Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Best Friend

When I sat down with my computer today, Evelyn asked, "Are you bloggin' mommy?" I find it completely hilarious that she knows what blogging is, but it also revealed to me how much time she must see me at the computer each day. It kind of breaks my heart to be honest. Alas, the great motherhood conundrum: balancing time with your kids and the 745428 other things to get done in a day. (If you've noticed my blog posts showing up later and later each day, this is the exact reason why.)

So I smiled and said, "No. You are! Would you like to blog for me today?" Boy did she ever! So here you go. This is Evelyn's blog, translated by me from what she was saying as she deliberately hit the keys one by one.

gggggaas  /7q1 < -- Translated: "This is so much fun, mommy!"

yyttrw <-- Translated: "This is it!"

And then she was done. Haha. Blogging is hard work!


So last night, this totally happened at our house:

It was delicious. 

However...I wish I hadn't read the instructions before I used it. Backwards, I know...but the first thing in the handy dandy little pamphlet was the million things NOT to do in order to avoid setting your house ablaze. As someone who has had experience in the house fire arena, it made me so paranoid the entire time our seven pound chicken spun around on it's revolving spit. 

Luckily there were no flames and we had a yummy dinner. Get yourself a little rotisserie; you won't regret it! (That is, if you don't mind wrestling with raw meat before you eat it. Those chickens are slippery little boogers!)


Day C: Credit a Friend

I don't care how cheesy it sounds, my very best friend in the whole entire world is my husband, and I'm really glad I snatched him while I could we found each other. My life would definitely be dull without him around. :)

I don't think I've ever shared this with him or anyone else, but I can recall the very first time I ever "noticed" Eric Robert, and it was actually before the fateful day that he joined the youth group in the church I grew up in. While we went to the same school practically our entire lives, I didn't see much or know much about Eric, because he was two grades behind me. In high school this doesn't matter so much, and in college it definitely doesn't, but in elementary school 5th graders do not hang out with 3rd graders on the playground.

In other words, I knew that he existed, if only because his older brother was in my class, but I pretty much knew nothing about Eric Joseph Robert, future husband and father of my children.

Eric in the 8th grade with Chorus teacher Ms. Black. :)

It was a cold night in December, and I was a freshman in high school. The junior high was having their annual Winter chorus concert, and Eric would have been in the seventh grade at the time. I went to go see one of my girlfriend's performing, and I had a seat far back in the bleachers. I could barely see around all of the bobbing heads in front of me, but at some point in the program a studios looking fellow got up to sing a solo into the echoey gymnasium. I prepared to cringe and be embarrassed for him, because that's what I generally do when people perform...seriously, it's a problem. It's like I'm projecting my stage fright onto other people. ANYWAY.... the music started and out came this voice that I was NOT expecting at all.

In retrospect, I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn't the voice of a little songbird being carried on a breeze. Baha. It was the highest-pitched male singing voice I had ever heard, but the kid nailed every note, and it was wonderfully and beautifully awkward. That's what I was thinking at the time...this is kind of awesome, but kind of strange. Soon after...actually very soon after...little Eric hit puberty, and the rest is pretty much history. :D But I'll never forget the night that I saw Eric for the first time...the night I searched the paper program in my hands for the name of the boy with the golden vocal chords. Oh, if I only knew then what I know now. :)

Over the years, I've noticed quite a few things about the way others perceive Eric. And after dating him, marrying him, living with him, raising children with him, and loving him, I think I've gotten a pretty good glimpse into who he is behind closed doors. When no one is around. Except for me, of course. :) Here are five things I LOVE about my beau:

* Eric is a walking encyclopedia - I'm telling you, he absorbs information like a sponge. (It's one of his top 5 strengths [Input] for all of you "Strengths Finder" folks out there!) He watches the news and reads the newspaper. For fun. He genuinely derives pleasure from learning, and he genuinely likes to help other people when they have questions. It's one of things I love most about him.

* Eric is a nicer person than me. It's true. If someone is stuck on the side of the road, he instantly wants to help them. If someone is being picked on, he wants to put a stop to it. If grandma needs help with the computer, or my little sister is struggling with her math homework, or if one of his babies needs an ouchie kissed, he is always there. When we first started dating, I waited for this quality to wear off...I thought maybe he was trying to impress me or something. Ten years later, he's still as genuine as ever. :)

* Eric knows what he believes, and he believes it with his whole heart. He never wavers, and he never puts on an act to please other people. Man do I wish I could be that way, sometimes.

* Eric is a true and loyal friend. He defends his friendships, and he detests hurtful gossip.

* Eric is a go-getter, goal-setter, and most importantly a goal-acheiver. I'm the type of person who dreams big and rarely gets anything done. So of all the traits Eric possesses, this is the one I admire most. When Eric starts talking about future plans, my ears perk up, because so far he's made good on all of them. :)

Now certainly there are some things that drive me bonkers about my main squeeze.

*He leaves his clothes on the floor...sometimes on the kitchen floor when he's especially lazy and can't even make it to the bedroom before taking his work clothes off. Haha.

*I like a good fiery argument now and then (when I know I'm right, of course), and Eric refuses to argue back. It's really annoying.

*Eric is perpetually late to things. He will say that this is partially my fault. But I'm not so sure...because before we were married, I was 15 minutes EARLY to everything.

*He has horrible thermostat preferences at any given time of the year.

*And his jokes are cheesy and often embarrassing in public situations. Lately he's been trying to "trick" me with little things..."What, you don't have the keys??" "Ah man, I forgot to get your soda." Stupid little things. It's really annoying, and not funny at all. Ya hear me, Eric? Not funny! :)

Oh, Eric, Eric, Eric. He's my biggest cheerleader and encourager, and a true answer to my twelve year old girl prayers. Even when he drives me nuts, I still need to pinch myself from time to time to believe that I actually got so lucky.

So that's my "Credit a Friend" for the day. Eric is my best friend...but i'll give God the credit for him. Haha. 

Have a great day, dudes!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Aww...this is sweet. It's nice when your spouse is one of your best friends.

Cassie said...

this is great!! your husband SHOULD be your best friend. yay for all of this!!

i will have to admit talking to eric in high school and grade school i was like wow, he's so smart, i'm so dumb. lol. but that's not the case. i mean he is smart, but he has a passion about certain topics and sometimes can't stop when he gets a rolling. he was definately someone i always knew i could rely on with a lot of the same clubs we were in. he's got a great head on his shoulder and you totally have yourself a great guy adrien!!

ps - promise this isn't me saying i want your husband. bahaha. i read that and thought woah, this sounds bad. bahahaha. sorry.

Melissa W. said...

Yeah!! So glad to this. I'm going to use my husband for mine, too...because he is also my best friend.

Now seriously - email me - we HAVE to chat -

: )

Adrien said..., I didn't think that at all! But thank you for sharing that, it definitely made me smile. :)

Heather said...

The very first thing I noticed was how identical him and Evie look in that first picture. Crazy identical!!

Such a cute post. That's awesome that you get to spend every day with your best friend.

Anonymous said...

too cute :)


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