Friday, December 16, 2011

Confession Friday 12-16!

I heard Evelyn blowing a bugle around the house...

Don't worry. It hasn't been used in months. ;)

I confess that we will not be setting out milk and cookies for Santa this year. Evelyn insists that we leave him "Chicken and apples, so he won't die!" Haha.

I confess that I think our little elf on the shelf is in a coma. He has been a lazy bump on a lump compared to last year. :)

I confess that I spent way too much time online last night trying to find a great deal on a yodeling pickle. Don't ask. But if you happen to see one for under $10 shipped, holla at me.

I confess that Eric is taking some vacation time after Christmas, and I'm already counting down the days that we get to go back to Chuck. E. Cheese. What has become of my life?

I confess that every time I walk into our basement, I think about and dread the thought of ever moving again. How did we amass so much stuff?? If this place had three bedrooms, I'd never leave.

I confess that my kids' dresser is so junky that I can't even get the drawers to open and close. The bottoms of the cheap (pracitcally cardboard) drawers constantly fall out and get stuck. So last night I took a hammer and beat the bottoms out of those suckers, cursing the manufacturer with every frustrated swing. I put them back on the right way, and now we're back in business. Winning!

Before I threw away the wrapping from the giant caramel apple Eric brought home from work, I noticed something really odd in the list of options included in the box.... Do you see it?
Butterfinger, toffee, double dunked, peppermint...dirt and worm?? Say wha? 

I confess that I wish it were Christmas morning circa 1991 and I was receiving a Barbie Dream House AND a hot pink Barbie Corvette. Best. Christmas. Ever.

I confess that every Christmas season Eric and I argue over whether or not the classic claymation movies are creepy or awesome. I love me some Yukon Cornelius. Eric...not so much.

I confess that I love french onion dip, but it does not love me back.

I confess that my car keys have been missing for two weeks, and I haven't even missed them. Two weeks! It's a testament to how very little I get out without Eric I suppose.

I confess that I usually end up deleting half of my confessions before I ever publish them. :)

I confess that we're having company over soon and my house is a MESS! Better get my hiney in gear today. Haha. Hope you all have a great weekend. It's the LAST one before Christmas. Whoa. And I still have some shopping left to do! Later gators.


Kim Luke said...

I confess I didn't know what a yodeling pickle was.. so I googled it.. Umm. kinda looks like a dildo? BAHA!

Heather said...

I confess that I did the same thing as Kim, thought the same thing as Kim, and then thought to myself "Go Adrien!".

Melissa W. said...

Ditto Kim & Heather!! Bahahaha!!

Another thing I can't stop laughing about is Evelyn's bugle!! How awesome!! : )

I couldn't help but chuckle when I read "counting the days until we get to go back to Chuck E. Cheese"...are we the same person?!? I thought I was the only BiG KiD who looked forward to that!!

Adrien said...'s for my brother! (As a joke, I mean...oh, never mind!)

Cassie said...

bahahahahaha the comments enough make me laugh out loud.

pretty sure i owned that barbie corvette too. and we would use it as a sled when it snowed. oh my word, FUN!! lol.

i confess when you said you haven't driven in two weeks i was like whhhatttt!! girl how you do it i have no idea. momma sometimes just needs to get out of the house. ALONE. lol.

Emily said...

Dirt and Worm = Gummy worms and Oreo cookie crumbs (I only know that because I have seen a caramel apple like that before or else I'd be as scared as you)... it is the Bride and Groom options that get me! :)

Adrien said...

Haha, that's what I assumed it would be, but boy did it take me off guard when I saw it on the list! :D

Sarah said...

my koolaid came out of my nose when i read adrien robert say "winning" bahahaha. i love you!


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