Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Memory Lane

Does it ever cross your mind how people grow? I mean, physically grow. When you have little kids you can't help but think about stuff like that from time to time. Children start as these itty bitty helpless things, and then their bones elongate, their skin sheds and stretches, their hair gets longer, and suddenly their morphing into big people. It's kind of bizarre if you think about it for too long.

It's the bones that get me. Thinking of bones growing just blows my mind.


I've been so thankful for the ABC Blog Challenge these past two weeks. January is one of those stretches of time where not a lot is going on in our world. It's not as if we do nothing all day, but I don't suppose anyone cares to hear about how we read "Mr. Brown Can Moo" for the twentieth time or how I'm becoming an expert at fitting more dishes in the dishwasher at once. Wahoo. We're just in the hum-drums right now, and I'm thinking that with February around the corner there is an end in sight. This picture was taken last February:

So there is hope for a brighter tomorrow! 
Or at least more random nice days. :)

By the way, our magic carpet is washed and fluffed and waiting patiently for another year 'o fun. I seriously debated NOT washing last year's filth out, for nostalgia's sake, but then I accidentally dumped a whole cup of gooey liquid detergent on it, and our trusty friend had to take a spin in the Whirlpool.

Speaking of last year's memories and growing children...what could today's ABC Blog Challenge possibly be about?

Why it's G: Growing By Leaps and Bounds!

I wanted to do something really cool with this post today. I wanted to show you some pictures you've never seen before, or make a slideshow or something of the girls through their first years. But...I'm having computer issues again. Honestly, I'm the one with the issues, not the computer, haha. I'm having problems figuring out this external hard drive thing where all of our photos are stored. So instead, I had to swipe from my own blog and try to come up with a few pictures of my growing babies. 

I think it's so funny how much the girls looked alike when they were born, but now I don't think they look alike at all. Do you see a resemblance between the two? I tried to track down some pictures of Evie and Grace around the same age to put them side by side during their first year. (Or top to bottom!)

Our bouncy seat babies:

Evie was always so giggly, and Gracie was always so serious. :)

Our Bumbo Babies:

Love how they both have a deer in headlights expression. :D

Here are both girls at around 4 months old. Our pretty babies....

And here they are getting too big for their own good. 

Obviously my children were born in two very different seasons!

Gracie is a few weeks older than Evie in these two pictures, but Grace already had a mouth full of teeth here, and Evie was toothless!

And finally, both of our girls at their first birthday parties. I am NEVER having a night time birthday again. It was fun, but I'm still kicking myself for not having any good pictures of Grace at her first birthday.

Wow, it takes a lot longer to track down pictures than it does to scroll through them! Kind of a metaphor for life. While you're going through it there are times it can feel like it's taking fooor-eeev-eeer to get through. And then when it's all said and done you realize it wasn't long at all!


Last Sunday Grace was being a booger butt in church, and she isn't fond of the nursery, so I got to spend a lot of time bouncing her around and walking through quiet parts of our old church building. I spent most of that time walking through the maze of our old fellowship hall, which has now become a big storage space while we wait to make the move over to our new building. It was a little sad, to be honest. I grew up in that fellowship hall. I spent my childhood eating cookies at Vacation Bible School and going to classes in that room. We've celebrated babies and marriages down there. My fondest memories are learning songs for our big Christmas productions, or going to Team Kids with all of my friends and learning the ABC's of becoming a Christian.

Ack. Even as I write this I can't help but tear up a little bit. I am SO excited for the future and the things we'll be able to do at our new church, but my heart aches when I think that my own kids will have no memories of the place that meant so much to me. They have their own memories to make, I suppose. :) 

See what happens when I start looking through old pictures? I turn into a big ball of mush! It's good to look back, I think. Every once in a while you need to remember where you've been to see where it is your going. And a nice sob fest is good for ya.  ;)

Make sure to check back in tomorrow! I'm going to be joined by a special guest whose name rhymes with smerick. Even I don't know how that one is going to turn out....


Heather said...

Your babies have similar features, like their eyes...but you can definitely tell which one is which from the beginning. TOO CUTE!!!

Melissa W. said...

<3 <3 <3

That first picture from last February is just tooooo cute!!

Ashley Mitchell said... sweet. The girls at work love looking at your babies too. We all "awwwwed" at all of them.

Adrien said...

Thank you everyone. :) I miss those chubby little babies already! Now I have chubby little toddlers, haha.


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