Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grandmas and Photo Walls

My grandma had surgery this morning, and I have no clue if she's out or how she's doing or anything. I suppose I'll find out everything when my mom gets off of work, because I'm not exactly on the family phone tree for these kinds of things. (I suppose until then, no news is good news.) Anyway, last night we decided sort of at the last minute to pack up the girls after dinner and make the 45 minute trek to the hospital to spend a little time with her.

I'm not going to lie, we grappled with this decision a bit. Should we go or shouldn't we? Everything is ten times harder with little kids (as many of you know) and we didn't know if an hour and a half of driving and hanging out in a hospital was ideal for them so late in the evening. But our desire to be an encouragement and a boredom buster for grandma won out. I am SO glad we went.

We're friends with lots of older folks, and so it's not uncommon to hear "so-and-so is having surgery for something or other" any day of the week. It's easy to say a sincere but sort of disconnected prayer for them. But when you visit someone in the hospital, hours before said surgery, it changes everything. And they don't have to be related to you for you to feel it. To feel the nervous tension behind every word they say. To feel the relief wash over them when someone familiar walks into the room and saves them from endless hours of bad TV.

The moral of this story is that someday you and I will be grandparents or great grandparents and we'll probably be in the hospital for one reason or another. And we'll be scared and nervous and really wish we were anywhere but right there. And it will mean the world to us to see familiar faces and know that there are people who love us and care about us enough to say, "Hey, we're rootin' for ya." So when someone you care about is facing something hard, no matter what it is or where they are, make sure they KNOW that you're thinking about them and cheering them on. It will make them feel better, and you'll feel better too. :)


And now on an entirely unrelated note....

Photo walls are so fun, and cool, and interesting. And they're also a big fat pain in the booty. We've been working on one smallish photo wall for a few days now, and it's enough to make me pull my hair out. My hats are off to those of you who have awesome photo walls in your home!

This is where I am on this little project right now:

Yes, it's very creepy to have a strange woman staring back at me in my own home, multiple times. Her eyes follow me around the kitchen. 

The good news is that the hard part is over! Now all that's left to do is choose the photos we'll have printed to put into frames. (Heather, I'm definitely putting in Grace's smoochy fairy face, haha.) And there isn't really any bad news, but I thought I'd share with you the process of how I went about getting just those few frames on the wall. You know, in case you'd like to do a photo wall and you've never done one before. (For those that have mastered this art, please keep the snickering at a minimum. Thanks.)

Anybody who's anybody in blog land will tell you that the easiest way to get a great photo wall just the way you want it the first time is to trace your frames and cut them out of paper first. Then you can arrange the frames anyway you want on the wall before you start pounding in nail holes all willy nilly. So that's what I did.

Most people use newspapers for this, but all of ours went out with the recycling last week. So instead I used a roll of freezer paper to trace out the frames on. It worked perfectly! (Might I suggest that if you use newspaper make sure to use the comics. The last thing you need are newsprint smudges on the wall you're about to put frames on.)

I have to say that doing this step made arranging the frames the way I wanted pretty painless. I forgot to take a picture of all of my freezer papers up on the wall by themselves, but here is what it looked like after only hanging a couple of frames:

If you've already pre-leveled your papers and mark where the nails need to go, then you can even hammer in your nail through the paper, pull the paper off, and just hang the frame in it's place. Bada-bing, bada-boom! 

Just nail and replace, nail and replace....

...until you're done!

I plan to cut out some little flourishes and things to go in the (intentional) gaps. I can't decide if I want to cut out an "R" or some pretty shape to go on the right side in the big gap between the smallest frames. Maybe I'll cut both and see what looks best. :)

I can't wait to put pictures of my actual family members in there, haha. We plan to make the wall even bigger and grow as we go, but frames are not cheap when you buy a million of them at once. We chose all black frames, because I plan to put color photos in them. If you did black and white photos you could change the frames up and it would still have a cohesive look. 

So, do you have a photo wall in your house? Any tips that might help us amateurs out in the future? Let us know! And have a great day!


Kim Luke said...

love the collage! I still have someone else's family on my wall too.... since November! whoops!

Ashley Mitchell said...

I need to do this! I have been saying it for about a year now. :)

Adrien said...

Haha, Kim. )

Ashley - you should! We got all of our frames from Walmart. I think we need I'm hooked.

Heather said...

YAY!!!!! So glad that picture is going to make it!


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