Friday, November 18, 2011

Confession Friday 11-18!

I confess that I debated even doing this post today, because Grace is sick...Evelyn is sick...and I am sick. We're a big ball of blah over here. But I said I'd be back, so here I am. :)

Grace discovered the pajama drawer. :) Since I obviously didn't snap a lot of pictures this week, you get a lot of photos of these shenanigans. 

I confess that I am so glad I chose this week to take a little break, because I probably would have anyway. It's been super long, full of snotty clothes, and we've had lots of restless nights. Let's just say humidifiers and Vicks have been our best friends for a while.

I confess that I did not get on the computer yesterday for even one second until after dinner, because I just wanted to cuddle and play with the girls all day long with no distractions. We watched movies, napped, searched for treasures, went fishing, had coffee in Paris, blasted off to space...all within snatching distance of a box of Kleenex. It was fabulous.

I confess that I almost cried the other day when I asked Evelyn to sing a song into her totally rad plastic microphone, and without hesitation she belted out this original tune: "Iiiiii am a happy kid! Oh, I am a happy kiiid!" She's a happy kid. :)

I confess that one of life's little pleasures is switching up shampoo brands for the heck of it. There is nothing quite as intoxicating as the smell of freshly washed hair after using a new shampoo. Okay, maybe it's just me.

I confess that my children are lamp killers. We had another causality this week. Evelyn accidentally knocked over a table lamp and broke it in two. She felt so bad about it, and kept saying, "It was an accident" over and over. Later we found her in the kitchen comforting the broken the lamp on the kitchen table. Poor thing! How could we be mad? :)

What this picture really says, is that my child is old enough to attempt dressing herself. Boohoo!

I confess that there have been a few moments of weakness in my quest to eat healthier (darn those peanut butter cookies!) but for the most part I have been doing a fabulous job of reaching for an apple or string cheese instead of an insanely unhealthy snack. Too bad I also happened to get sick the same week I chose to clean up my act, so I cannot honestly say I feel any better for it, haha.

I confess that I'm super sad that we'll be missing some fun Christmassy activities in our Dickens Village town this evening, so someone think of us while you're at the light parade tonight!

I confess that I snickered when Eric mentioned he wanted to see The Muppets Movie...but I'm seeing the reviews roll in from other people that it's pretty much amazing, and now I want to see it, too. :)

I confess that someone named Dagne sends me text messages all the time about her awesome Mary Kay deals and encouraging bible verses. I have no clue who this person is, but her texts amuse me, so I've never said anything. Except now I feel kind of bad, because I'm sure she thinks she sending texts to someone she knows who never answers her questions....

What? :)

I confess that I just realized that this is the last Confession Friday before Thanksgiving! Woohoo!!

I confess that I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be bringing to Thanksgiving dinner this year. Better get on that. Maybe I'll bring some of this stuff. You should, too!

And that's all this sicko is squeezing out this week. I have a feeling blogger might be kind of slow today, what with all of the midnight showings of vampire movies and it being the weekend and all. So if you're reading today and you don't normally comment, leave some love! I've been gone for a week and I'm afraid the world has forgotten about me. :)


Alanna said...

I love that you get random texts from strangers and don't say anything...haha I would totally do the same thing! :)
Hope you all get feeling better soon!

The Pettijohn's said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. I am missing the parade also. Three month old and cold and windy weather do not mix at all.

Adrien said...

Thanks, girls! We're doing a little better today, so hopefully we're over it soon!

Meagan said...

I confess that I made Keegan get a flu shot ON his birthday...I felt horrible but we were at the dr anyway so might as well right?! Then I made him go shopping, geez I'm sounding like a horrible mom...he did get to go to Chuck E. Cheese though!

Melissa W. said...

I confess that I've missed you this week!!...for never having met someone, I feel like I know you. Hope that doesn't creep you out TOO bad, LOL.

Hope you are all feeling better, very soon!!

Adrien said...

Meagan, I've been wanting to go back to Chuck E. Cheese ever since we last went. I say that definitely makes up for a shot (and shopping). :)

Haha, that's not creepy at all Melissa. I think connecting with other people is the best part of blogging. I read blogs where I feel like I'm best friends with the writer even though we've never met! If I ever saw them on the street they would be terrified, because I would be like, "Oh my GOSH it's YOU!" :D

Andrea Ingles said...

So sorry you are all sick. :( I hope that nasty bug is on its way out!!

I confess that I wore my boots today for like the third time, and Zach decided to tell me how much he didn't like them...ha! I think you and I should put on our boots and get together and tell each other how cute they are...haha!


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