Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two Little Monkeys!

It's easy to be in a great mood when the weather is perfect. And I think this is a universal truth for all people, because I've never had a more pleasant experience at the zoo than I did yesterday. Everyone we passed had smiles on their faces and warmth in their voices. Going to animal watch mid-week in the off season is definitely recommended, especially when the sun is shining, the temperatures are fair, and there is a lovely breeze softly blowing all day long. :)

We were able to let the kids out to stretch their legs a little more than usual since the crowds were so low. We took our time at each exhibit without worrying about making room quickly for other people. Our trip to the zoo fit our theme for the week perfectly: go as slow as possible and pay no mind to the clock.

Evelyn enjoyed waving to every animal we saw yesterday. :)

I have this thing about photographing animals on our zoo trips, because on one hand it's very tempting to do, but on the other hand it's extremely annoying to get home and find that there are more pictures of hippos than people on the camera. Because let's be ten years I'm going to care less about random  animals and more about how my children enjoyed those animals when they were little. Now I make a concerted effort to capture the looks on my kid's faces...the joy, the surprise, the awe... and snap less shots of the cute bear batting a ball in the water. 

Still, there were a few creature pictures I knew I wanted to get while I could. Like this one of a hyena:

The Lion King is making a re-debut next month, and I have a feeling as soon as that DVD is in our hands it will be playing over and over (and over) again around here! So of course I needed to get a picture of a real hyena for the girls to see later. :)

Evie was able to explore little nooks and crannies that are usually too crowded with other kiddos. She did not want to leave this tree trunk tunnel behind!

We spent the vast majority of our time in the Primate House checking out all of the silly monkeys.

There were seriously like 10 other people it the building. It was wonderful. 

Grace enjoyed looking at the monkeys, too. BUT....

 She started having a BLAST when we let her out of the stroller and let her roam free among the primates. :)

She was all smiles and giggles with her new-found freedom. This would have NEVER happened during a normal trip in the summer. 

We even had time for a little education. Hehe.

Love this picture of Grace. It's super blurry, but you can see her content little smile. :)

I spy a lion!

We were cracking up at this mama up in the tree.

Yes, all in all it was a fabulous day. We could have zoomed through that place and been out faster than ever before, but we ended up spending twice as much time as we usually do! 

And now I really have to get my rear in gear, because we have a date with a mouse and some pizza for lunch and I have to start getting ready. (We're early lunch eaters around here!) This is our last day of planned activities, and I'm a little sad to see it come and go. I may or may not be praying that God slows time down for us today. :) I don't think I've ever been sad to see a Friday in all of my life, but this week may just be the exception. 

Thank you all for your comments this week. We've been having a great time, and it's so much fun to share it with people who care about us. We love you guys!


Heather said... Grace walking in that picture? Did she reach a milestone without a blog post!? Or am I a bad reader and missed it?

Kim Luke said...

aww, you definitely had a perfect day for a family trip to the zoo!! Hope your enjoying your time with your hubby!!! <3

Lara said...

I think I could have enjoyed our zoo trip much more if the weather was that beautiful! Glad you got to take advantage if it! Have fun tomorrow!

Andrea said...

Love the smiley pictures of Gracie and those two top teeth!! :)


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