Monday, January 23, 2012

Embracing Change

There have been a lot of subtle changes around here lately that when added up are beginning to feel not so subtle anymore. Once again, it's as if a magic wind blew through in the night, heralding in a new chapter and silently closing an old one for our family. Every time this happens I get this bittersweet feeling that usually ends in thoughts of, "I've never had this much fun as a mom, but seriously, why didn't I get out the video camera more??" I feel like I've already forgotten what it's like to have another human being solely dependent on me. To have a baby that can't move without me or eat without me or play without me. I wish I had a photographic memory. It's just too easy to forget.

We've made several changes to our humble abode over the past few weeks. Nothing drastic...just some new-to-us furniture and a little rearranging of decor. We're going to be dressing up a few naked windows thanks to JC Penney's giant picnic table mistake. (If you didn't know, JC Penney's website wrongly priced a children's picnic table and a TON of people ordered one before they caught the mistake. When they ran out of tables, they sent lots of confused customers $50 coupons to use in their store. Score!) And I've been working on some DIY projects for the house.

Slowly but surely we're letting ourselves feel comfortable with where we are. We moved so much in our first two years of marriage that it was hard to let go and just settle in. But with no plans to move in sight, I've been enjoying unpacking a few boxes that I've never unpacked before. :) All of that is to just feels different around here.

If there is one thing that remains constant, it's how much love there is to go around for my babies! Yesterday morning was just a typical Sunday of getting our family ready and out the door for church. But after that jolting feeling of "Oh my gosh, document EVERYTHING in your children's lives so you never forget!" I found myself reaching for the camera several times while we dashed around doing our morning routine....

Today's ABC Blog Challenge is the letter E: Explain to me why....
I thought I'd just incorporate that into the regular post today, because I have a few questions to ask my baby girls. :)

First up is Gracie. Darling daughter of mine, can you please explain to me why being on top of the kitchen table is infinitely more fun than having your feet on the floor?

Eric was standing at the stove making breakfast, and I was in the shower. That's pretty much the signal to our children to run amuck. :) When I turned the corner yesterday morning, I saw my kid tap dancing on the tabletop.

Actually, the reason Grace loves to risk life and limb to scale to new heights is usually to get into and attempt to break something that belongs to me. Which brings me to my next quandary: Gracie, explain to me why mommy's toys are so much more fun than yours. Your toys blink and toys...are made of glass.

Look at those chubby little feet. Still can't find a pair of shoes to fit them. 

It wouldn't be a morning in the Robert household without a little rule breaking. The girls know that they aren't supposed to move their rocking chairs out of their bedroom, because they use them as  step stools to climb on things. Oy. And someone inevitably gets hurt, because hello...they're rocking chairs. The things rock. Not ideal for standing on.

Caught the little sneaksters red-handed. They're lucky they're cute!

**This just in.** Gracie's smooch face is back! I thought she had passed that phase, that her pretty little pucker was lost forever. But not so. The past few days she's been scrunching all over the place, and I managed to capture the elusive face on camera....

It's probably just a booger thing, but still. So cute. :)

We usually wait until the last possible minute to get the girls dressed and ready to go, which depending on the day is either a really great idea or a totally stressful experience. Girls, please explain to me why you run in the opposite direction when you see someone approaching you with a pair of tights. 

I so wish Gracie would let me put pretty bows and flowers in her hair these days, but she's in that "Don't you dare stick anything on my head" phase.

I don't know why I waste my money buying her these things, when I know she's never going to wear them. Big sister, however, has been through and passed the phase of ripping flower petals and ribbon to shreds and LOVES to wear anything I put on her.

Unfortunately, Evelyn has entered a new stage in life: the stage of opinions. As in, she has them, and she asserts them regularly. I'm pretty sure there's no growing out of this one. Darn!

Oh, Evie...explain to me why you're now too cool for mommy's pictures....


Yep, it was just another morning. Nothing special. But I don't want to forget the ordinary days, because surely someday I will miss them. There were several times throughout the weekend when I wanted to stop time and grab the camera, but it wasn't convenient to do so. Like when Grace and Evie were both sitting in front of me with the biggest grins on their faces, waiting for me to blow bubbles with my gum so they could pop them. I've never seen my girls look so cute or so grown up. I tried so hard to take a mental snapshot of their little faces right then and there. 

Evelyn is currently trying to tickle me to get my attention, and I'm finding her tactics hard to resist. :) I guess I'll just end with this. I can take comfort in knowing that I can't stop time or new phases in our family when I realize that eventually my heart will miss where I am right here, right now. It causes me to stop and appreciate the present. So I guess I better stop and go appreciate it. Happy Monday! Here's to a good week and a fresh prospective. 


Cassie said...

it does all happen too too fast.

ps - the new china cabinet in your dining room?!!? LOVE it!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

I never get sick of looking at pics of your girls. :)

Erin said...

We have the same chunky little ball feet in this house. What do you do?! Only the sock things with the rubber bottoms actually stay on. NO tennis shoes what so ever. But so cute. Lol. YOur weekend sounded nice and relaxing.

Adrien said...

Erin, so far we've been on a wild goose chase for shoes and the only ones that fit are a pair of brown boots we have. Dress shoes or tennis shoes? Forget about it! I can't get her wide foot halfway in. If and when I find some good shoes i'll let you know! I'm so ready for summer, because I think we'll have better luck with less constricting sandals.

Thanks, girls! I love the cabinet too, Cassie. It was Eric's grandma's. :)

The Pettijohn's said...

I agree with you on documenting more in the kids lives. So much happens and it happens so fast I need to also make an effort to document more. Looks like I am going to be taking the video camera more.


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