Friday, November 4, 2011

Confession Friday 11-4

I've got a two word confession for you today: Halloween candy. Enough said.

Hey kids, we're treating you to a night at the zoo! How do you feel?

I confess that our children are certainly not always happy campers. :)

I confess that while standing in front of the bathroom mirror one evening this week Evelyn walked in, looked up, and said, "Sorry about the pimple." How embarrassing to be called out by your two year old!

I confess that I am completely DONE shopping for Evie's Christmas, and nearly done with Grace. Ah, it feels so good.

I confess that we have had no less than 7 packages delivered to our doorstep this week and many more are on the way today. I'm just glad they all came via several different delivery services, cause I would hate for our UPS man to think someone in this house has a shopping problem. ;)

I confess that $140 worth of stuff delivered in those packages cost us ZERO dollars. Thank you preferred customer programs! I've racked up some points, haha....

I confess that our average morning wake up call for the past week has been 9:30am. 

Hehe...oh, Gracie

I confess that nearly all of the birthday decorations are down, and it only took me two weeks to do it. High five, self.

I confess that just two days after posting about Grace only taking a few steps at a time, my daughter one-upped me and now she's walking clear across entire rooms before pooping out. She's pretty proud of herself, too. :)

I confess that in nearly every picture of Gracie you will see the same darn shoes no matter what the outfit...because her little brown boots are the only ones that fit her chubby little feet. She has super cute moccasins and purple cowgirl boots, tennis shoes and dress shoes...all purchased ahead of time or handed down, and she can't wear a single pair.

I confess I ask Evie questions just because I know she'll answer them incorrectly and it makes me giggle. Like, "Evelyn, when are we going to leave?" Ev: "Oh, in a couple while." :)

Gracie confesses: ,yuituertrytyjiiugerer

I confess that everyone and their brother is posting these things on facebook and blogger, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites as well. I'll leave you with these relevant thoughts for my life and wishes for a great weekend!

Peace. Out.


Heather said...

Hahaha...that windy stroller looks like one of those pictures that theme parks take when you are on a roller coaster right as you are going down the really big hill.

sblind2 said...

I confess that I totally agree with Gracie's confession this week....I'm right there with ya sista!! =)

Kim Luke said...

I confess your "if you see me running, call the police" picture made me LOL!!
I totally agree with that statement!!

Emily said...

I confess that I got called out by a two year old about my hairy legs (and they weren't really that bad, I promise). I feel your pain! :)


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