Monday, October 17, 2011

Pretty Pumpkins and Pioneers

I could never be a military mama. I just couldn't do it. The last week has solidified in my mind that I am simply not single parent material, and I have NO CLUE how moms and dads raise kids on their own. My hat is definitely off to those parenting alone.

After a very long week of Eric going to class and traveling, we continued the no-dad trend into the weekend. On Friday Eric had a work conference and he didn't get home until the wee hours of the morning. (I was still up hanging pom poms in our forest when he walked through the door, haha.) He had to be awake in just a few hours to go to work at the radio station the next morning. FINALLY at 3:00 on Saturday Eric came home for the longest he had been since last Monday. The whole family took a long nap, we woke up at dinnertime, and headed out the door to run some errands. When Eric is gone for a whole week, there's a lot that doesn't get done around here, and we had some catching up to do!

One of the stops we made was to a little slice of Heaven on earth: Gymboree. :) They're having a mini-RBS sale right now, and the goal was to pick up a few summer items to stash away for next year. And while I did find a few tops for the girls, my absolute FAVORITE find and total highlight of my weekend was the coveted, elusive, oh so cute pumpkin dress:

Eric tried to talk Grace into taking pictures....

But she wasn't having it. Mommy to the rescue!

To mom's who are obsessed with the big bad Gymbo, this dress is known as THE pumpkin dress. It's the must-have item of the Fall season. The day it hit the racks moms rushed out and paid full price for the dang thing because they were certain it would sell out before it ever went on sale. (Which in most places is exactly what happened.) I had been drooling over that dress for my babies for a month, and I thought it would be make the perfect Thanksgiving outfit. But at $40 a pop, I couldn't bring myself to buy it. Even when it went on sale for $20.99 weeks later, I thought there was no way I could get it (times two) with the matching tights, which I think help make the outfit. (Is it sad that I'm spending this much time talking about clothes? Oh, well. I'm telling you - highlight of my weekend.)

By now the pumpkin dress is pretty much gone everywhere you go. People who have money to blow snagged theirs and have been snapping pictures of their girlies in it for weeks (making me even more jealous!) So imagine my complete rapture when I ventured to the back of the store Saturday evening and saw a little pop of orange peeking out from a bottom rack. Could it be? No way. I pulled those dresses out and checked the sizes and literally let out a "Whoohoo!" when I saw that they were exactly Evie and Grace's sizes. And they were now $14.99. And I had a coupon. So they were really $12. And then I found the last two pair of matching tights that they had in the store. I was a happy lady. :)

So we took our little pumpkins to church and to lunch at Pioneer Cabin with grandpa that afternoon.

The girls had a blast running around and looking at everything. I so wish I could've taken pictures of the food for those of you who have never been to this quirky restaurant in the middle-of-nowhere. They serve yummy bread in flowerpots and your drinks come in glass quart jars. I love it! We always get our meal served family-style, which is all you can eat and sooo good. Evelyn was a big fan of the dumplings. :) 

They had almost as many decorations hanging up as we do. :)

We let the girls run off some steam before getting back into the car. Evelyn loved playing in the little cabin that they have for the kiddos.

Seconds after this picture was snapped Grace face-planted into the rocks. She did a head over heels flip, leaving her forehead, cheekbone, and chin scraped and bruised. :( There goes my plan for keeping her accident-free until her birthday! 

It was nice to get some daddy time in before Eric had to turn around once more and host a dinner that evening. He got all dapper in his suit and tie, and I put on sweat pants and called it a weekend. Sometimes the contrast of our day-to-day lives makes me giggle. One day my kids will be grown and I can spend more time on his arm and less time swimming in drool and diapers. :D

Now we're in the clear and all of the traveling and conferences are OVER and we are back to regularly scheduled programming. Tomorrow evening is Eric's last class until after the holidays, and I cannot wait! I've got lots of shopping, cleaning, and last minute decorating to get to...which is exactly what I should be doing right this very moment. My kids are playing happily, which means I've got to get some laundry folded while I can. Time to put on the mommy scout sash and get this week started! Haha. Have a great day, everyone!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Pioneer Cabin. SO YUMMY!!!

Meagan said...

I will be dreaming about Pioneer Cabin now...I'm thinking we are going to have to take a trip there real soon!!

Heather said...

Seriously, why did you even have to mention it. The chicken and dumplings...yum...

Could this be the next blogger event?!

Adrien said...

GREAT idea, Heather!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, now I wanna go too, been years since I have been there! btw, cute dresses :)

Cassie said...

love love love love love those pumpkin outfits. too stinkin' cute!!

and honestly evie has the cutest smile ever. more no binky pictures please! i see her smile and just want to smile too!

The Pettijohn's said...

Your pictures are so cute. I love the dresses and now I am craving pioneers cabin. Lol!

Adrien said...

Hehe, we're sloowly working on ditching the pacifier. She's mostly using it for naps and bedtime now, so hopefully LOTS more paci-free pics!


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