, so I went online in search of a way to make these pretty paper blooms. I absolutely adore these things! I plan to make them in all sizes and patterns to be used on garlands, wreaths, and even as stand up flowers lining the walls. Maybe I'll do a tutorial on them one day. :)

You know how much I love tissue paper pom poms! I made these slightly differently than others I've done in the past. Instead of making the ends rounded I cut them to be pointy. These just say "forest" to me more than the regular poms. Don't ask me, just go with it. :) I'm going to be making a TON of these in green and brown, accented with pink. <-- That's the color scheme I've chosen, by the way. Brown, green, and pink. There will be lots of other colors, too, but those are the main ones. To see a tutorial on how to make these fun party decorations, go here

It wouldn't be an enchanted forest without some cute little critters hanging around. You're looking at an owl, fox, bird, and skunk, but there will be even more paper friends joining them. They'll be hanging from the ceiling, adorning signs, and even finding homes in an enchanted tree (if all goes according to plan.) I really love the owl and the birdie, and I think I'll be using lots of those in different patterns and colors!

I just love the potential that September holds. Such a lovely month, it is. I can't wait to bundle the girls up for home football games and crisp evening walks. I'm so excited for hot chocolate and entertaining outdoors. I'm ready for the sites and smells and cozy feeling of dim lights and candlelight and evenings of cuddling together watching movies. The days are noticeably shorter already, and while part of me is sad to leave the long days of summer behind, September brings with it the promise of even more fun, friends, and family. (By December we'll be friends and family pooped out I'm sure as we're going to be stuck indoors all the time, but it's terribly romantic on this side of things, haha.)

Speaking of friends, ladies - we have another lovely lady who has decided to join us on the blogosphere. Andrea Ingles is now online sharing her family with us! Make sure to head on over to her blog and let the love fest begin. :)

Happy September, everyone! Let's kick up the BBQ's, play dates, and girls night outs, shall we? :)


Heather said...

I have a HUGE tree in my new backyard. So big that they are thinking of cutting it down before I move in. If it's still there, you are SO more than welcome to come over and play in those leaves all you want.

Adrien said...

Oh, I HOPE they don't cut it down, because we will so be there!

Meagan said...

I can't wait to get my fall decorations out! Of course I have to wait until Ryan gets them out of the attic.

Grace's party decorations are ADORABLE!!!

Andrea Ingles said...

Feelin the love...thanks girl!


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