Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Robert Family Picture Day

In the middle of our crazy weekend there was a wonderful oasis of pure fun that I wish I could go back in time and replay again and again. Many different events collided over the past few days, and the result was that we had some family members in town that we don't get to see every day. And in the Robert family that means, "Hurry quick! Get everyone together for pictures as soon as possible!" :)

So on Sunday afternoon we gathered as many of the clan together as we could and had a ridiculously good time snapping pictures of our family. This picture might look familiar to some of you:

Ah. A family photo where everyone is facing forward. And it happened more than once. See?

I just knew it was going to be a great day! 

So I thought I'd share with you all a few of the photos we took as we played and posed on Sunday. We uploaded over 1300 pictures onto our computer Sunday night, and I'm about to show you 37 of those. Thirty-seven out of 1300. There were so many good ones...I mean, how do you choose?? To our extended Robert family I just want to let you all know that we are working to get all of those pictures in an online format so that you can have them to edit and play with yourself! But maybe seeing just a few will satisfy your appetite until we can get them all available. :) (Oh, and I didn't upload them to this blog in the highest quality, so don't worry. They are crystal clear and look amazing!)

Alright, so we played around with the camera a bit before the rest of the family arrived on the scene. We were so lucky to have my sister Shannon with us to take pictures of the whole family. (Thank you, Shannon!) And as usual, I like to show a few of the "flop" pictures when showing you some of the good ones, haha. In order to get the first two photographs I showed you, there was a lot of this:

And this:

Apparently being in a wide open space and about 30 feet from a playground means, "Run!"

So we tried to pose for a few, but most of our pictures looked like this one:


Eric and I really wanted to get individual shots with both of our girlies, but as you can see Evelyn was being a monkey. 

So we ended up with a few great pictures with just our Gracie girl. :)

After about thirty minutes some more family members started to arrive. We wanted to get some good shots of the girls with their cousin Austin. So we plopped their bottoms on the porch of the old school house and tried to get three kids to smile for the camera. But we got a whole of this instead:

Haha. So once again, only Gracie remained. She's such a compliant little thing. :) (That, and she can't quite run away yet, so we have a little more time with her before she gets too squirrely. )

One by one the rest of the family rolled in. Meet a few of the characters in our cast of players. There is Uncle Bruce:

A big kid in a grown man's body. :)

And Amy's husband Terrill:

I thought this was a great picture of him! (Amy was there too, of course. But I couldn't find any individual shots of her - shoot!)

Here's Grandma Robert!

And Grandpa Robert. :)

A smiling Austin....

Aunt Kathy:

Amanda's husband Rich and their daughter Lilly. 

And here's one with Amanda in it, too. :)

And Eric's parents were there!

Whew! The only people we were missing were Eric's brother Denny and his wife April. Denny had a migraine and couldn't make it - darn!!

So the whole point of this day was to get one good (or lots of good) family pictures of everyone all together. I sifted through the dozens of group shots and picked two. I have no idea if they're the best...but 1300 pictures...I mean, my eyeballs were about to bug out of my head. 

After about twenty minutes of posing, switching places, posing some more, saying cheese, and trying to get four children ages two and under to face forward, we needed to let the kiddos roam for a bit. :)

Austin got a leaf stuck in his hair and everyone thought it was hilarious...

...including Austin!

It was the funniest moment of the whole day. I was cracking up at how tickled it made him to pull that leaf out of his hair. :D

Here was our attempt at getting four kids to sit together. We have a lot of this pose, and this one was the best one, haha.

Amanda and Rich, we have lots of good pictures of Lilly!

These two might like each other just a little bit. 

It was getting late and we were losing our light, so we decided to take a few more posed pictures before packing up. These account for the last few hundred photos. Here are seven. :)

Evelyn insisted that great Grandma and Grandpa hold these pumpkins, haha....

It was a great day, indeed. We all gathered at Grandma and Grandpa Robert's house afterwards for a pizza party where the kids were able to play for a while longer. We had definitely worked up an appetite, so it was the perfect end to our family photo day. 

A few more of these may start trickling in on facebook over the next couple of days as we go through them. It's a big job! I'll leave you with one more of our crazy pictures. We could fill albums with the blooper shots. 

No clue. But I crack up every time I see this one. :)

Have a great day, friends!


Melissa Cheek said...

The pictures turned out great, I loved all the fall colors! Your shirt is adorable, I love the color, where did you get it?

Heather said...

I must say, that last picture is my favorite. Everyone looks like they are having a completely different reaction to something going on behind the camera.

Adrien said...

I believe the shirt is from JC Penny from a couple of years ago. I love it, too, but MAN it pills so bad in the wash and collects every piece of lint and hair in dryer! So I hardly ever wear it. :)

The Pettijohn's said...

Love all the photos, especially the last one.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Love them all. Looks like you guys had a great time!

Lara said...

Those fall colors are perfect! Beautiful pictures and I must say Evie's face on the last pic is awesome!

Jackie said...

You have some pretty great pictures! They are all so good!!!

Adrien said...

Thank you for all of the lovely comments! The best pictures have great memories attached to them, so we'll definitely treasure these. It was a fun day! :)

sblind2 said...

All of these pictures are so great!!!


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