Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Cookie Baking 2011

If I could frolic through fields of spun sugar and take laps in a chocolate river, I totally would. I'm pretty sure I was born with a sweet tooth - just ask my Uncle Charlie who spent endless afternoons letting me pick out my favorite flavors of Bubblicious at a local gas station throughout my entire childhood. Haha.

In the fifth grade I was taught that "dessert" has two s's because you always want more, and I wholeheartedly agreed with that way of thinking. Consequently, I have never had any issues whatsoever with spelling dessert. :) The problem is that when you are an adult, there are much fewer people around to tell you to keep your hand out of the cookie jar, and well...after this weekend I do NOT want to be called out in a pre-school chant, cause I definitely stole a cookie or twenty.

My mom and I rolled up our sleeves and over two days we managed to bake enough cookies and yummy treats to feed a small army. I packed up the girls and a box of supplies on Friday night, and over the river and through the woods to my mother's house we went.

The plan was that we would mix up all the dough in one night, and then spend the next day doing all of the baking. And that's exactly what we did.

We gathered all of our supplies and evaluated what we had. If you don't do a lot of baking, you might be surprised to learn that you use very little white granulated sugar in most cookies. So if you plan on doing your own cookie baking extravaganza someday, here's a hint: buy TONS of butter and brown sugar, cause you'll use lots of that!

I love that all of our recipes come from old random cookbooks and pages taken from long forgotten sources. These are very loved on pieces of paper. :)

I didn't take a lot of pictures of us mixing up the doughs, because...well...I was too busy mixing up the doughs. But you get the idea, right?

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...bada bing, bada boom...and done.

The real challenge of the whole experience was the early morning wake up call we had the next day. :) It wasn't even really all that early, but we ladies are sleepy heads in the Robert family, so we were definitely not working on our normal schedule. But we made it! 

We began the day with something we had never done before. My mom and I knew that we wanted to try an out-of-the-ordinary recipe, but we couldn't decide on just what that would be. Then we stumbled upon this gem:

Marshmallow Bars.
Or as I like to call them: Cereal Bar Thingys. Oh. My. GOSH. They are so good.

It's late, and I can't call my mom, so eventually I will edit this post to include the recipe, because everyone needs to taste the goodness that are Cereal Bar Thingys. I've been eating them nonstop for four days now, and I'm a little ashamed to admit that our share are almost completely gone. Whoops!

I do know that the base of them are just like rice crispy treats. Only you add peanut butter and a little vanilla, and maybe something else...oh, wait. Now I know why these things are so gosh darned delicious....

...they were mixed with Gracie love. :)

Pardon me while I lick the computer screen.

Yeah, so recipe. I'm going to share, I promise.

We baked and we baked and we baked: Oatmeal raisin, oatmeal chocolate chip, peanut butter, pecan puffs, peanut butter blossoms, chocolate chip, sugar cookies.... My mama's oven was huffing and puffing. There aren't very many cookie pictures this year, because to be honest, they look the same as last year, haha. And those have been thoroughly documented in another place and time. Still, a few peanut butter cookies managed to sneak their way onto the camera.

It seemed as though we were at a much more relaxed pace, and we definitely finished earlier than we did last year. I think at the end of the day we ended up making a few dozen less than the year before, which is just fine, because I'm pretty sure we never ate all the cookies we came home with last year!

The kids had eaten lunch, and they were being pretty good, so we decided to let them have a little treat. And leave it to Evelyn to do something silly and leave us in fits of laughter. She chose a peanut butter blossom for her snack, only she couldn't figure out how to eat it. So...she improvised.

Gotta love her. :)

Not long after we found her sneaking around in the dining room, trying to push down the tops of the cookies...

When this picture was snapped she knew she was busted. :) No cookies were harmed in the making of this blog post.

The natives were getting restless by the early afternoon, and so my mom arranged for a little visitor to stop by the house and leave a little entertaining surprise for the kiddos. (Now you know where I get this stuff from, haha.) The doorbell rang, and they were off!

It was a box set of Christmas classics which were promptly inserted into the dvd player, and almost as promptly ignored. Well, we tried! :) So we quickly boxed up the cookies that were finished and turned to a new form of entertainment. It's becoming a tradition in and of itself to reserve sugar cookie decorating until the very end. The kids get a kick out of it for a few minutes, so we thought we better get the show on the road.

Promise she's not always crying, Grace just doesn't like to sit still these days. 

FINALLY, our task was complete!

Once again we are fully stocked for a Christmas season of movie watching and living room lounging. My only problem now is that Eric is on a diet, and I'm the one eating these darn cookies! And if you want to know a funny mom spends hours and hours every year making these cookies and she can't even eat them. No sugar for her. So I guess that leaves the expanding waistlines to the rest of us.

I guess I'l take one for the team. :) I hope you have a great day friends, and maybe there'll be a non-Christmassy post tomorrow.  Oh, perish the thought! ;)


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Heather said...

I was hoping you would show a picture of the sugar cookies. I'm a sugar cookie FOOL. Talk about licking screens!

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oh grace, she makes me laugh!!

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Bahaha...amazeballs - that's a new one for me. :)


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