Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Molding Memories

Whew, we are getting so close to the end! Well, we're getting close to having a break for a while in Eric's classes, at least. Two more weeks of the course he's currently taking and then he's DONE until after the holidays. Woot! He could've taken a class to fill that time, too, but we both agreed that it would be really nice to do Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years without worrying about coursework and being gone an extra night a week.

So while Eric has been learning the finer skills of negotiating, we've been enjoying spending time with my parents and siblings on Tuesday evenings.  It gets the girls out of the house and Evie gets some Uncle John John time in. And last night she got some Uncle Roger and Justin time in, too. :)

We were swinging in the backyard when Evie spotted her Uncles tossing a football around in the field. And know how the girl feels about football. We had to immediately abandon the swing set to join in on the fun. My girls are super lucky to have Uncles who will drop everything and play with them. I was really appreciative that they weren't annoyed when we crashed the party, haha.

I know that she feels important when the "big boys" pay attention to her. :)

Evelyn already has a touch of tomboy in her soul, but the fact that her closest relatives almost all happen to boys pretty much means she's doomed, haha. I'm just not sure how this one will fit into the mix:

Though, she's pretty happy just being a spectator. 

Yep, after her uncles are done with her, Evelyn will be able to hold her own with all the boys at school for sure. :)

 My heart was smiling. :)

 Haha, I love John's tongue hanging out in that picture. Evelyn ran the ball all the way down the field and gave it her best toss. She was pretty darn proud of herself. 

And after the big game...big sister showed some love for her best cheerleader. 

Tossing around a football was just one of many things the girls did last night, but I know it was the one thing that had the single biggest impression on my oldest daughter. When we got home a few hours later and Eric called us, Evelyn declared to daddy that "I played a football game!!" The quote that I chose for this blog's header for the Fall season was picked for situations exactly like these. :) "We don't remember days; We remember moments." Evie will never remember the fact that we spent the rest of this evening swinging and eating pudding cups and watching movies. That will all become a blur in the background. But if there's one thing that WILL stand out in her memory, it will be that a bunch of boys stopped everything they were doing to play a little football with her. 

Some of my fondest memories from my childhood come from times when grown ups made me feel grown up too by including me. Like one day when my grandma was making a pie. She had extra pie crust leftover, and my cousin and I asked if we could make our own recipe with the scraps. We rolled that crust into balls and into sugar and then baked them along with the pie. They were hard as rocks when they came out, haha...but that didn't matter to us. We baked. And wouldn't you know something as little as that I can still recall to this day. 

The moral of this story? Sometimes even the simplest things can leave a big impact on a young child. Every time you stop what your doing to focus your attention on the little one who is watching you closely, you're opening up worlds to make impressions on their memories forever. So next time you notice a pair of eyes intently watching what you're doing...whether it's your own child or a relative, or just a tiny friend...find a way to include them, too. They will LOVE it. :)

Happy Wednesday!


Heather said...

That little Grace...she steals my heart in every one of your posts.

Cassie said...

love the sister cuteness.

and totally agree, great post. we spent a lot of time with my grandma when we were young and everytime she made dumplings we would make the dough into a butt (with a crack) and say it was my uncle who ALWAYS would pick on us, no matter how long we wanted to spank the butt she would let us. and we would laugh and laugh. lol. adding dimples and making it a big butt everything. just the fact that she let us be silly and crazy even though water was boiling and those dumplings needed to get in. lol. can't wait to make dumplings with my babies,


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