Friday, January 13, 2012

Confession Friday 1-13!

Whoa - didn't realize it was Friday the 13th until I typed my blog title.'s gonna be a crazy day. :)

I confess that I would like to shower Heather Rahn with smiles and love for humoring me with a comment yesterday. Wahoo - you win the blogger badge of awesomeness today for not making me feel like I blog to crickets :D And with that, I confess that every single one of the "about me" facts I shared yesterday were TRUE. Ha. I'm so tricky.

Haha, in my blog list before I had titled today's post, it was called "I confess that I would like to shower Heather Rahn." Still cracking up about that one. :D

Evie wanted to show you her spaghetti hands last night. :)

I confess that I OD'd on sour patch kids...uuuugh...I'm gonna puke.

I confess that spilling uncooked spaghetti noodles in massive amounts does NOT make for a fun game of pick-up-sticks. In case you were wondering.

I confess that if Gracie face plants into the ground for no apparent reason one more time this week I'm going to wrap my kid in bubble wrap, strap a helmet on her head, and cover our floors with safety mats.

I confess that I am so ready to be done with breastfeeding. So ready. But Gracie is not. I need weaning advice stat.

I confess that I JUST realized that this year I turn 27, and yipes, I had a freak out moment. Twenty-seven seems older than 30 to me. It means no longer being able to say that I am in my "mid-twenties." Like, if I go missing randomly and my face pops up on the news they're going to say, "...a caucasian female in her late-twenties..." Golly, I need to prepare myself for this one.

I confess that I kept buying bags of delicious Muddy Buddies because they are insanely one night Eric walked in the door with a "surprise" for me. <-- Enough ingredients to make a year's supply all by myself. Haha. I get it, I get it.

I confess that I went to bed before midnight for the first time since I can remember last night. I just enjoy the peace and quiet so much. But, ugh, I'm tired of being a walking zombie every morning.

I confess that I picked up a new necklace at Gymboree last weekend...for myself. Contemplating hitting The Children's Place next for a pretty Spring scarf. ;)

I confess that I am not impressed in the least bit by the fact that the internet can stalk my clicks and knows exactly which stores to advertise to me in the sidebars. It's creepy.

I confess that I feel like we watch way too much TV during the day...but there are only so many activities to do indoors during the winter. Not sure how to fix this problem, other than praying for perpetual summer. Somehow I don't think the seasons are going to change course for little ole me.

I confess that I've been using a battery-powered toothbrush for months without the battery, because I can't get the bottom piece off to replace it. Um, hello? Why haven't I bought a new toothbrush? I believe the time has come.

I confess that I'm itching to play with the kiddos, so it's time to say have a great weekend!!



Heather said...

Awww...thanks for the love!!!!

I confess I bought 2 bags of those Muddy Buddies and they were gone in a day and a half. And I live alone.

Ashley Mitchell said...

I confess that when you said you were still breastfeeding, I grabbed my boobs. Doesn't it hurt?

Adrien said...

Haha, only when she BITES. Yes. More than ready to be done.

Erin said...

I tried to comment yesterday but my phone wouldn't load the comment box :-/ but I woulda been wrong! TRicky tricky.

Cassie said...

if you blog to crickets, them i'm a cricket. lol.

i confess that i just read your post from yesterday and the pepper spray one i was like whattttt and then you said you went back and i was like good for her. don't let them win!

ok, also a super creeper confessions but i was driving around last night and drove pass your house, not on purpose, that's super creepy and a light was on, and i thought i wonder if she is blogging. bahahaha. you can say it, super creep. lol.

Adrien said...

Depending on the time I was either blogging or up with Grace - stink bug woke up three times last night. Boo! I feel like a creeper all the time when we go for walks, because I get excited when we pass a blogger's house. Haha.

Glingdidit said...

I confess that I'm the reason that "Greenville College" Ads pop up in people's's called rebranding...and it's crazy smart and creepy!

Also...weaning...good times. Addison nursed until just about 17 months, because she just wasn't ready to give it up. We got down to 2 feedings a day (morning and night)...and the day I decided to be done...we made a big deal at how much fun sippy cups were..and I hid anything that resembled a boppy. The first day or two STUNK...but honestly, she quickly adjusted and it was fine. I remember feeling bad for taking it away from her...but gave us so much more freedom! Good luck!

Katie said...

I confess that I also think the sidebar ads are really creepy. And lately they've gotten offensive. Since I work in a restaurant WHILE going to school facebook is kindly letting me know that I may be eligible to go back to college and get a degree and get reimbursement from my employers. Clearly, they didn't pay attention to the fact that I'm also in school!


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