Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Day of Potpourri

First of all, a big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY to John John! Holy moly, I cannot believe John is 4 years old! But at the same time, sooo much has happened in our world since John spent that first fateful night with my parents. So really, I can't believe that John is only 4 years old, haha.

Sorry kid, all of my good pictures of you are not on this computer anymore. So here's one from the other day:

John has recently taken on the "I'm going to pick on you every chance I get" big brother role for my girls. But he could do just about anything and Evelyn would think he was the greatest thing since paci's and apple juice. In fact, just yesterday she was practically in tears because she wanted to see her John John. "But he's my best fwiend." And now that John is in school, it's all Evelyn can talk about. "I want to go to school; I want to go to school with John John!" 

Don't worry my dear, we'll be seeing John this Saturday when we celebrate his special day. (Mom, if you're reading day you should let me plan a big party for John. Maybe for number 5 next year? Think about it!) We love you John, and we can't wait to see you this weekend!

And now, if I could direct your attention to the OUTDOORS today:

As predicted, our Midwest weather strikes again! We were swinging in the sunshine with no coats on less than a week ago, and now we're walking in a winter wonderland. Evelyn ran to the window this morning and asked, "Is it Kwissmiss?? Are we going to see Santa?" Sorry, Ev. I know, I love the magic too, but we're about as far away from Kwissmiss as it gets at this point. I hope we eventually accumulate enough of the white stuff to get a good sledding day in. And then it can all melt and we can frolic in fields of wild flowers. Yes, in Adrien-world the weather is even more wacky than it is here.

And third on the agenda today is Heather Rahn's ABC Blog Challenge. I'm doing it! If you have a blog, consider jumping on the bandwagon and riding this baby for the next 26 blogging days or so. To keep it on the short and sweet - each day there is a topic to interpret however you want that starts with a corresponding letter of the alphabet. Today's topic: About You.

Usually I'll have a picture to go along with the day's topic, but I don't have any pictures of myself on this computer anymore. Oh, darn. And since I just filled out a super long survey about myself this week, I thought we'd play a little game. I loved playing this game in school, so let's see if you can guess which of the following facts about me are TRUE and which ones are...not so true. :)

1. I have never ever intentionally burped in front of my husband. 
2. I have sent multiple people to the ER in my lifetime - all for fights I've been in.
3. I was pepper-sprayed, pushed around, and taunted while tutoring in an inner-city school...and I went back for more the next day.
4. I recieved several F's on my report cards as a kid. I suck at math.
5. I make our bed nearly every day and change the sheets twice a week. I'm becoming OCD about it.
6. I only lost three baby teeth on my own. The rest were PULLED.
7. My favorite color is pink!
8. I can't roller-skate to save my life.

Alright! It seriously took me an hour to come up with those. I'll give you the answers tomorrow. :) 


Heather said...


I'm going to go with:

True: 1, 3, 4, 6, 8
False: 2, 5, 7

Melissa W. said...

You crack me up!! All of those things seriously happened to you??? I'm having a hard time believing 2, 3 & 4 - #3 - omg'sh & you've sent people to the ER?!?! I'm shocked!

You definitely are not blogging to crickets. Or, if you are...I am one of them!


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