Friday, October 14, 2011

Confession Friday 10-14!

Proof that even the Robert family can get sick of too much a of a good thing:


I confess that our paper scarecrow has been mutilated by my youngest daughter. Poor guy has no feet...and he has been decapitated many, many times. Old Scrappy has now found a new home high on the side of the refrigerator where he can live out the rest of his days in peace.

I confess that Grace will be ONE in less than a week, and while normally I would say something like, "Oh dear me! Where has the time gone?" I've actually been thinking, "Holy moly, it's only been a year??" Feels like Grace has been with us since the beginning. :)

I confess that while lying in the dentist chair for over two hours yesterday the thought crossed my mind more than once that I hadn't gotten to sit that much during the day without a kid jumping or drooling on me in over two years. My root canal was like a mini-vacay. And since it didn't hurt much...I'd do that again.

I confess that ever since I've put in the new comment box I have been inundated with SPAM comments, and I had never gotten one before. Hmm....

I confess that I'm completely, totally, absolutely dreading weaning Grace from nursing. By this point Evelyn was only interested in nursing at night right before bed, and by the time Grace came it was a natural passing of the torch to little sister. Grace, however, still wants to nurse several times a day. She doesn't even need it for food, she just wants to soothe, but the kid won't take a pacifier so I honestly don't know how to transition her at all.

I confess that soon...not sure when...I will be confiscating Evie's paci's and cutting the tips off of them. And I feel like I'm plotting a murder. I really don't care that she has them or wants them...but I want her to learn to fall asleep without help and soothe other ways. I'm going to cry as much as she does, I just know it. Erm...maybe I'll just wait until after the holidays. ;)

I confess that our gnome hats and fairy halos came in this week and they are TO.DIE.FOR. Love them! People, bring your kids to Grace's party just to get some headgear, I'm telling you! :)

I confess that my oldest daughter has been obsessed with certain parts of the upper female anatomy lately, and the reason she's smiling so much in this picture.... because she thought she was holding a sign that said "Boob." Not kidding. The fact that I drew eyeballs in the "O's" didn't help, either. :D

Bahaha...that reminds me. Last week while we were eating lunch after church, Evelyn asked me to draw "boofs" on her napkin, loud and proud for the whole restaurant to hear. Eric and I looked at each other and LOST IT. Ladies, hide your boofs around Evelyn. Nothing is sacred at the moment.

I confess that I'm really glad Evelyn can't read this. :)

I confess that Eric has been gone every single day and night since Tuesday...will be gone tonight...and again on Sunday night. Someone's throwing the budget out the window and eating out tonight, cause she deserves it.

I confess that I had been dreading this week for a month, and now it's almost over - woohoo! I'm so ready for the weekend and to finish up preparations for Grace's big day. I can see the light!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Our schedule is way too busy, but if you're able to get out you should go pick some pumpkins or something, cause the weather will be PERFECT for it in our neck of the woods. Here's hoping the rest of the month stays relatively the same! Love ya, friends! :D


Meagan said...

I confess that I absolutely love that picture of's just too funny!!

I confess that I really hate our house being all messed up...right now the fridge is in the dining room, the dishwasher is in the garage, and the stove is in the living room, along with a set of's only been 2 days & it's already driving me crazy!!

Ashley N. said...

So THAT'S what all the laughing was about at lunch! Wish I would have heard that one! LOL

Adrien said...

Haha, I didn't know that you didn't hear what she said! Yep - she's a nut!

Meagan, when I saw those pictures on facebook I secretly wished that I had a place of my own to do stuff like that. I LOVE it! Though, the stove in the living room...yeah, that would get old fast. :)

Meagan said...

Well...the plus side is I can't make any food unless it's in the microwave or crock pot, which I'm secretly loving!!

Adrien said...

Good point! I'd take any excuse not to cook a lot!

Lara said...

It was hard for me to take the paci away but I only felt bad for about a week. He shortly forgot about it too! Just start by giving it to her less, like on walks when she is distracted by so many things, she'll never miss it. Good Luck!


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