Friday, December 30, 2011

Confession Friday 12-30!

Gracie confesses: I get more food in my hair than in my mouth when I eat!

Mommy confesses: I'm in love with those Chiclet teeth. :)

I confess that every year for Christmas I secretly hope Eric is going to say, "Just joshin' ya! We don't have any student loans - we're going to Disney World!" Hasn't happened yet.

I confess that when Eric goes away on business trips, I purposely watch sappy love stories which make me miss him more. Why do I do this to myself? I have no idea. But I do it every single time.

I confess that we had to let Evie down for the first time ever yesterday, and it killed me. She talked of nothing but Chuck E. Cheese for two days, got super excited every time a commercial came on tv...but when we pulled up and saw a jam-packed parking lot we knew it was a no-go. I guess somehow we forgot that even though it was 1:00 on a Thursday, kids are on Christmas break right now. I hated telling her we'd have to do something else instead. I cried. She did not. :)

I confess that I am sooo spoiled by having Eric home all week. I'm going to miss my late night movie buddy when he goes back to work. :(

I confess that after three failed attempts, I am resigned to the fact that I can never shop in Forever 21 ever ever again. It's the music (goodNESS, the music)...and the chaotic clothing piles...and the high schoolers. I think I'm getting old. But thank God for the internet, cause I can't resist me some cheap knits and jewels.

I confess that the ONE thing Eric and I wanted to make sure we got done on this staycation was to at least get a good start on organizing our basement. Yep. Haven't even cracked open the basement door (yet).

I confess that we should have saved our money and bought one couch!

I confess that Evelyn calls pomegranate juice "dolphin juice," and now so do I. Enjoying some dolphin juice this very moment.

I confess that Grace went to all of our Christmas gatherings barefooted, because we never could find the girl a pair of shoes that fit her feet. This is getting ridiculous....

I confess that it has been SO HARD to blog this week with my entire family home. I've been away from the computer a lot, and I don't miss (most of) it.

I confess that Eric would probably make a better stay at home mom than me. He cooks, he scrubs on his hands and knees, he runs errands...while I sit on the computer trying to think of things to confess to the world.

I confess that this is probably blasphemy, but "The Help" might just be a better movie than "Fried Green Tomatoes." I don't know...pretty close. It's definitely a must see!

I confess that Eric is calling me for lunch (Mr. Mom!) so I've gotta run. Catch ya in the new year on Tuesday!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Love, love, loved The Help! Chocolate pie anyone? :)

Adrien said...

Baha, Eric so called that one! I think I puked in my mouth a little bit. :D

Ashley Mitchell said...

Heather knew it was coming, she could barely contain herself. So gross!

Heather said...

Huge fan of The Help right here.

I confess that I have beer sitting in the back seat of my car, and that combined with this weather is making for one antsy woman.

Sarah said...

Oh em gee! Gracie's hair is getting sooo long. LOVE IT!!!

I just cracked open The Help. I HAVE to read the book before I see the movie. But now you have me realll anxious. I heart FGT!!!!

I hope everyday you get to go to DW. If it makes you feel better our trip got cancelled. And by the time we schedule another one, I'll be knocked up. Go figure! :)


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