Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I can't think of a title for this one.

I was going to make a pinecone turkey craft with the girls yesterday and share some little gobblers with you this morning. I looked up the supplies I would need....

What you'll need:
*Acorn or elongated small nut
*Two wiggle eyes
*Glue gun
*Red chenille stem
*Orange chenille stem
*Wire cutters
*Bird feathers
*Slice of dead tree branch or other piece of wood <-- (Say wha??)
*Gold spray paint

And this is what I had: 
* Pinecone

Curse you Family Fun! Sadly, we did not make any pinecone turkeys. And I have nothing to show you. So now you get bullet-pointed life: What's happening in our world in short sweet nuggets. Are you ready?


I'm kidding. Sort of.

*Gracie is a full-time walker, for real this time. Crawling is now considered subpar transportation. (And I don't blame the girl. I've crawled on our floors. It sucks.) She walks six steps, and falls. Walks six steps, and falls. And then she runs as fast as she can to reach her destination - sometimes making it safely into harbor and sometimes busting her face on the coffee table. Still, she's walking. Aint no doubt about it.

*I noticed last night at dinner that Eric was sort of pushing his food around his plate and not eating a whole lot of it. I'm not a rocket scientist, but...I had to ask him. "Eric, do you not like crock pot chicken?" He was trying not to smile. "Um...." (I make crock pot chicken like, once a week. And I have been doing so for months.) "...not reeeally..." Dude! This is not the 1950's - you do not have to eat my burnt meatloaf and call it steak to spare my feelings. We laughed. No more crock pot chicken in the Robert household. (For the record, I love chicken in the crock pot, and I am sad to see it go.)

This is the steam mop we have. 

*I am becoming disenchanted with my once beloved steam mop. (We got a new one. A better one...well, a more expensive one, at least.) Seems like every time I "mop" the floor the entire thing becomes one giant sticky fly trap for human feet. Seriously. Maybe my floors are just that filthy. I don't think so, but maybe. Anyone else have steam mop sticky floor syndrome? Cause I'm really getting tired of feeling like my floors are grosser after I clean them.

*I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning last night going back and forth over whether to press the "place order" button on my Gymboree cart. There were two brief hours where a decent sale and a 30% coupon were overlapping, and I could have gotten some seriously cute stuff. Alas, I did not pull the trigger. I didn't want to deal with a grumpy husband the next day. And I don't know...maybe it is the 1950's around here after all, cause I don't usually buy things without running it by the hubs first. Just can't do it.

*Evelyn is currently trying to overthrow the government of this family. Pretty sure she's convinced she's in charge, and she will use her voice (quite loudly) to tell you so. Homegirl has anger issues at the moment. So many feelings, so few words to express them. We're gonna get her through this, cause we love her to peices. I think we can, I think we can...

The source of many arguments in our house....

*I am finding it really difficult in the parenting arena to draw the line between when to make Evelyn share and when to let big sister have some space. I completely understand, having had younger siblings myself, how incredibly frustrating it is to spend forever setting up a dollhouse with the furniture just where you want it, only to have a baby come along and knock it all over. That's a daily occurrence around here. Little sister wants to play, too. But little sister wants to stick the mommy doll's head in her mouth, not sit down for a cup of tea.

*My mom and I have already begun collecting ingredients for this year's cookie baking extravaganza. It's going to be good. You won't want to miss it. :)

I could go on and on, but you probably have a life of your own to get to, so we can end it there. Thank you, Emily for bullet-pointing your life the other day, because it totally gave me permission to do it again. :) Life seems so simple when you can boil it down to bullet points. Erm...Evelyn is playing fetch with Grace. Gotta run! 


Katie said...

I can relate to the dinner incident...Jake always tells me he likes whatever I make even though he's such a picky eater, so I know it can't always be true. The worst I think I've gotten is "it's not bad".

Heather said...

I love love LOVE my steam mop. I have the one you pictured and I rave about it almost daily at work. I've even brought it here to use it on our bathroom floors.

Emily said...

Awww!! Thanks for the shout out!! Bullet pointing is the BEST!!! Thank YOU for the idea!

I TOTALLY understand the running-it-past-your-husband-before-buying thing. I do it all.of.the.time. I mean, he is the one who works and makes the money, so he should get the final say in how that money is used. This is the reason that I want to start some serious couponing!

My husband will eat anything even if he doesn't like it... unless it is cooked carrots. He once ate the squash that my mom made him... um, yeah, he totally hates squash! But, it makes cooking a whole lot easier for me!!

Sarah said...

There is a reason my steam mop was $3 at my yard sale lol.


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