Monday, October 10, 2011

Heralding Fall at Pumpkin Blossom Hill

Don and Barb - this one's for you. :)

I just wasn't feeling it. I tried forcing myself into it. Tried to convince my alter-ego, the crazed holiday and traditions keeping hyped up mama that lurks deep inside of my soul, that we needed to buck up buttercup and just do it. But...I couldn't. I could not in good faith take my family on our traditional pumpkin picking trip with the funnel cakes and the frozen custard and the hayrides and goats and the country store...when it was 80-something stinkin degrees outside.

So we didn't go. :) A tradition that I spend an entire year looking forward to deserves just the right weekend to do it. And while I'm incredibly grateful for lingering warmth that allows our family to keep up our nightly walks much longer into the year, it is not ideal for pumpkin patching. So I'm crossing my fingers that there will be better weekends with a nip in the air that leaves us wanting to cup our hands around steamy styrofoam mugs of hot chocolate and apple cider. A weekend meant for long-sleeves and rosy cheeks and noses. Oh please oh please let there be a weekend like that.

But in order to scratch our pumpkin itch this weekend we decided to visit the cutie patootie pumpkin patch in our Dickens of a town and let the kids play like we know we're from the country. (And we like it that way.) And by golly, we had fun

Our kids' favorite activity by far...playing in the "popcorn" as Evie likes to call it. :) Every kind of corn is popcorn to our darling daughter. Anyway, whoever came up with this idea is a genius.

I have a thing for baby eyelashes.

We could have spent hours here, and the girls kept wanting to come back to this corn-filled trough to dig, play, and attempt to eat those fallish kernels. :)

Grace thought the ball pit was super...but of course Evelyn wouldn't get inside. Apparently whatever scares her about the bathtub also translates into fear of pits of colorful balls. Who knew!

But everyone is a fan of Thomas the Train....


Gracie was able to get a little up close and personal with a horsey. 

Not scared a bit. (Mommy, however, was a tad nervous. Haha.)

And of course you can't visit a pumpkin patch without checking out all of the Fall gourd goodness.

This picture cracks me up. They were so excited to find just the right pumpkin that there was very little regard for the human beings who were also standing around. "Out of my way!"

Ah, a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I'm so thankful for small town living sometimes it makes my heart hurt. :)

And look! We caught elusive prey - a Gracie smile!

We ended our day by hijacking a pumpkin wagon and taking it through the corn maze. 

A great way to ensure that all of the littles stay in one place and don't get lost among the cornstalks. :)

We made it!

Whew. If you think that was a lot of pictures...we took over 500. Just a drop in the bucket. :) Sometimes having a fast shutter speed and practically limitless picture taking ability is a problem, haha. But eee, I just eat this stuff up like apple buttah. 

Even though this wasn't our typical pumpkin patch experience, I'd say it was a four star kind of day. The weather was gorgeous and the kiddos stayed in good spirits, and that is enough to make for a good family day any time of the year. I know that many fellow bloggers are taking their littles to "Pumpkin Blossom Hill" this season feel free to leave links to your fun in the comments! 

We have lots of autumn fun things planned this week before Eric leaves town and I have the dreaded double root canal on Thursday. Hope you'll check back with us!


Anonymous said...

we were there Saturday and had a great time! Pictures to FB sometime today!

Meagan said...

We take Keegan there every year, even though sometimes I wish we would go to Eckarts, and he always loves it helps that he is a Thomas freak!! lol Plus, despite being in a small town where things usually cost way more than normal, they are super cheap!!

Totally know what you mean about getting camera happy! :)

Heather said...

I'll be taking Gage and Avery this coming Saturday. Can't wait!!

Adrien said...

Awesome, Heather! Hope you guys have a great time. :)

Meagan - I'm thinking that next year I'm going to do different kinds of birthday parties for the kiddos, and Grace's might just be a pumpkin picking party for all of her friends at Eckert's. So if you don't go this year, maybe that can be a good excuse for next year. :D

Sara said...

We went Sunday, but we didn't make it past the pumpkins and kettle corn, from the second we got there Kurt crossed his arms and began the chant "just pick one and lets go, just pick one and lets go" pfft! He'll be delighted to find out we need to make at least one more trip because it looks like we missed tons of fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how funny is this, I love your pictures.
Oh I think my kids would love this very much, we have to move to the states LOL.

And I love your new header, great job!

Big hug from the Netherlands

The Pettijohn's said...

That's were we are going to pick pumpkins. I cannot wait and like Meagan said they are cheap and we love it! Glad you guys had fun and love the pictures.


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