Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December Darlings - A look back at 2011

*Ring, ring. Ring, ring.*

"Ah, crap! There's my phone! Hello, grandpa?"

Oh be careful little mouths what you say...because two year olds take it alll in. I don't think we say crap all that often, but apparently Evelyn thinks it's appropriate to use in her everyday vernacular now. Sometimes I think we spend just as much time unlearning things....


Evelyn and Grace have evolved so much as sisters in the past month, and neither Eric nor I can seem to lasso those two and freeze them right where they are. This is just a sweet time in our family, and I find myself holding my breath and trying to mentally etch memories into my brain as deeply as possible so that I never forget. Probably a good thing I have this here blog, eh? 

There are days I look at Gracie and I see Evelyn a year ago doing the exact same things. Like perfecting the good old "strip and run" routine during diaper changes, or pushing chairs around the kitchen to climb to new heights on the countertops. I suppose many of the things my kids do are typical toddler antics, but it's just the way that they do them...there is no denying that they are cut from the same cloth.

And yet they are so vastly different. Evie is still very open and straightforward with her emotions: "I love you so much, mommy!" "I don't like you right now." "That hurt my feelings." "You're da best!" She rarely cries, unless it's her fake whine or she really needs a nap. And she remains a little on the tom boyish side. The kid can face plant into the floor and she'll pop up with her hands in the air and shout "I'm okay! Everything's okay!" 

Grace is just emotional, period. :) She's always been that way, and I think she'll always be that way. Grace gets her feelings hurt easily, she cries nearly every time she falls down, and she does NOT like to be left with strangers. Eric and I rarely get to hear a sermon at church anymore, because Grace will not stand for being put into the church nursery. Seems like she's the target of a lot of face scratching and eye I don't blame the kid for not exactly having a great time...but she doesn't try to run away or defend herself, either. She just stands there and takes it and cries and cries...typical Gracie. (No wonder she's the target - cause she sure is an easy one!) Though it's probably a good thing (if you can call it a good thing) that it's Grace and not Evelyn, because if someone tried to scratch Evelyn in the face, I'm pretty sure Ev would be banned from the nursery after her retaliation. Haha.

Anyway, the point girls have had the same (but different) personalities from the very beginning. Looking back at old posts from 2011 proves this to be true. And man, I can't believe what a difference a year makes in the lifestyle of a family with young kids. We are really enjoying our children right now. Not just surviving...but enjoying. Hallelujah! Because another month or two of survival mode, and I would've been thrown in the loony bin. To everything there is a season, and I really love the season we're in!

Today I thought I'd look back at the twelve months of 2011 and appreciate what we survived through to get us to where we are in the here and now. Take a stroll with me down memory lane, won't you?


Gracie - Favorite activities: Being held as often as possible - you can't get enough of it, girlfriend. And getting your diaper changed. I don't know what it is, but you just smile away every time I lay you down to change your bottom!

Evie - You jabber constantly. You definitely know what you're saying, even if the rest of us haven't got a clue. One of these days that gobbledygook is going to turn into real words, and we're never going to hear the end of it!

And even though there is a lot of gibberish, you do know lots of words and are learning more every single day. I honestly don't know where you pick up on half of the things you say. Like when you said "Cheese!" this morning when I took your picture. I've never, ever told you to say that. Who did?? Haha.


I am so proud of the relationship that my babies are already starting to form. When Gracie finds her way to the buttons on her exersaucer and presses them to make sounds, Evelyn exclaims, "Good job, Gacey! Good job, baby!" Melts my heart every single time. Of course, there are also the notsogood moments. Like when Grace is on her tummy on the floor and Evelyn says, "Horsey, horsey!" I learned pretty quickly to step in and save Gracie from a crushing fate.


My absolute favorite part of the day with my oldest daughter is first thing in the morning. Grace usually wakes up first, and at some point while I'm nursing her in the living room, I'll hear a quiet "Mama...mama" calling from the bedroom. I smile, lay Grace down, and walk in to find my smiling big girl. "Hi mama!" she says. Oh my goodness. It melts my heart.

Evelyn is the calmest she'll be all day when she first wakes up, and all that she wants to do is sit by her mommy and drink her morning juice. It's the BEST time I have with Evelyn all day long, and I hold onto every second until she bounces up and begins her day of high, non-stop energy! 


Gracie does one thing that I have never seen another baby do, and it's one of my favorite things about her. She gives hugs. Like genuine, around the neck, holding on as tight as she can hugs. Oh my goodness, it is complete euphoria when I pick her up and she grabs me tightly around the neck and lays her head on my shoulder. I start doing laps around the house instead of going where I intended just so I can hold onto her a little longer.

Evelyn absolutely refuses to say "please." Re. Fuse. Es. And she knows how, because she used to say it all the time. It's a complete battle of the wills when it comes to correcting Evelyn to not shout demands at people, but to use kind words and say please and thank you. I can see her wheels turning when she's corrected, but she is as stubborn as a mule. < -- Haha, must've been a tough month!


Grace is a little roly poly these days! She can get pretty much anywhere she wants to go...rolling, scooting, crawling backwards, turning...the only thing she hasn't mastered yet is actually crawling forward. :) I have a feeling it won't take her very long to figure it out! She even surprised the heck out of me one day when she pulled herself up on her crib rails and peeked over the top with a smile. She's getting so big!

Evie is more content to sit and watch a movie than she is to empty out a kitchen cabinet. (Yesss!) She's also just generally more mellow and lovey. I've been enjoying lots of cuddles for the past week or so. That's not to say she doesn't still give me a few gray hairs a day, but at least we're down to a few, and not one every five minutes! I wonder how long this stage will linger before life is crazy again. :)


Grace went from scooting, to sitting up, to crawling, to standing up all in the month of June! She remains at least two months ahead of where Evelyn was at her age, so if my calculations are correct, within the next two or three months we'll probably have another walker around here. (What in the world am I going to do??) Haha. I can't even imagine the amount of trouble my girls will get into together!

Evie - Eric and I crack up at all of the hilarious things that come out of her mouth. It is so much fun to finally get to hear some of things that bounce around in her brain. :) Her favorite games are making food for mommy and daddy, filling purses with anything she can find, and using her sister as a rocking horse. (Whoops!)


The month of July was long and hot, and we spent most of it stuck inside. As a result, Evelyn can now quote movie lines from every Disney/Pixar film made since 2005. And while that might not be something to be totally proud of, I have to admit that there is nothing cuter in this world than when my child raises her arms, throws back her head, and belts out her favorite cartoon ballads. Or when she dramatically acts out her favorite movie scenes with perfect intonation. This girl is destined for the stage. :)

Since we spent so much of our July indoors, Grace has been getting plenty of practice pulling herself up on tables and couches and pretty much anything else she can find. Just this week she has started getting brave enough to try to move from one object to another. Yes, I imagine in a couple of updates from now I'll be talking about her first steps. (Crazy!) 


Oh, August. You came and went much, much too quickly. And along with your crazy weather which ranged from scorching hot to downright gorgeous, you blew in another season of change for the Robert girls. Grace is now an official cabinet getter-inner just like her big sister was. No plastic bowls are safe! And Evelyn's laugh has changed...changed from a silly little toddler laugh to a big kid laugh. At first I thought she was joking...just experimenting with sounds. But then she kept it up. Every time something remotely funny happens now, out comes this foreign laugh that is equally adorable but different than anything I've ever heard.


We've been noticing that our youngest September sweetie is becoming quite the show boat lately. I'm not honestly sure if it's because she's blossoming into her personality, or if we're just now realizing it. Up until this point Grace has been the baby and Evelyn has pioneered the way for everything. Evie is more often than not the squeaky wheel who demands our attention the most. But we've been paying special attention to Grace lately and she's basking in the spotlight.

Evelyn continues to keep us on our toes! It's probably no surprise that not a single day goes by anymore that we're not running the gamut of emotions with her. She'll have us madder than a bull one second and cracking us up the next. I suppose that all comes with the two year old territory, but I have a feeling there's a touch of what Dr. James Dobson would call "the strong-willed child" in her. I remember reading Dr. Dobson's book on disciplining strong-willed children before I had babies of my own, and praying that I wouldn't blessed with a child of extraordinary powers of the mind. Haha. Whoopsy daisy...must've prayed too hard because it came full circle and bit me in the butt.


Our month of October was fun - it was full of family traditions and memories and wonderful moments that I'll never forget. But what will stick out most to me in my mind years from now is that in the month of October, 2011 Evelyn Lily Robert became Adrien Ann (Feldt) Robert 2.0. I'm not sure that the world is ready. :)

Grace turned one AND took her very first steps this month - woohoo!! I just knew she'd be walking around her first birthday. But she has a stubborn streak deep within her soul, and she just wants to get where she's going as quickly as possible. Her record now is five steady steps before she decides that crawling is going to get her from A to B much faster. She's really not interested in what anyone thinks, and is perfectly happy to take life at her own pace. So when I start to get excited because Grace has walked halfway across the living room and say, "Good job Gracie! Walk to mama!" that sly smile of hers comes out and she immediately hits her knees. "No mom. I'm going to do this thing when no one's watching. Cause that's how I roll."


After a visit to the doctor we have learned that our daughters are now separated in weight by four pounds, and they have the exact same sized head. So either growth really slows down at some point or our Gracie girl has lots and lots of brains.

We've also moved up a diaper size - go us! Yes, our children also wear the same size in diapers. Which reminds me...Evelyn is so ready to potty train. Like, beyond ready to potty train. And a couple of weekends ago we probably could have tossed the diapers for good, but I ran out of clean unders on day two, and that put us on temporary hiatus. That temporary hiatus turned into a forgetful mommy and a busy schedule. So we need to pick up some more little underwear and knock this thing out for good. :)


And now here we are! Whew! We had quite the year, and after going through each and every monthly update of my girls, I've decided to keep it up for 2012. There are just so many things I would've forgotten had I not written down those very specific memories. Glad I have them! So keep a look out for more of my girls' crazy monthly antics as we go through this new year. :) Thanks for reading, and happy Wednesday!


Melissa W. said...

So incredibly sweet. Thank you for sharing.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE those rainbow leg warmers in the July picture. I mean, they are SERIOUSLY ADORABLE!! Gotta get them for my girl!!

Adrien said...

Ebay! :)

Heather said...

*Sigh* Your babies...they are just the cutest. That picture of Gracie in the wings, it still makes me laugh. Please please PLEASE say you have framed that picture and put it in your house somewhere! Cause if not I might just hang it in mine.

Ashley Mitchell said...

This is so sweet. Im with Heather on the picture of Grace, too cute!!

Cassie said...

love love love your babies. oh gracie and her emotional self. cracks me up. cracks me up!!

and evie, ahhh i just love seeing what she does and waiting for stella to reach that stage too.

and yes it's CRAZY what kids pick up on!! CRAZY!!


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