Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September Sweeties :)

GoodNESS...Gracie came so close to taking her first step last night, and she probably would have if I didn't have one of those mommy freak out moments where I screamed for Eric to "Hurry quick!" which startled poor Grace right to her knees mid-step. Drat! And then once she saw what a fuss Eric and I were making over her all she wanted to do was spin circles on the floor and show off in an uncharacteristically hyper way.

We've been noticing that our youngest September sweetie is becoming quite the show boat lately. I'm not honestly sure if it's because she's blossoming into her personality, or if we're just now realizing it. Up until this point Grace has been the baby and Evelyn has pioneered the way for everything. Evie is more often than not the squeaky wheel who demands our attention the most. But we've been paying special attention to Grace lately and she's basking in the spotlight.

This is what most of my pictures of Grace look like. Super blurry, because I'm trying to capture her smile before she realizes what's happening, haha.

Our youngest daughter has many layers, and sometimes I wish I could show the rest of the world the cutie patootie we get to see each and every day. The Grace that appears on this blog sometimes looks a little sullen and disinterested in the world around her - and that's because she absolutely freezes for the camera. She can be cracking up hysterically, and as soon as that lens is in her eyeshot she becomes devoid of all emotion. Haha. It's true. And then I do silly things like suggest times for play dates right during Grace's nap time, so everyone gets to see crabby Gracie. (Church also happens to fall smack dab into Grace's nap time, so nine times out of ten she's not digging being in the nursery either.) And none of it is her fault, it's just the way it is.

The Gracie we get to see has the cutest breathy laugh in the whole entire world, and she uses it quite often. She's quick as a bandit on all fours, loves to wrestle with her big sister, and can entertain herself for a looong time. She is a super curious baby, and she has a sly smile which precedes things that she knows she's not supposed to do. Like knocking over lamps (Grace is a lamp killer - she's blown four bulbs in the past month) or biting her mother while she's eating. Nice, right? Little stinker. :)

Evie and Grace really started "paling around" this month. They're great friends. :)

Grace has started doing big kid things this month, like dancing with Evelyn when music videos pop up on the Disney channel and using any and all random objects as a telephone. She sits for movies like kids twice her age do, drinking in every song and line of dialog. When Grace wakes up from a nap (which she's doing much more frequently now and for longer periods of time - praise the Lord!) she shoots up, looks around the room, and then smiles really big when she sees that the world is just as she left it. Grace finds comfort in familiarity, as many babies do, and that's probably another reason why she's a little shell- shocked around people she doesn't know well or when we travel someplace new. We were trained with Evie to think that all babies are just super adaptable and happy to go and do whatever. Grace has taught us that that simply isn't true. Even tiny ones can be introverts. :)

I'm so excited to be celebrating Grace's 1st birthday soon. It will be wonderful to spend several days focusing on and highlighting our second little bundle of joy. She deserves all the attention!

Evelyn continues to keep us on our toes! It's probably no surprise that not a single day goes by anymore that we're not running the gamut of emotions with her. She'll have us madder than a bull one second and cracking us up the next. I suppose that all comes with the two year old territory, but I have a feeling there's a touch of what Dr. James Dobson would call "the strong-willed child" in her. I remember reading Dr. Dobson's book on disciplining strong-willed children before I had babies of my own, and praying that I wouldn't blessed with a child of extraordinary powers of the mind. Haha. Whoopsy daisy...must've prayed too hard because it came full circle and bit me in the butt.

Evelyn is a goofball at the dinner table.... 

I picture her being our comic relief years from now with always a story about her day to tell at dinnertime. :)

She is smart as a whip, and I cannot get over the things that she remembers! Especially things that we weren't meaning for her to remember. :) At the beginning of the summer when we were taking a walk one evening, the moon was just a tiny sliver in the sky, and I joked and said, "Hey look, the moon is a toenail tonight!" I mean, it was a totally silly random thing that made us chuckle and we moved on and never thought about it again. But wouldn't you know a month later when the moon looked exactly the same Evelyn pointed up to the sky and said, "Toenail moon!" And every month since then, whether we're walking or in the car or wherever, Evelyn will point out that "The moon is a toenail!" We laugh so hard every single time.

Evie is also a little fashionista, and she LOVES hats, shoes, and purses like nobodies business. I never know what I'll find in my little magpie's purse from day to day. If something in the house is missing...a remote control, keys, Eric's wallet...the first thing I do is search out all of Ev's purses. And sure enough that's where the missing items are almost always found.

Evelyn believes that real people live in our television set, and she talks back to the TV all.the.time. She has also started quoting her favorite lines from movies and TV shows as the characters are saying them. Nice. I don't want to say that I use the TV as a babysitter...but that would be a lie. :) Some days that's the only way I can get laundry folded or the dishwasher loaded. I don't have a clue what mothers did before TV. Is that a little sad? I think so. Ah well...guess I won't be earning the "perfect mother" mommy scout badge any time soon.

No, I would never dream of using "perfection" to describe our family, but there is a lot of love over here.  So long, September. See ya next year! We've got lots of Octobering to do now. :)


Meagan said...

Your girls are too cute!! I seriously can't believe that Grace is almost 1!! That is just crazy...I swear it was just the other day when I was stalking your blog every 5 minutes to see if there was an update on her birth story!

Keegan use to do the same exact thing as Grace when I would pull the camera out...now he can't get enough pictures taken of himself!

Heather said...

I love babies like Gracie. I see her growing up to be the first woman president or something like that.

And Evie...strong willed children grow up to be strong willed women!!

The Pettijohn's said...

Love this post. Your girls are so cute and I am curious to see how Wyatt and Isaac interact someday but I am not rushing it.

Adrien said...

Meagan, I hope Grace is the same way! If she'd pose for the camera I'd never put it down. :)

I like the way you think, Heather. ;)

Adrien said...

I know what you mean, Christine. Sometimes I think about the future so much that I'm worried I'm wishing their babyhood away!


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