Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Hap-hap-happy December, everyone! Whew, we made it. Just one more month in the year 2011. How has this year treated you, my friends? :)

So this is sort of a big day for us Robertses...Robertites...Robertonians?  December 1st marks a lot of fun traditions to begin in our family for the holiday season. For example:

We've busted out the 'ole advent calendar (which isn't very 'ole...I made it last year. Heh.) And this year I'm fairly certain Evelyn is going to have too much fun picking which little character to place on the corresponding date to countdown to Christmas, because home girl already had a conniption when she saw the little gingerbread man in the pile.

We're going to get through all those days faster than we think!

And tonight, a two-part family tradition will take place. One that I get overly excited about, and I'm certain Evelyn and Grace will get a big kick out of, too. Our girls will receive the first gift of Christmas (their holiday jammies) which will be delivered by a very special person. You might know him as the Elf on the Shelf - the sly little dude who goes around making mischief throughout the month of December...we call him Moe. :)

Moe rode in on the girls' pajamas last year, too!

Ah, the memories.

And while we're reminiscing, why don't I just show you some my favorite pranks that our little buddy pulled last year?

He turned the girls' gum ball machine into his own personal ball pit....

He tp'd our living room ceiling fan...

We caught him catching some rays one snowy winter morning....

And he was really good at making messes....

I wonder what the little booger will pull off this year? :) Hint: If you're doing the Elf on the Shelf this season for your kiddos I've been finding lots of ideas on pinterest! 

So yes, tonight when the girls are least expecting it the doorbell will ring, they will be called to answer it, and there will be our little friend Moe, waiting with his smiling face atop a couple of Christmas presents. Should be good times. I hope. :) You can see last year's December 1st fun right here. I'll let you know on Monday if I get caught being sneaky again this year, haha.

So today is the day that I would normally put together a little end of the month wrap up about what our girl's did all month long and how they've changed and all of that. I still intend to do that, but it probably won't be as long as usual, because I'm not gonna lie: November was pretty boring.

I believe we've finally reached that point where Grace has officially broken free of infancy and entered into toddlerdom, which means she isn't growing as quickly or obviously month to month anymore. It's a little bit sad, and a little bit exciting. I think I've been waiting for this moment without even realizing I was waiting for it! Let me just tell you for those who are getting there and for any who might have forgotten...raising a baby who can't move for themselves or feed themselves or do anything for themselves whatsover is hard work. Thats, h-a-r-d-w-o-r-k, in case anyone missed it. ;)

Slinging around a sack of taters while chasing another kid is even harder work. So when you finally reach the point where all of your kids can be corralled and can play on their own while you get stuff done it's like...well, it's awesome. Life gets just a teensy bit easier. Not a whole lot, but just enough to help save your sanity on a daily basis. So if the month of November did anything for me, it was to save my sanity. Thank you, November, thank you.

As with all good things there is a draw back. :) Seems that soon after walking comes baby step #2: climbing. And just like her big sister before her, I have caught Miss Gracie tight-roping it on the kitchen table no less than three times this week. Talk about minor heart attack. Do not be surprised if you open the paper one day and see that my children have joined the circus, because I'm fairly certain they are acrobats in training.

After a visit to the doctor we have learned that our daughters are now separated in weight by four pounds, and they have the exact same sized head. So either growth really slows down at some point or our Gracie girl has lots and lots of brains.

We've also moved up a diaper size - go us! Yes, our children also wear the same size in diapers. Which reminds me...Evelyn is so ready to potty train. Like, beyond ready to potty train. And a couple of weekends ago we probably could have tossed the diapers for good, but I ran out of clean unders on day two, and that put us on temporary hiatus. That temporary hiatus turned into a forgetful mommy and a busy schedule. So we need to pick up some more little underwear and knock this thing out for good. :)

And that's really about it. We had a lovely Thanksgiving with our families this month, and that was probably the only big event to speak of. November is sort of the wonderful calm between the frenzied Fall festivities of October and the hopping holiday parties of December. I think it's good to take a little rest now and then, which is exactly what we did. Now we're ready to begin a month of gathering in friends' homes, eating lots of yummy food, and reflecting on the reason for the season. It's the most wonderful time of the year!


Heather said...

Ah melt my heart. And Evie...I am completely certain that we are going to see you on the big screen some day.

Ashley Mitchell said...

I'm stealing some of your elf on the shelf ideas from last year..too cute! It's so much fun. It's the first thing Zack does when he wakes up in the morning, he looks for Dwight. :)

Adrien said...

Hehe, steal away! I'm going to be doing a lot of it this year, because I'm out of original ideas. :)


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