Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve Weekend

Hey there, 2012!!

Woo-wee. What a weekend! We were on the go so much it felt like another Christmas holiday all over again, and well...it kind of was for us. :) Hope ya'll had a fabulous New Years Eve. I'm a little giddy and exciteable today over the past, present, and future potential of this week, so let's get 'er started shall we?


On Friday evening we had an absolute blast celebrating our nephew Austin's 2nd birthday. He's just too stinkin cute, and Evelyn adores him...so I predicted this would be a fun night for all.

Little did we know that there was a surprise waiting for US and all of the other party guests when we arrived.

Eee! Do you see his shirt?

We were so thrilled to learn that Austin and his mom and dad are going to be welcoming another brother or sister into the family! I'm just so, so happy for Amy and Terrill...and I hear that they're going to find out the sex this time. Yes! (I am so impatient, haha.)

I believe about a week ago I was writing about how the Robert family is growing by leaps and bounds...I'm telling you. Leaps and BOUNDS, people. It's mass children hysteria. Love it.

Anyway, my sister-in-law Amy throws the best parties. They are just low pressure and fun, and I think I need to take a leaf out of her book. (In fact, I know I'm going to rip out a chapter or two this year. Our birthday parties of 2012 will not look like the parties of the past. I've got plans. Big plans. That ironically require less planning.)

The girls had so much fun running around and playing with toys. There were several other kiddos there, and to Evelyn that means several new friends to meet. 

We enjoyed some cake and ice cream....

Evelyn entertained the masses with a little smooth jazz and a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday to Austin...."

If there are any talent scouts reading today, I'd just like to throw out there that we are totally open to record deals, so just...you know...contact me privately. ;)

And we had a great time welcoming a great kid into his second year. 

I hear that this shindig was just an opening act and that there will be another celebration when the weather warms up. Two parties for turning two? Awesome.

**It's at this point in blogging that I start to wonder if I should continue on with our weekend and turn this into a MEGA post or just stop while I'm ahead. Hmm. Heather says she likes long posts, so - what the hay! Grab a snack, and we'll keep going. Excuse me while I devour half a can of cheddar cheese Pringles. :) < -- That totally just happened. **

The annual Simpson Family Christmas (Grandma Robert's family) was on New Year's Eve, and I was excited to have some family oriented plans to ring in the new year. For whatever reason I didn't think the party started until 6:30 that evening, when in reality it was like...at 1:00pm. Whoops! I didn't learn this until Eric was on his way home from working at that the radio station that day, and I hadn't even started making our dish to take yet! Needless to say, I was scrambling. And we were late. Just as we were walking into the party, the family was lining up in the back for the all-important Simpson family Nativity scene.

As many of you know, Eric and I held the esteemed position of playing Mary and Joseph for two years in a row - cause we're baby making machines. But this year we were more than happy to pass on the torch, and for the first time in a while there was actually a BOY baby Jesus. :)

I somehow managed to stay out of costume to take some pictures, but Eric ended up as a wise man/shepherd/peasant dude (we're still not sure), while Gracie donned a shepherd/peasant girl costume and Evie snagged the very last pair of angel wings.

It's a very intense atmosphere in the moments before the family begins to file out and take the stage....Baha. Okay, not really. But the little ones do get antsy, and inevitably whomever is playing Mary is desperately asking, "Where do I go? Where do I go?" Yes. I know that lost feeling well.

So without further ado, a few snapshots from the Simpson Family Nativity 2011....

Precious. :D

Of course, it's not a Simpson Family Christmas without some colorful characters showing up.This year we were so lucky to meet the one, the only....

Frosty the Snowman!

(I think Uncle Bruce enjoys dressing up, cause I'm pretty sure he played the Grinch last year, haha.)

And once again there was a little show. Too funny. :)

And the show is always interrupted by....

Old. St. Nick! Our girls were lucky enough to be in the back (ahem...late...ahem...) so they got to see the jolly man first. :)

Grace was called up to sit on Santa's knee early on, and based on our past experience, I was worried. She bawled the last time we set her on Santa's lap. So now excuse me while I inundate you with a million photos of Grace and Santa, because I kid you not, my kid has grown up so much in the past month, and this is just one small example of how much more easy going she has become.

Sigh. My happy baby. 

And then it was big sister's turn.

I was a little worried about the play dough set, but Evelyn is in LOVE with it. And she definitely had the gift of the evening. Good thing she loves to share!

It's a breakfast making kit, and I have been "eating" a lot of squishy waffles and bacon lately. :)

We ended our evening with a trip to my parent's house where there were more presents to open that my mom had held back from Christmas. Evelyn woke up one morning last week and said, "Where's my present today?" And it's no wonder why. :) Sorry, sister...our Christmas is now officially over. Officially. The tree is down, the decor is boxed up, and it's been replaced with a few new things that I'm very excited about.

We did much, much more this weekend, but I think I'll stop there. Eric is now back to work for the first day since before Christmas, and we're readjusting to daddy-less days. It was a great week filled with late night movies and a living room floor that looked like this:

I will sincerely miss this beautiful disaster zone. I believe we rounded the corner to the new year in a wonderful fashion, and now I am excited, and maybe even a little nervous, about what 2012 might bring. We have some HUGE goals ahead, and I'm very ready to get started on them. Hope your 2012 has started off great, too!


Heather said...

Thanks for the long post! Looks like you had a very awesome last weekend of 2011.

Ashley Mitchell said...

My sister babysat Austin for a while, yay for them that they are having another baby!

Cassie said...

i LOVE this!! yay for awesome weekends!


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