Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stars and Powder Puffs

One of the most interesting classes I have ever taken was one called "Planets and Stars" where we tracked constellations on star charts and learned all about things like solstices and waning gibbouses and what makes the tides. My professor had this super awesome laser light that could reach all the way up to the night sky, and she could circle constellations with a little red beam of light as if she were simply pointing out something on the blackboard. (For real, it was the coolest thing ever and I want one of those things! Only problem was, she wasn't able to use it if there was a plane overhead, haha.) And in this class I feel I was taught a little bit of misinformation...because I am almost positive...I mean, I remember doing homework and answering this question...that the Fall equinox (the first day of Fall - when the sun will be directly parallel with the Earth's equator) is on September 22 every year. Apparently that is a big fat FALSE, because today is that day and it's not Fall just yet. Apparently it sometimes falls on the 23rd of the month.

So all week long I've been looking forward to today, and now I'm being denied. In fact, I was all ready to hop on here and wish you all a "Happy first day of Autumn!" Good thing I double checked! So instead I'll wish you a happy last day of summer. Go out and do one last summerish thing. :)

So yeah, sorry for being MIA yesterday. I had begun a short blog with pictures of my favorite kiddos at the park, sharing my favorite scriptures of the blessings of children and that kind of stuff. Unfortunately my knobby fingers hit "publish" instead of "preview" well before I was done arranging and making sense out of a jumbled mess...and somewhere in the process of quickly rectifying my mistake I deleted the whole thing. Even I can't get it back. And I was having a pretty poopy morning anyway, so I said fuhgetaboutit. Nothing like wasting an hour of my life to start the day!

And now that I've handed in my excuse note, we can move on to more interesting things. Like the fact that we live in a teeny tiny town that's barely a blip on the map and it happens to be Homecoming week. Translation for those city folks reading today: The hub of activity on any given evening is all around the high school, and if you're related to a high school student that pretty much means that's where you'll be on any given evening. :) I have two siblings in high school at the moment, so guess where we were last night?

It was the homecoming parade and powder-puff football game - two long-standing traditions of our alma mater. My little sister was playing in the game for the Junior class, so we decided to pack up the girls and head out for an evening of family fun on a cool almost-Autumn Eve.

I have no clue why, but I always forget that they throw candy out at the parade. Um...hello? So of course we didn't bring a bag for Evelyn, and instead we shoved sticky treats into every nook and cranny of the stroller that we could possibly find, haha.

Gracie slept the entire time. :)

The parade was short and sweet as usual...but the real fun was heralded in with hotdogs and chili and a 12 minute game of girly football later that night.

We knew how much Evelyn loved the electric atmosphere of a high school football game from many Friday nights last year, but we had no clue that her adoration for the game could grow even larger than it had been before. To say that Evie had a blast would be a huge understatement. I've never seen my kid so happy to run around like a wild banshee shouting "Go team!"

My sister - # 77

(iPhone photos ahead. Sorry for the quality - we forgot the flash on our camera!)

It was the cutest thing ever to watch her have so much fun...until it was time to go. Eric swooped her up from a group of kids and informed our oldest that we were getting in the stroller to leave, and that's when her bright smile contorted into a fit of rage. And I'm not joking. I mean RAGE. Eric and I were dumbstruck as she screamed, "NO! Never ever ever ever!!!" From the pit of her stomach, with every fiber of her being, she yelled. And we may have laughed for a brief second before we realized what had just happened. It was super shocking to hear her scream like that. I never (ever ever ever) want to hear her that upset again. And after talking her ear off about it afterwards in total Full House style, I'm pretty sure she never wants to be that upset again either. :) Baha. Our kids are doomed.

All over a football game. And not even a real football game! My husband and I were not prepared to rear a child who cared one iota about sports or sporting events, and apparently sports fans mean business. Even pint sized ones.

Even though we learned that within our two year old lies a roaring lion, I would call the majority of the evening a complete success. The weather was perfect, with that essential football season nip in the air...everyone laughed and had a good time...we saw lots of people we knew, including the lovely Melissa...and my sister won her game. (Too bad her class was playing against my little brother's class. Sorry, Justin. But I know you don't care anyway. Haha.) I could have done without the pukey effects of too many hot dogs and tootsie rolls that struck hours later...but we'll just shove that part out of memory. :)

This Friday night is the BIG game - the Homecoming game...and I can only imagine how nutso Evelyn is going to be. I apologize in advance to any of you that we happen to see tomorrow evening. I more than likely will not get to stop and chat for long, because I will be keeping my child from running onto the football field. Haha. What a great way to welcome Fall - with a good old fashioned night of high school football. Here's hoping that the incoming season is kind to you and yours. And as for "Planets and Stars" I think I need to be refunded a few bucks. What a tease! :)


Melissa Cheek said...

Ahhh, my first shout out, I feel so loved! It was good to see you guys last night, even if it was just briefly. The girls are adorable and I can only imagine what Amelia is going to be like in a few years at the football games!

Adrien said...

Amelia is adorable! I'm sure they'll all be running around together - giving us heart attacks at every turn. :)

Cassie said...

don't worry we went to the parade too and forgot a bag. so we used a blanket as the collector. but holy candy, stella got a TON!!

we could hear the game from our house, but don' worry we didn't hear evie. lol.

maybe we will see you friday night!

Heather said...

Wow...Evie's hair is getting super long!!

I heard the game from my house too. Took me a while to figure out what it was.


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