Monday, January 9, 2012

Be a nerd - the cool kids are doing it!

Hey hey hey! Whew, I'm riding high off of awesome weekend fumes. Playing with the kids, a hot date night with the hubs (okay, so I don't know that I can call a trip to Gymboree and P'Sghetti's hot, but super fun!) Scored some great deals, vegged out on Sunday, started a new project...I could go on and on. AND...I've got some exciting news. I'm nerding OUT, and I'm all bubbly inside. Eek, I'm going to tell you all about it,  but first...let's discuss the weather this weekend, shall we?

Hello, January.
 I don't think we've met before. 
I believe I'm more acquainted with your cousin - freeze-your-butt-off-u-ary. 

It felt like springtime on Friday. Our windows were open, the sun was shining, and I could hear the stroller practically whining and clawing to be let out of hiding. I mean. I couldn't let the poor thing down. So we swung the afternoon away. (Apparently "swang" is not a word. And I do believe I am guilty of using that one in real life. English majors - raise your hand! Whoops.)

This picture is blurry, but I love it. :) John is getting some major air there. Whoa, buddy!

Side note: My kiddos are wearing snowflake shirts in 64 degree weather. I thought it was pretty funny, myself. 

Gracie had a blast on the swings. I'm gonna cry the day those butterball cheeks go away.

And my children discovered the ultimate outdoor toy. Who needs a ball when you can have a good stick?

I'm not holding my breath that January's cuz won't be making a reappearance. I mean, this is the midwest. The only thing predictable about our weather is how unpredictable it is. But we made sure to enjoy it while we could!

And now for a bit of exciting news. (I'm about to change gears on you big time. Ready? Set? Go!) So, you know how Eric and I are kind of geeks when it comes to personal finances? Well, we were lucky enough to stumble across some very GOOD, very sound, very wise financial advice long before we were married, and it caused us to turn course and has given us the opportunity to change our family tree. Forever. Like, the decisions we are making today with our money could affect our children's children's children. That kind of change. 

We went through Dave Ramsey's 13 week course Financial Peace University the summer before we got hitched, and we've never been the same. Since then we've gone through the program a second time, where I think we learned even more information. (Same information - just more sunk in, haha.) I've blogged about the envelope system and budgeting and how we drive beater cars and won't buy a house until we're out of debt (or go to Disney - wah!) and all of that good stuff. And if I've never properly explained before why it is we do all of that, it's because we are busy working and crafting and paving the way to change our family tree. We are making the sacrifices TODAY, for a very short time, so that we can live much more comfortably in a few years and leave a legacy for our children. 

We don't live paycheck to paycheck - hallelujah. And the only stress we ever have about money is how we wish we could be paying off more each month on our student loans. And it's all thanks to the principles we learned in Financial Peace University.

It just so happens that last night Eric was approached about starting up an FPU group soon, and that little outside prompting was all it took for us to say, "Yes! Let's do this thing!" So, my friends. It's time. It's YOUR time. :D You are cordially invited to join Eric, myself, and any other crazy hooligans for a winter and spring of friends, fun, and learning the nuts and bolts of personal finance.

We've already had a rousing response to the idea in just 24 hours, and so we have no clue how big the group could end up being. If it's smallish then we'll relax with Mr. Dave Ramsey in the comfort of our living room each week. If we grow gargantuan in proportions then we might ask to use a conference room in our (new) church building. Either way, I encourage, no...I implore consider joining us. Even if you don't have debt. Even if you could care less about your children's children's children. Haha. Just come. There's way more to this series than just getting rid of debt. We'll be talking about:

*Relationships and money
*Buying big bargains
*Saving for college/retirement
*Insurance - what you need and what you DON'T need

And so much more!

Please, if you can (and even if you are only a teeny tiny bit interested) check out these videos which explain what FPU is and how it works. I'm being so annoying about this, because I wan't everyone to know the information that we know. It's common sense stuff, but it's so refreshing to hear it and learn it and hash it out with other people. :) Part one of these videos is Dave sharing his personal story and introducing FPU, in the second part you'll hear all about each of the topics we'll be learning about each week, and in part three you'll hear what to expect each night when you come to FPU.

Eric and I are thinking that Tuesday nights starting in late February or early March will be the time that we'd like to kick things off. Each evening would run about two hours. We watch a video for the first half and discuss what we've watched the second half. There is a cost involved (I think we paid around $100 when we went through the first time - which seems like a lot, but believe me you get over $100 worth of materials, and priceless information that will return on this investment a hundred fold if you use it.) Once you've gone through the class, you're in for life. Like a cult, but not really. :) It just means you can take the class over and over as many times as you want, anywhere in the world, and never have to pay again. We've definitely gotten our money's worth!

Sorry, I'm almost done talking your ear off, but it's a lot of information to get out. This is open to any person or couple, any age, from our area. Get a hold of me if you're interested and I can get you more specific information as it becomes available. Eee-- I'm so excited about this, because 1) I truly believe that this is a game-changer for people, and 2) I'm addicted to these classes and I can't wait to do them again myself!

We sacrifice so that these two ^^ will never have to. :)

Whew - so there you have it! This awesome weather has stirred up a NEED for change in me, and maybe that's why I'm so excited about the money stuff. It's a great time - the beginning of a new year - for new commitments and resolutions to better ourselves in one way or another.  Here's to making 2012 a game changing year! 


Heather said...

I may be interested in that. We all know I need it.

Adrien said...

Yay - so glad you're considering it! I'll keep you posted when we get more information. :)

Mr. and Mrs. W +1 said...

If we didnt live so far far away I would sign up for sure. Maybe I should start looking for classes in my area. I have read a lot of his articles and seen a few podcasts and I like what he has to say. I think no matter how well you think you are doing with your money, there is always room for improvement. Good luck with your class, sounds like a fun spring activity for you guys!

Melissa W. said...

Adrien -

You have to STOP. Seriously girl, you are freaking me out.

Me & the hubs LOVE Dave Ramsey.

I am SOOOOO going to be one of your new five friends this year. I have to be!!!! We have too much in common not to be!!

Amelia said...

Hey adrien, we took the class a couple years ago and we loved it! we could definitely use a refresher, and would enjoy doing it again! Let us know what you guys decide!

Adrien said...

Friends? Yes, please! :D

Amelia, we'll definitely let you know!

Cassie said...

i'm a life (already paid my $100+) but i'd LOVE a refresher. yay i read this and literally like saying YAY the whole time!

ps - we enjoyed some walks this wekeend too. PTL!


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