Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bah Humbug. And how to wrap the perfect gift!

I'm siiiick. And so is Gracie. It all began last night when my throat slowly began constricting, eventually stopping just short of allowing air through to breathe. Seriously. I've had sore throats before, but I've never had the feeling that my tonsils were super swollen. And Grace woke up from her late afternoon nap yesterday very fussy and very HOT. Her temperature only read 99.4 when I checked, but her little body felt so much hotter than that.

Obviously I didn't end up getting to film any videos last night, and I'm bummed. But it wouldn't have been pretty - trust me. :) I have big plans to do absolutely nothing today and hope that this junk disappears. We have a play date tomorrow that we're really looking forward to, and I don't want to have to pull the plug on it. :(

Even though I can't show you what the girls are receiving for Christmas just yet, I can still share one of my favorite how-to videos for Christmas wrapping like I planned to do all along today. I'm a nerd, and I love to watch crafting videos on youtube. Last year I stumbled on this video for wrapping the perfect "professional" Christmas gift, and it made my giddy Christmas o' meter ding off the charts. This is NOT a video for someone who does not enjoy wrapping presents, because you'll probably just roll your eyes the whole time. But if you take some kind of obsessive pride in your gift wrapping then you won't want to miss this. (It's not over the top, it just takes a little more care than your normal wrapping job.)

So check out this video from Custom Crops, and hopefully we'll start getting better around here so that I can put this wrapping advice to good use soon!

Do you enjoy wrapping, or is it just a holiday chore for you? :)


Cassie said...

feel better soon!!

Adrien said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

oh get better soon! I dont mind wrapping presents but I am HORRIBLE at it and honestly I dont care, lol- when I am done, it seriously looks like something a 6 year old did. I can never get them to look super cute like the professionals can do :) But does it really matter when it just gets ripped off anyway??? :)

sblind2 said...

I hope your household feels better!

I like to wrap, but I like my gifts to be very pretty (like in the store windows & on that video) and that never happens. I remember the first year I was with Matt I MADE all my wrapping paper with butcher paper and stamps....HA that was the last year of that!! =)

Adrien said...

Thanks, everyone. :) I'm feeling better this evening. Hoping it was just my body fighting something off!

Sarah, I am the same way. I have dreams of the perfect presents and I try so hard, but they never turn out. I seem to have a knack for picking the oddest shaped presents to wrap, too!


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