Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Goodies 2011!

The post that was yesterday is now no more. Please, let's take a moment of silence to remember my alter-ego "Ebenezer Adrien" who made a brief appearance this holiday season in the midst of sickness, exhaustion, and utter frustration. Rest in peace, Ebby A.

And now that THAT'S over...Wahoo!!!! It's Christmas week! Just think of me as your wacky needle-point vested, egg nog sloshing, carol karaoke-ing, Christmas crazed best friend for the next few days.

I can't even wrap my mind around all of the things that need to be accomplished this week, including, but not limited to: wrapping nearly all of our presents, taking a family field trip to an enchanted lit-up wonderland, and throwing a birthday bash for the Son of God (no biggie). Sadly, Evie broke out in a super high fever on Sunday night and we've been fighting it ever since. So we're trying to kick this thing out of our house before the big day arrives. Prayers for my baby girl would be more than appreciated!

I've also been waging a war with technology and losing...losing bad. But when life gives you lemons, you turn them into Grandma Robert's delicious holiday slush. I cannot show you a video of the Christmas gifts the girls will be receiving this year, but I can show you pictures, and that'll get the job done.

We do Christmas modestly compared to some, and that's just the way we like it. I'm sure there are many families who are even MORE conservative with gifts than we are, but coming from my Christmas-obssessed family, this is like a mini-Christmas. :) As I have mentioned a bazillion times before, we keep to a strict $100 per kid limit, and I do a pretty good job at keeping a close check on the spending. When our Christmas presents don't bill us later, it makes the gingerbread taste just a little bit sweeter. :)

So here it is...Evie and Grace's loot this year!

I tried to choose a few things this Christmas that were practical as well as fun. We don't have a dedicated playroom, so getting so many toys at one time can be really overwhelming. Two of the presents that the girls will be receiving are fun seating options for tiny hineys. :)

I found indoor/outdoor folding chairs at Target this Fall in the clearance section, and I couldn't pass them up. The girls don't have folding chairs for outside, so it was something I knew that would be especially useful when the weather warms up. And I'm really excited that the girls will finally have their flip-out sofas to snuggle and watch movies in. I specifically looked for the kind with the built in blanket. I have this picture in my head of them seeing those sofas in front of the tree and jumping right into them. I know they will love those things!

Evie is getting a talking Mater doll, a ramp for Little People cars (because she LOVES cars) - I'm just excited to have found something car related in pink! - and a magnadoodle, cause the kid loves to draw (on doors, walls, and television screens.)

Grace is getting a talking Lightning McQueen, a Weebles Home play set...so excited about this, because the girls already have the Weebles treehouse which they play with nearly every day and FIGHT over...and a xylaphone. Our church nursery has a xylophone and Grace always gravitates towards it, so I thought she'd like one at home.

And my favorite gift of all: backpacks!! Haha. I'm not sure what it is about carrying stuff around, but Evelyn and Grace find no greater joy than gathering little purses or grocery bags and stuffing them full of junk. So I know these cute little backpacks from personalcreations.com will be right up their alley. And they were a practical decision on my part as well. Now the girls can carry their OWN cups, diapers, toys, and whatever else to church and grandma and grandpa's. :)

And about Personal Creations, I have to say that I am more than happy with the quality of the products I received. They had the least expensive fees for personalization of any company I looked at, which made me skeptical at first. But the embroidery on our backpacks is top-notch. Definitely recommend them!

Speaking of recommending businesses, we had some fun goodies delivered from Sweet Cheek Boutique yesterday :)

Melissa made matching bows and braided headbands to coordinate with the girls' Christmas dresses, and I am in LOVE. They are absolutely perfect, and I can't wait for Evie and Grace to wear them! We will definitely be using Sweet Cheek Boutique for our custom needs again in the future, and I hope you will, too. 

Evelyn especially loved that a business card came in the bag. She totally ignored the bows and said, "A gift card! For me, mommy? Oh, thank you!" Haha.

Oh, one more thing! We want to give a big thank you to our dear friend Mrs. Helen Fowler who gave the girls a Christmas gift this week. Helen knows how much we love to go on picnics and have tea parties, so she made the girls a tablecloth that is just their size to accompany us on our warm weather adventures next year. Only the girls couldn't WAIT to use it, and the tablecloth has found a happy home on the picnic table in our kitchen. Evie made me squeeze into that thing several times yesterday just to chat over her new table accessory. Thank you Helen, (we all) love it! 

Lots and lots of fun things are rolling in as we kick off our Christmas week.  The air is magical, and even with a fever, my kiddos are feeling it. It's so much fun to experience the holidays through a child's eyes. And it's a gentle reminder to pause and reflect on the child whose birth we are celebrating. Speaking of...I have some party planning to do. Later, dudes!  

P.S. Grandma and Grandpa Robert - we received all THREE of your Christmas cards yesterday! The girls love getting their own mail!

P.P.S. Mom and dad - we've already eaten a ton of fruit from the gigantic basket you dropped by - that's one tradition that I hope never goes away! Gracie had her first taste of mango with dinner last night, and I think she's hooked. :)


Melissa Cheek said...

Wow a shout out for Sweet Cheek Boutique, I love it! Great picture of the bows and I love the picture of Evie with the business card! This is always one of my favorite posts, I love to see all the loot!

Cassie said...

Melissa - GREAT job on those bows! Now if my daughter would just go back to her sweet stage of me telling her do her hair. ugh, someday!!

Adrien - get used to hearing, "Have you seen Mater?" ha, Henry has that talking Cars car and Stella plays with it ALL the time. lol. Great job on the gifts. I loled at bye bye Ebby A. lol. Too funny.
AND PS - I am looking at all that stuff going, she got this ALL for $200. Can I pay you to do my Christmas shooping? PLEASE!

Adrien said...

Melissa - we'll definitely have lots more pictures after Christmas. And you are free to use any of them that you need. :)

Haha, Cassie - those darn couches and backpacks took up half of the whole budget and I didn't know if I was going to make it this year. Just made it - whew!

Jackie said...

You are amazing!!!!

I was doing really good with Loreli because she gets so much from everybody else but then DADDY throw it out the window and went and bought her a real set of golf clubs!


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