Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

You know those Halloween movie scenes where there are dozens and dozens of children running around a beautiful neighborhood, dressed and pressed in their Halloween finest ...where you can hear the faint sounds of "Trick or treat!" echoing from every direction in the background, and where no kids push or run but patiently wait their turn and say  "Thank you!" totally unprompted, because that's how ideal children act? You know, like the Normal Rockwell scene for trick-or-treating?

That was SO our night last night. I'm smiling this morning in complete contentment just thinking about it! And I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that last night was probably my favorite Halloween in the history of Halloweens. The girls had a great time, and friendly faces greeted us at every corn-stalked, hay-baled, and jack-o-lanterned doorstep. We were invited into homes, and in several of them we were given full sized candy bars. Woot - haha! Now if that's not an ideal Halloween, I don't know what is. ;)

Our night began with a surprise pumpkin pie delivery from my parents (yum!) and then our traditional visit to the girls' Great Grandma and Grandpa Robert's house.

Grandma Robert makes cut out sugar cookies for every holiday, so of course we enjoyed a sweet treat to begin the evening. :) Eric's mom filled our girl's treat bags with grapes and apples promptly after. Hehe.

We decided to try to snap a family photo while we were there. It wouldn't be tradition if we didn't have to take half a dozen pictures before we got one that turned out halfway decently.

After we visited with our grandparents we stopped to visit my Great Aunt Brenda and her family, where they always have awesome treat bags made up for the kiddos. Then we were off for a night of tricks and treats!

Haha, I didn't mean for this photo to look this way...it was just that dark. But I think it's kind of awesome. John stepped out of the van in character...growling. :)

We met up with John and Jesalyn (and parents) and took our group around a single neighborhood. (A great plan!) John was a monster, Jesalyn was a butterfly, and of course our girlies were an ice cream cone and a strawberry. The weather was absolutely perfect for our kids' cozy costumes. There was a seasonably appropriate nip in the air, but we weren't freezing in the least bit. I actually couldn't imagine a Halloween to be a degree warmer than it was, and I wouldn't want it that way, either. :)

It was so adorable watching the kids go up to each door. Evelyn had her script down at the very first house. She was the first to say, "Trick or Treat!" as soon as the door opened. We were floored that she knew what to do without watching a big kid show her first.

As we went from house to house Evie would end each little encounter with a little something like, "Thank you! Have a nice day!" Hehe...Eric and I would catch each other's eye and just start cracking up. Evelyn definitely doesn't know a stranger.

Grace had a great time out and about, too. At two different houses they were letting the children pick which full-sized candy bar they wanted, and Gracie...without hesitation...swiped up a Snickers at both places. And I kid you not, the child did not let go of those candy bars the entire night. She had a Snickers in each hand and she was NOT letting them go. As my mom so appropriately quoted, "What's better than a Snickers in one hand? A Snickers in two hands!" Grandpa Roger tried to talk her out of one, but no one was prying that chocolate from her death grip. :)

Along our route were very dear friends of ours, the Canters. They invited us in, and we had to get some pictures with them.

Larry and Virginia used to teach my Sunday School class when I was just an awkward gangly little thing...and now they love on my babies like they're their own grandchildren. I just love my church family. :)

We also stopped to visit with two more wonderful friends and influences in our lives, the Roths. (We brought our camera in, but Gracie was trying to get into everything so we never got any shots. Drat!) Don and Barb Roth were great mentors to Eric when he was in Junior High/High School. Eric used to live in their neighborhood, and the Roths were always there for him when he needed it. As Eric's wife I think I owe both Don and Barb a huge "thank you!" for helping to mold Eric into the man he is today. We owe thanks to so many folks who have invested into our lives...I could do an entire blog post on this, so I better just stop there, haha. Don and Barb are also like another set of grandparents to our baby girls, and we're so fortunate to see them every Sunday morning. Did I already say I love my church family? Oh. Because I do. :)

We were out and about for about an hour and a half total, which I think was plenty of time for our kids! They were champs, and Grace didn't start getting really fussy until our last car seat buckle-up to head home.  We fired up our jack-o-lantern on the front porch and welcomed our own trick-or-treaters for the rest of the evening. I think Evie got a kick out of seeing dressed up littles show up on our doorstep. And Grace...well, she tried to escape out of the front door every time it was opened, haha.

Friends, family, community, movie scene backdrops, perfect weather...sigh. We couldn't have asked for a better October 31 recipe. I think future years are going to have a lot to live up to! I hope you all had a great Halloween as well. Now it's November...a surprise that always creeps up on me after Halloween night. :) I'm SO ready for what the rest of this holiday season brings!


Heather said...

Looks like the girls had a great night! They look adorable in their costumes.

Cassie said...

too cute!! cracking up at the snickers grace would not let go of. too funny!!

Jackie said...

The girls look so so cute!!!...I think the favorite part of my night was watching Loreli take it all in and how well she understood it!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Cute cute!

The Pettijohn's said...

Your girls look adorable!

Adrien said...

Thank you, everyone. :) Eric equated Evie's ice cream cone with the bunny suit from a Christmas Story. I beg to differ...I think Evelyn will think she's adorable when she's older. Haha.


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