Thursday, December 8, 2011

Foot Updates :)

So I've been writing monster posts lately, and I have to admit, I'm a little relieved to be taking a breather today. :) I'm a rambler by trade, but short and sweet has it's place in my universe, too.

I thought I'd update everyone on Evelyn's trip to the doctor on Tuesday, just to keep ya in the know. I shared Evelyn's awesome toes in this post a couple of weeks ago, and at that time we weren't sure what having an elective surgery to fix Evie's syndactyly would entail. There is only so much information you can gather from the internet, and of course every case is different. So here's the low-down on Ev's tiny tootsies....

First they took an x-ray of Evie's foot to what was going on behind the scenes, and we were very pleased to discover that Evelyn has two very independent wiggly toes that are connected only by skin. Whew! First hurdle jumped. So the surgery would be very straightforward, at least.

Excuse the picture of a picture. Our printer isn't hooked up, and yes, I am that lazy. And it's wrinkly because Evelyn likes to flash her x-ray around as some kind of badge of honor. :)

I thought I'd just bullet-point the good, the bad, and the ugly of what we were told from the questions we asked.

*Because we'd only be taking care of one foot, Evelyn would probably NOT have an overnight hospital stay. (Which is a huge relief and a lot better than the one to two night stay I had read about.)

*Because there is so much flesh surrounding Evie's toes there would be no need for a skin graft to repair the area. (Another whew! One less wound to heal.)

*Evie would have to wear a boot for about 4 weeks after the surgery. (This was nonchalantly added on at the end...which I found kind of funny. Oh, just four weeks. Just a month. A month of a three year old stumping around the house. Haha.)

^^Another downside to this is that it also means a whole month of no swimming in the summertime. Kind of a bummer. And I suppose it would make playing outside in general kind of a pain in the rear.

*There is a less than one percent chance that an artery could be damaged during surgery, which would stop all blood supply to one of Evelyn's toes, resulting in LOSS of the toe. We were assured this would be very very rare, but still. Go in to fix a toe and then lose the toe? How would I explain that one when she's 16?

*Basically the surgery entails making two zig-zag incisions - one between the toes on top, and another underneath. The zig-zags would sort of lock together like a puzzle, and it would be sewn up, and that's it!

We have not made our final decision on the surgery yet. One of us is pretty certain it's a "yes" and the other one of us is still hesitant. :) We have another appointment on January 4 with a doctor we were referred to who will actually be doing the surgery. I still have some lingering how will she be put under? how long is the surgery? what is the pain level? You know, just minor details. :)

Evelyn hasn't mentioned anything about her toes whatsoever since that day on the couch. We are in no hurry to make up our minds. And we've come to the conclusion that if we were to go forward we would probably wait towards the end of summer so it wouldn't interfere with most of her summertime fun. Our thought is that if we wait until August it would probably be so hot that we wouldn't be going out much anyway. Also, that gives Evie plenty of time to heal before all of the Fall festivities our family enjoys so much. So while we mull this over, I'm just living life like this:

Well, so much for being a super short post. Just disregard that first line or two. :) And to totally switch gears on you: Right now I'm trying to decide if I'm going to accompany Eric to his work Christmas party this evening. 1) I don't drive in the city, so he would have to leave work to meet me halfway.  2) I look horrible in the panty hose I purchased, and I have no clue what I would wear.  3) We have three other parties this weekend.  4) I'm not sure that I actually have time today to take care of my kids, my house, and do all of the pre-party primping required for a formal event.  5) Meeting Eric halfway means driving home separately afterwards - and I hate that. What a waste of gas and hand-holding opportunities. :) 

Do I want to go? Yes. Is it worth the headaches? I dunno. Still deciding. Hope you all have a fabulous day (and night, too!) 


Heather said...

Save the Toes!!

Cassie said...

good luck with whatever you decide, i think it's cute and makes her original!!

ps - maybe someone could drive you to meet eric and then you wouldn't have two cars?!!?

Kim Luke said...

Don't do it!!!!!!! :(
I definitely think they are what make her unique!
Dane loves his toes webbed toes. he says they help him swim better. haha!

Adrien said...

Ah, Kim! You make this so hard. :) I've had the same thoughts and that's one thing that makes me waver. It's definitely a unique thing!

I'm going to the party. Woot! Eric arranged a ride and a babysitter for me so I wouldn't have to worry about it. :)

Anonymous said...

As a former collegiate swimmer I had to share this.

To think people are paying to get it done may sway your opinion. Or just make you laugh like I did when I read it. By the way, swimming paid for my $200k college education (plus some other really awesome perks). If this webbed digit think is really going to catch on, she is already one step ahead of everyone else. :)

**In all seriousness do whatever your heart tells you to. You will make the right decision. Plus, if all else fails she can either get the surgery done herself when she is older, or she can glue them back together if she ends up unhappy with whatever you guys decide. :)


Katie said...

I don't think there's necessarily a right or wrong answer with the toes...she may grow up and love that uniqueness!

And I love the quote...wish I could remember to live my life like that more often!

I also really dislike driving separately. I love having Jake drive and getting to talk to him :)


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