Friday, November 11, 2011

Confession Friday 11-11-11!

How many people do you think are getting married today? :) Here's a big fat THANK YOU that I reserved just for our veterans today!! Thank you to all who are in active service and to those who have already served.

I confess that I have to tell you this story, because it makes me smile. This morning as we were just waking up, my phone started vibrating on the kitchen counter. Grace heard it from the bedroom and started toddling towards the kitchen saying, "Hellwo? Hellwo?" Uh! So CUTE. My baby is getting so big. Okay, that's enough.

I confess that Eric and I ate dinner in our own home without the children last night...and it was wonderful. quiet. No food was being thrown through the air. I wasn't feeding two other people while trying to feed myself. I adore sitting around a family table, but sometimes unexpected evening naps are one of life's little blessings.

I confess that Evie has officially discovered boogers. Woohoo.

I confess that ever since I saw baby Clara eating avocado, I've been craving guacamole something fierce. Emily, your baby has powers of persuasion that I bet you didn't even know about.

I confess that I have spent less time on the computer for the past few days...and I've really enjoyed myself. We read more books, did more crafts, and I had so much fun just playing with the girls that I didn't even stop to take pictures of it. Oh wait, that's a lie.

Evelyn kept asking to do "anudder one" and "anudder one."

You know it's a good day when your counters are full of artwork. :)

Evelyn insisted that Grace's picture "dry" next to hers. Haha.

I confess that I've enjoyed being unplugged so much, that I'm seriously considering taking a blogcation next week. No computer commitments for a whole week? Hmm...I don't know if I can do it. :)

I confess that I eat way too many unhealthy snacks (snacking is sort of my hobby), so I sent Eric on a semi-heathy shopping spree this week for lots of fruit and veggies. I'm attempting to make a change, and it's going good so far. I crave candy, I eat an orange...which is a lot better than gummy worms!

I confess that I've been noticing the scale creeeeping up ever so slowly over the past few weeks, and I honestly think it's because I'm nursing less now. Hence the reason for the healthy snacks. I'd really rather not gain back the 15 pre-Evelyn pounds if I can help it. (I've been nursing constantly for over two years now!)

I confess that for every month that I'm not actually pregnant, I'm convinced that I'm actually pregnant. I cannot even tell you how many false pregnancy tests I've taken over the past six months. Can you say...paranoid?

I confess that Gracie has developed the annoyingly cute habit of being attached to my hip. This pretty much means I have NO downtime whatsoever, but the trade off: I've been getting some serious cuddling time in with my non-cuddler. She's loving it, I'm loving it...I just hope I'm still loving it a few days from now. :)

I confess that this picture has nothing to do with anything, but I've been lighting a ton of candles this week, and these are my all-time favorite candle holders. :)

I confess that we're taking a little vacation in February, and I'm already counting down the days.

I confess that we've been listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies every single day this week. And I make no apologies for that. Ho ho ho.

I confess that I am completely, utterly, 100% dreading a long and boring Winter being cooped up in the house. I'm already going stir crazy, and we haven't even begun.

I confess that I am insanely proud (and jealous!) of Thrifty Decor Chic and her recent victory of paying off $125,000 of debt with the help of Mr. Dave Ramsey. If you've ever thought about getting your financial self in order, you should really check out her post for encouragement. Plus, she's giving away FIVE Financial Peace University kits and some Dave Ramsey books as well. Hurry, hurry, run!

Happy Friday! Hug a veteran! :D


Heather said...

I confess that when I read your 2 year breast feeding confession, my boobs completely went numb.

I confess that I have 3 cups of some kind of drink on my desk that I have no intention of cleaning before I leave for the weekend.

Sarah said...

Adrien, DO IT!! Take a break from the computer. You won't be disappointed :)

I confess Luke discovered boogers this morning too. And tried wiping it on the wall. Mama faareaked!

Cassie said...

i confess that i eat ketchup straight up outa the packets.
gross, i know.
but oh so good.

Lara said...

I confess that I don't like nursing. Max attached right away and I thought this will be great! Well it worked at the hospital when I had nothing else to do but when we got home it just took too long. It is more of a hassle to pump but I prefer feeding him from a bottle. Plus I am freezing a ton!

Adrien said...

No shame in that game, Lara. :) I wish I could pump, but it would take me way too long. So it would just be an added step for me and just take that much more time, haha.


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