Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A post with no pictures.

Shocker! :)

I have this weird sort of twitch...when I have absolutely nothing to write about I feel like I still need to post something or my world will spiral into some strange imbalance. But I was down for the count most of the day yesterday, and I basically became a useless human being.

I have no clue where it came from, but my lower back was KILLING me, and it was accompanied by a headache and other girly issues. (At one point I was pretty sure I was taking on some of Kim's labor pains, haha.) And in this house if mommy tries to lie down in the middle of the day, that is a cattle call to my children to come running and:

a) Climb on top of me
b) Jump on my head
c) Treat me as a jungle gym

So lying down was not really an option. In other words, from about the hours of 9:00am-3:00pm life sucked. Happy Anniversary to me, haha. Eric worked all day and had class all night, so we walked to my parent's house where we had lots of food and fun as usual. By then I had taken some medicine that was kicking in and life improved by about a thousand points.

It's a rainy sort of morning, and to be honest, it's a welcoming site for me. Yesterday was much too warm for a September day, and I hope this cools things back down a bit. I am so ready to just spend an entire morning snuggling and being lazy with the girls while I recover from yesterday. Tonight I am becoming a new woman...and I can't wait. ;) It's time for me to stop being just a mommy and home maker and start taking back a little bit of time for myself. My sanity needs it.

Evelyn is now begging me for juice, Grace's shirt is mysteriously wet, and my house is falling to ruins as I type. I think this is my queue to stop rambling. Thanks for sticking with me in even in the boring and mundane times. And if you have a blog and haven't been blogging...I miss you. Get your hiney back onliney. Ha. ;)


Heather said...

I'm curious what you've got going on tonight that's making you a new woman!?

Cassie said...

Me too!!! Do tell, do tell!!

Adrien said...

Just an appointment at the salon for some "me" time...a place I haven't stepped foot in since January! :) I WILL be blonde by the end of this day, haha.

Andrea said...

Oh yay, I'm glad you found someone to do your hair! :)


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