Monday, November 7, 2011

Long days, I hate you, and The great boot debacle

Daylight savings, you can have your hour back. Holy moly, yesterday was soooo loooong.

Let's see...the weekend. Where in the world do I begin? This weekend was supposed to be a fairly promising one. We were going to take it low and slow - hang out at home, throw in a little date night, take some pictures on Sunday for my cousin. I had this idea in mind for getting some much needed winter shopping done for myself, and I was daydreaming of walking into a store without my kids for a change. There were no big plans, just simple ones. I couldn't wait.

On Friday evening while we were hanging out around the house, I decided to show Eric a pair of boots that I had just gotten in the mail. I'm the type of person that doesn't care what anyone but my husband thinks about my appearance, because who else am I supposed to be impressing? So his opinion is kind of a big deal. Eric is a traditional sort of guy, and I was a little worried that my gray, slouchy, meant to be worn on the OUTSIDE of your pants boots were going to throw him off. Ahem....

I believe the words, "elephant legs" were used to describe what I looked like in the boots, followed by a prompt rewinding of "The Lion King" to point out the similarities between me and the giant creatures on the screen. It made me laugh, because I couldn't entirely disagree. It's exactly what I was dreading he would say, because deep down in my soul I had been thinking the same thing. I purchased the boots online and they totally were not the right fit for me. I have chicken legs, and the calves of these boots were definitely meant for someone with a little more muscle than I have.

The only problem was that the seller I purchased the boots from would refund the purchase price but not the shipping cost (which was $10.99...what was I thinking?), and I would have to pay extra shipping to send the darn things back. So...if anyone is looking for a brand new, never been worn out of the house, pair of 7.5 gray slouchy boots, I'm asking $25 for them. They are super cute and comfy, just not the right fit for me. I'm going to be posting them on facebook, too, but I thought I'd offer them up here first.

They are true to size (7.5) and I have a 13.5 inch calf, for point of reference. These boots have a 15 inch shaft. How many of you know your calf size off the top of your head? :D

Suddenly our date night for the following evening was going to include me searching out a new pair of boots that fit me properly. Eric was so excited. :)

The next night I bounced like a pinball between several different department stores at the mall looking for a dumb pair of boots. Eric, who isn't a fan of the style anyway, tried to talk me out of every single thing I tried on. The night was getting long, and I was getting over it. We were laughing at ourselves the whole time, and I'm pretty sure Eric tried to rally troops against me on Facebook during the process (which he deleted before I got to see because he felt bad, haha) and finally we left the mall without me buying a single thing for myself. There's nothing like going shopping for yourself and then buying nothing for yourself. Happens to me all.the.time.

To make a long story short...I cried in the car (gah, I'm such a girl!), Eric felt totally bad, and we ended up going back and buying the first pair of gray slouchy boots that I tried on. And Eric loves them. Just ask him. They're his favorite thing that I own. ;) I came home and strutted my stuff around the house in my boots til bedtime. Haha.

A teeny tiny picture of  my new boots. Aren't they vastly different from the first ones? ;)

One thing that I've failed to mention so far was that as we were heading into the weekend Eric started feeling under the weather, and by the time we were walking in the door from our totally awesome date night, he felt like he had been hit by a mack truck. Grace had been a little croopy herself, so I was really really worried that I was going to wake up with two totally sickos on my hands the next morning.

And that's exactly what happened. We had to stay home from church, cooped up inside all day long.... and thus I present to you the longest day of my LIFE.

Eric was zonked most of the day, Grace let out an never-ending stream of whiiiine (couldn't blame the kid, really) and Evelyn was in top form...aka: a two year old terror. Maybe that sounds a little extreme. It's not. Her behavior was awful. It ranged from just plain talking back to her very first (and boy it better be her last!) utterances of "I hate you mom! I hate you dad!" ACK. Just shoot me, why don't you?

All day long I was looking at the clock, praying for bedtime to creep up a little sooner...but that darn daylight savings tricked me every time. Half of our clocks were switched over and half were not, so I never knew what the heck the time was.

But you know me...ever the optomist. I was bound to make our weekend worth something...I had to end it on a good note. So, since I didn't get to purchase anything else on my list on Saturday I did a little online retail therapy instead (which Eric supported, haha, he's great guy). We whipped up some chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate and ended our weekend with Evelyn totally changing her tune and calling me "Wonderful." She's promised that today is going to be a better day than yesterday. I'll keep you posted on that one. :)

Neither Eric nor Grace are feeling the best still, so your prayers would be beyond appreciated. I know several of you haven't been feeling well either, and I was definitely thinking of all of you guys this weekend. This time of year just kind of stinks with the changing weather and turning on heaters and all that junk. I'm waiting patiently until it's my turn to feel like poop!

So that was my weekend. Full of verbal abuse and sickness...all from the ones that I love. :) (I'm kidding of course...I know someone is going to take that the wrong way. Don't. I really didn't mind being called elephant legs. Could of done without the "I hate you" though. Haha.) And for real, if you know anyone looking for some boots, send em my way. Eric I mean, I would like to see them go to a good home.

Hope your weekend was full of fun! Bring on a new week....


Meagan said...

First off...I'm totally calling dibs on those boots!! That is if they fit me, sometimes I can wear a 7.5 & sometimes I can't. Let me know what day would work best for you & I will come over and try those babies on! :)

I'm not a fan of daylight savings either. Everyone kept saying how productive they were with the extra hour...the only productive thing I did yesterday was take a nap!

Adrien said...

Haha, I'll tell ya what. Since you are about to have a BABY, I'll just drop them by your house in a day or two and let you try them on and decide. I can't imagine being 36/37 weeks pregnant and trying on shoes and deciding in just a couple of minutes, haha. You can message me and let me know if you want them or not and I'll be back the next day to either pick up the boots or $. Is that okay?

(You're also totally welcome to come by if that's what you prefer! But I really don't mind letting you have some time to decide.)

Heather said...

Love the boots, but I really DO have elephant feet and would never fit into that size.

Hope everyone starts feeling better soon!!

The Pettijohn's said...

That sucks that everyone was sick. I actually got alot done with daylight savings time this weekend. Thankfully. Hope you all feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the boots I love them!

Hope you all feel better now.

Big hug from the netherlands

Meagan said...

That's fine...then I can try them on with my jeans. You know the ones that don't actually fit right now but I squeeze myself into them anyways! :)

I can stop by and pick them up too, whatever you prefer is fine with me!

Kim Luke said...

I have those boots in black!! And if I wore a 7.5, i'd be wrestling a prego for them. bahah, just kidding Meagan! I do love the boots though.. hopefully they fit Meg!!

& Adrien, hopefully your new boots will fit when they come in!!!


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