Monday, November 21, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

When you're a parent to really young kids life can sometimes feel like an endless game of cat and mouse. Nothing seems to ever get entirely accomplished the way you would like it, because inevitably there is someone one step behind you making messes, demanding your attention, and giving you heart attacks. Even a trip to the mall can turn into the most stressful situation of the week when a toddler is involved!

And then there comes a day when your kids begin to mellow out and life starts to get a little easier again. At least I’m assuming that’s what happens based on what other people have told me. :) And I have to believe that it’s true, because I think Evelyn is slowly but surely getting there herself. (No blog pun intended.) She did so many “big girl” things this weekend that my heart is smiling and breathing a huge sigh of relief for things to come.

I didn't take pictures of us in our sick state this weekend, but I did manage to sneak a few of the fam.  Spy pictures are horrible quality, but they're the most fun. :)

We spent the vast majority of our weekend recovering from a week of being sick...we're still not all the way better, to tell you the truth. And since Fall decided to be Fall and not Summer masquerading as Fall it meant that the temperatures dropped dramatically, so there was no way I was taking my still kinda sick kiddos out into the elements for all of the fun Holiday Happenings in our town this weekend.

Instead, we stayed cooped up in the house on Friday and Saturday, trying to stay sane after being indoors for way too long. By the time Sunday rolled around I was over it. O. Ver. It. Eric and I were scheduled to work in the nursery at church yesterday morning, and since I was over my sniffles Eric stayed home with the girls while I went to play with the tiny tots. It was the first time I had left the house in a week. (Have I ever mentioned that I don't get paid enough for this stay at home mom gig? I believe I have.) So I was bound and determined to bust loose and leave the city limits behind yesterday.

If there is one place Evelyn talks about more than any other, it's the mall. The girl loves the mall. So I used my mom authority and made the judgment call that while Grace probably still needed another day or two to recover (she had been the sickest of us all) Evelyn could accompany us on a little shopping excursion. I have to admit I was super excited about it. It's a rare thing for our family to be out with just one of our children. And usually when it's only one, it's the youngest one. I can't even remember the last time we went out as a trio with Evelyn.

So we packed up our babies, left Grace with my parents, and we headed off into the dreary afternoon to Evelyn’s favorite place in the entire world. We made a quick stop to simply exchange one sweater for another sweater in a color that didn't make my eyes burn. (Bad internet purchase, haha.) And…thirty minutes and eight sweaters later we were checking out. Thank you Old Navy sweater sale. Then we were off to a land of enchantment and overspending.

Another random picture sneaky photo :)

Evie and I left Eric to get a haircut while we scoped out some pretty jewelry, and this was probably my first real "big girl" mother-daughter bonding time with my oldest baby girl. It was so simple, and yet so fun to stand there in front of racks and racks of revolving sparkly things and hear Evelyn breathlessly say, "Oh my, that is sooo beautiful!" She kept taking bracelets off of their holders and saying, "Mom, you have to try this on!" I kept trying to imagine what walls of glittering jewels looked like to a three foot tall person, and I came to the conclusion that my darling daughter probably thought she had died and gone to heaven.

It was too much fun to kneel down beside her and explain how when we're at the store we have to pay for things before we're allowed to take them home with us. I'm fairly certain Ev would have left that place with one of everything on her body if I would've let her, haha. I'm sure that to some people it just seems odd and shallow to get this worked up over a two year old and a shopping trip, but it wasn't exactly what we were doing that has my heart smiling today. 

It's the fact that my child was having a blast, and I was legitimately having a great time, too. We didn't end up buying any of those pretties...mostly because I was having so much fun in the moment just trying things on to humor my toddler that I couldn't be bothered with actually shopping. We were relaxed and laughing...not frazzled and on edge. I can't honestly say that a couple of months ago we would've had the same experience - Evelyn would have grabbed a handful of beaded things and high-tailed it to the make up counter. But now she is old enough to stand and admire and appreciate and just be. It's such a great feeling to know that we can have this fun over and over again in many different situations. I just love her, and I love the person she is growing up to be.

Little trips like these make me truly appreciate every little baby step we take towards freedom to go and do like we used to. I'm so looking forward to even more of these baby steps, with both of my daughters. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Of course, as soon as we feel like we can really breathe again, we'll add to the family and start all over. :) But that's not for today. For today, life is a little freer and a little more FUN. Cause when the workin' day is done, oh girls...girls just wanna have fuh-un! ;)

I hope you were able to get out and have a little fun this weekend, too. I know some of you are battling the same darn cold that we had, and I sincerely hope that you get over it soon! Let's get this holiday week started. Woot! :D


The Pettijohn's said...

This post makes me want a girl so bad. It is fun having boys but when I do want to have a girly moment, it just will not happen. Happy you had a lot of fun shopping.

Adrien said...

And I would LOVE to have a boy someday! :) I always joke that all of you moms with boys need to sprinkle me with some boy dust, haha.


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