Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our October Girls!

Last night we were schooled by our 2 year old. She told Eric and me to "take a seat" right where we were standing...on the kitchen floor. We were exhausted and ready to end the day, but we knew this one had to be good, so we promptly obeyed. Evelyn grabbed a magnetic notepad off of the refrigerator and began flipping through the pages as if reading some very important documents with very important information that needed to be relayed as soon as possible. What followed was a twenty minute lecture on "Bob the tomato" a "big presentation" and something about the "government" which we couldn't quite make out. Oh, and "Jesus loves you berry much."

Do you have any idea how hard it is not to laugh when your kid is being dead serious while speaking complete nonsense? If you've ever been around a two year old for any length of time, I'm sure you do. :) But she spoke about "someone's butts" with such fervor and conviction that we were glued to our seats - a captive audience. (I seriously have nightmares about the things she could possibly say in the church nursery when I'm not around.)

For the past few days Evelyn has been finding pencils around the house and using them as pointers, pointing out anything with words on it and teaching imaginary people with the same passion that she used with us last night. And this is all looking veeery familiar to me. The stirrings are beginning...ever so subtly, but they are definitely there. Imaginary audiences, gibber jabbering to no one in particular, inventing and building things, writing on anything she can get her hands on...Evelyn's number one love in this world is an ink pen and paper. (She's getting a magnadoodle for Christmas to save my sanity.) :) Making up out-of-this world stories...even with a limited vocabulary.

She's me. 

And I am terrified.

Because I know "me," and "I" am not going to be an easy child to raise. Gosh darn it, my mother always told me she hoped I'd get a child just like me when I grew up, and dagnabit if it didn't happen.

In a few years I'll be overhearing one-way phone conversations about the boys up in the treehouse, and I'll start finding little stories scribbled on things. She'll grow older and the underside of her bed will be the final resting place for hundreds of hand-written tales with no endings. She will stay up all night long writing about adventures she could only dream of vicariously through characters with made up names like "Ambala" and I'll be prying her out of bed for school where she'll only half-heartedly care about her schoolwork, because she's too busy daydreaming about things that really matter in that made-for-TV movie she still needs to finish so she can become famous beyond her wildest dreams.

Our month of October was fun - it was full of family traditions and memories and wonderful moments that I'll never forget. But what will stick out most to me in my mind years from now is that in the month of October, 2011 Evelyn Lily Robert became Adrien Ann (Feldt) Robert 2.0. I'm not sure that the world is ready. :)

Meanwhile, Gracie remains on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. She's cool and calculating - not fiery and passionate. She still studies things with great interest as she always has, and her favorite objects in this world are far from pen and paper. Grace loves to play with expensive peices of technology - like laptops and iPads. Thus, I am convinced that Grace is Eric's mini-me. :) And while she's still a bit too young to tell for sure which direction her personality will go, I think she'll be her daddy's side-kick for a long, long time.

Grace turned one AND took her very first steps this month - woohoo!! I just knew she'd be walking around her first birthday. But she has a stubborn streak deep within her soul, and she just wants to get where she's going as quickly as possible. Her record now is five steady steps before she decides that crawling is going to get her from A to B much faster. She's really not interested in what anyone thinks, and is perfectly happy to take life at her own pace. So when I start to get excited because Grace has walked halfway across the living room and say, "Good job Gracie! Walk to mama!" that sly smile of hers comes out and she immediately hits her knees. "No mom. I'm going to do this thing when no one's watching. Cause that's how I roll."

Grace is not, nor has she ever been, a big fan of cuddling. And it Those kissable cheeks and pouty lips. Her chubby little body and her cute brown hair flippies. I just want to eat her up on a daily basis, but she pushes away if you get too close. Gracie is the squirmiest baby I have ever met, and I'm not exaggerating. Just try to change her diaper once and you'll be convinced, too. But this month something magical started happening.

I began to notice when I held Grace on my hip that she felt considerably lighter than she ever did before. And well...that didn't make much sense. And then one day I realized that she wasn't lighter, but she was holding on to me more tightly and supporting some of her own weight. I started becoming very conscious of how she wrapped her little legs around my hips and held on to my neck with a firm but loving grip. And for the first time ever I felt like I was close to cuddling my very own infant. I've started carrying her around more just to get some close-to-Gracie time in. :)

I suppose it's a good thing that our daughters are so different - especially if they mirror Eric and myself. I mean, if we click then surely they will, too. Right? Or maybe they'll be more like Felix Unger and Oscar Madison...two complete opposites who live together and just tolerate each other. Haha. I'm really hoping for the whole "clicking" thing.

And I sincerely think that they will. Evie has begun taking on a more mothering role with Grace...looking out for her when need be, bossing her around, correcting her mistakes. ;) She's even been known to blame a few things on little sis from time to time. That's typical sister stuff as far as I can tell, haha.

We've entered into a season of life in our family where we take a deep breath out...the breath we've been holding since I wrote this post when Gracie was three months old. We have two fairly independent little people living among us, who can play on their own, get where they need to go on their own, and even mostly feed themselves. Not having to physically move a child or exclusively nurse a child 24/7 makes life sooo much easier! Of course, there's always an ebb with the flow. Now we're opening ourselves up to a whole new set of the mischief two independent people can make together and the fact that I am outnumbered all day by myself with two kids who can go in opposite directions. :)

Yes, October was a big month for us, and an emotional rollercoaster. We celebrated a very special birthday, but we also said goodbye to a very special person. We took countless outings and enjoyed a lot of much-needed family time. October was a month to rally as a family and as a team. Our daughters grew, and so did we. It's my favorite month of the whole entire year, and now it has come and gone. I'm a little sad...and a little excited for all that's in store just around the corner. Two months...just two more months of 2011. My predictions of things to come by the end of the year:

*Grace will be a full-time walker
*Evelyn will add a billion more words to her vocabulary (Oh, and how the words "presentation" and "government" entered into our oldest daughter's repertoire is beyond me.)
*Eric will invent some cool new program for people at his work to use...just another day at the office. :)
*And I will build a delicate house of cards, quietly working behind the scenes and praying a great wind doesn't blow us over while coordinating holidays and traditions and raising two babies two and under. Piece of cake.

I've still got some more Fall traditions to share with you...including our annual pumpkin picking trip! Because November is totally still appropriate for pumpkins...yes, indeed. And while I'm DYING to put up our Christmas tree and bust out some classic Burl Ives tunes, I'm not sure if you're ready for the Holiday posts just yet...are you? ;)


Heather said...

Those two remind me so much of my sister and myself. Sooooo different, it's hard to believe we are sisters.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Your girls are too stinkin cute!!

The Pettijohn's said...

Very cute post. I cannot wait to see how Isaac and Wyatt do together. I love that you do the monthly updates. I forget all the milestones that happen with time.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a sweet post, and the pictures so cute, and the colors in it, autumn is beautiful.


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