Monday, November 14, 2011

Checking Out!

My brain feels like a bowl of mushy oatmeal right now. I think I got maybe three hours of sleep last night. And then baby number two felt the need to wake up early this morning. She is currently walking around the house yelling at the top of her lungs, "Daaa daaa daaa!" I'm pretty sure I'm about to pass out. :)

So it's probably a good thing that I made the official decision over the weekend to take a a little break this week. I need it. I love blogging, I really do. But just like a mom needs to take a step back every once in a while and breath away from her babies, I think I need to take a few days to recharge the old blog brain. So I'm on blogcation! Well, not really officially...because here I am. But starting after I finish this post I'm on blogcation. Just for a few days, and then I'll be back on Friday.

My goodness I'm so tired I'm barely able to focus on the computer screen without my eyelids slipping shut. So while I was going to do a mini weekend wrap up before signing off...I'll do a mini-mini wrap up.

*The girls had a play day with Uncle John on Friday afternoon. The weather was even tolerable enough to play outside on the swingset. It was glorious!
*We had a lovely Friday night dinner with Eric's parents.
*Eric and I took our much needed weekly date night on Saturday. We ate way too many carbs and bought some fun holiday clothing essentials for the girls.
*We didn't have any sick people in the family (hoorah!) so we went to church. I took a few senior photos of my cousin Crystal after lunch on Sunday afternoon, and then...are you ready for this? Cause I'm not sure I believe it actually happened. We were able to get out as a family and enjoy this warm spell with a wonderful evening walk. The weather was gorgeous, and boy do I miss the uninterrupted conversation time with my main squeeze. (Um, my only squeeze.)

Now here we are. And my kiddos are ready for me to officially begin my break. So I'm staking this puppy in the ground and saying "Sianara!"


Cassie said...

good for you! enjoy it momma!

ps - we got a walk in this weekend too and it was AMAZING! ptl!

Anonymous said...

I wish you a good blogcation, take it easy and enjoy it.



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